new from aoshima 28/06/2019

1/72 Ground Self-Defense Forces 16 type mobile battle vehicle

1/72 Military Model Kit No. 17
Scheduled for release in July 2019×400.jpg

A major change since the creation of the GSDF! 16 MCV appeared to play a role in “Immediate”

Following the prototype, we commercialize the mass-produced 16 type mobile combat vehicle with a completely new mold
It is equipped with a steering gear tilt gimmick that has been well received in the prototype. By further providing a switch, steering gimmick without vehicle body tilt is also reproduced
Includes several patterns of markings, as well as the “15th Rapid Response Regiment” that frequently performs public road movement training
First production of parts that reproduces when traveling on public roads, such as windshields and mirrors of each part
Two figures of crew members are included
Two reconnaissance motorcycles are included as an option. Figure of the same scale is attached, too and can reproduce “start-up posture” seen in exercises other than running time and standby time
At the same time, the ” land self-defense force general-purpose detail up parts set ” contains decals and etching
※ The image is a prototype.

1/45 Electric locomotive EF66 previous term type×400.jpg

1/45 Train Museum OJ No. 5
Scheduled for release in July 2019

Equipped with PS17! EF66 appeared in the original style without Hisashi!

It is the first half model (primary car) manufactured between 1968 and 69 to be commercialized this time. Special parts such as the PS17 pantograph and the roof without a lot of shades that were requested are included. I am confident in the reproduction of the dolly and pantograph.

Total length about 400mm, total height about 120mm (including pantograph)
Total number of parts about 1,000 parts
Etching, metal seal included
Masking seal is attached to the front of the body and for applying H rubber separately
PS17 pantograph is attached
The attached display stand reversibly reproduces the flat roadbed and the maintenance pit.
Detail up parts are also on sale.
LED kit for
electric locomotive EF66 Electric locomotive Wheel set for EF66

※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Toyota TCR11W Estima Twin Moon Roof ’90×400.jpg

The model car No. 115

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

New genuine front and rear bumper
New genuine aluminum wheel
New original rear wing
Complete new-type sheet set
New rear wiper
New decals
Twin moon roof
Window frame masking seal
Under use tire examination
※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Toyota GRS214 Crown patrol car For traffic control ’16×400.jpg

The model car No. 110
Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

New police car grill
New stand-up LED display
New sub mirror
New genuine door visor
New decals
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Office specifications reproduction schedule
Genuine aluminum wheel
Window frame masking seal
18 inch Expedia tire use
※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Initial D (No. 13) Wataru Akiyama AE86 Levin×400.jpg

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Turbo Tune Wasp Locrebin

It is Levin of Akiyama Wataru who engaged in a fierce battle with Takumi in the same Hachiroku in the running-man manga “Initial D”.

Reproduce the front bumper and roll bar with a new mold
Bucket seat included
Window frame masking seal attached
※ The image is a prototype.



ICM NEW KITS 28/06/2019

Type AG 1910 Paris Taxi (100% new molds)

MODEL KIT No 24030
Scale: 1:24


Kadett K38 Cabriolimousine, WWII German Staff Car

MODEL KIT No 35483
Scale: 1:35


Wehrmacht Off-road Cars (Kfz.1, Horch 108 Typ 40, L1500A)

Scale: 1:35




I-153, WWII China Guomindang AF Fighter

MODEL KIT No 48099
Scale: 1:48

Standard B “Liberty” with WWI US Infantry

MODEL KIT No 35652
Scale: 1:35

Great Other (100% new molds)

MODEL KIT No 16202
Scale: 1:16