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Today’s Shipment-New Product-Tokyo Monorail 2000-Old Painted 6-Car Display-

Introduce new products shipped today-Love love

1/150 STR17 Tokyo Monorail 2000 type old paint 6-car formation display model (already colored)

Commercialized by coloring when Tokyo monorail’s first VVVF inverter control method “2000 type” appeared!
Coloring by painting, printing is given beforehand,

A specification that allows you to reproduce a six-car full organization simply by assembling it easily.

Vehicle 】□ 2000, which has been in operation since 1997 as a replacement for the 700, 800.
There are four 6-car trains, 24 cars in total, and they are working with 1000 and 10000.
□ From the previous resistance control, VVVF inverter control is adopted.

The accompanying car was set for the first time for two cars during organization.
□ The appearance is double-sided from the conventional single-opening door,

It is also selected as a Good Design product in 1997.



■ Coloring by painting, printing is given beforehand,

A specification that allows you to reproduce a six-car full organization simply by assembling it easily.
□ The scale of the product is 1/150, N gauge scale.
□ After completion, the track and the bridge pier for the exhibition are also included.

■ Main part assembly is press-fit design. We are reducing the use of adhesive.
□ Front car front part is joint design with snap fit.

Reduces staining on the colored surface due to adhesive extrusion.

■ We maintain appearance reproduction such as cart and seat in comparison with former 1000 form,

The number of parts has been reduced to make assembly easier.
□ While maintaining the shape of the motor and the tire on which the truck is mounted,

It is considered as 2 parts of left and right division which is easy to assemble.
□ The bogie is divided into T / M bogies for the top / middle, and the top car has an ATC / TD antenna

The wife aside has a difference reproduction with no antenna.
□ Eliminate complicated parts division of the truck,

Space that became unnecessary led to floor surface expression in the car and accurate reproduction of the seat.
□ Cooler mesh on the roof has a detailed sculptural expression.
□ Light lens cover is another part of clear molding.
□ Coloring is also applied to the coloring of the car body and the front / side window frame.
□ Marks such as logo, car number, wheelchair / silver seat mark etc. are printed in advance. ■ Seal which reproduces markings of the details is attached.   □ The vehicle number is recorded on the sticker so that multiple formations can be arranged (without printing intentionally). □ Includes all four components from the first formation (2011 formation) to the fourth formation (2041 formation). □ Weak air conditioning notation is recorded on the seal, Weak air conditioning car notation includes two cars,


The former 1 formation 2 both systems are also reproducible.
□ The front light is a specification that puts the seal on the head light / tail light on the inside of the lens cover so that it can be easily reproduced.
□ The type display can be selected from 3 types: “Normal”, “High speed section” and “Airport speed”.


The trajectory which is useful for completion and diorama production is attached.
□ Consists of straight track, curved track and bridge pier. A track for display of 10 cars in double track is included.
□ The orbit is left and right. The bridge piers are 55 mm high, and are designed on the premise that they will be remodeled into slopes utilizing other bridge piers.
□ The support is single leg double wire support type. The PC trajectory represents the train line in three dimensions by engraving.

* The body shape is shared with part 10000 and the surface on the roof of the beat and skirt is different.
* Please note that some vehicles may have different antenna arrangements, skirts and seating arrangements.
* Display model. I will not do my own run.

Please make it by all meanslove


Ships today! New product information ~ 1/200 Battleship Yamato Central structure ~

We introduce new products shipped today.

Equipment series No. 4 1/200 Battleship Yamato Central structure

The world’s largest battleship Yamato-type built by the Japanese Navy.

Injection kit of the central part of the battle defense zone!

A collection kit following the “Kanbashi” released in December 2018 on the big scale of 1/200!

□ Design is made with adhesion without using painting because it is adhesive type and each color is colored plastic molding when assembling .
□ The molding color is gray that imitates “Navy navy blue” which has been well received in the ship NEXT series .

□ Commercializes the range of “chimney, high angle cannon, mast, and rear ship bridge” following “ship bridge” on sale .
□ The product is based on the figure of the Yamato-type battleship “No. 1 Kansen Yamato” in the final form of Showa 20 .
-Equipped with two No. 13 probes on the mast. Delicate molding by 2 piece structure.
-Equipped with six search lights, the lens surface is a separate body clear molded parts.
-Six high-angle guns without shields (not included in this product)

-Basic information

Number of parts (including bonus parts) 195 points -Completed size 183 mm in the front-rear direction 105 mm in the width direction 105 mm in height 170 mm

● If it is 1/200 scale, the modeling point of the commitment

-Seal attached to color detail-Includes a
battle flag on the mast, and a middle general flag that indicates the commander’s seat at the time of the first operation.
・ We prepare white line of mast part, white line on high angle artillery barrel, enemy plane identification figure of the gun seat etc.
・ We collected “Kimizu mark on the side of chimney” non-reason law Tenku “, chimney.


Fujimi model sends out, not Fuji Misutini … Equipment series to collect rather than

We introduce products on sale ★

Please collect, line up and collect!

The “blue chart” of the package which is also a feature of the series is a mark.

Equipment series No. 1 1/200 Battleship Yamato 94-type 46 cm 3 row main turret

Reproduce the main gun of battleship Yamato to the internal structure! A nameplate for display is included!

The design is different from the optional nameplate.

Equipment series No. 2 1/200 Battleship Yamato Kankyobashi

“Kanbashi” part which is the battle command center of “Battleship Yamato” is made into an injection kit!

You can make a collection side by side with “ninety-four 46 cm triple turret main turret”!


Equipment series No. 3 1/200 Battleship Yamato 94-type 46 cm 3 series main gun turret (with extension machine gun)

Injection kit for the type with the final stage of 25 mm 3 consecutive guns installed !

And this will be released in September ↓ ↓

Equipment series No. 5 1/200 Battleship Yamato Central structure shell

Model the expanded high angle guns and 15.5 cm triple tributary gun!

The finished size includes the central structure, front and back length 207 × total width 166 mm

The first sub gun is 77 x 59 x 63 mm high , the fourth sub gun is 70 x 58 x 59 mm

(All include turret base and antenna column)

Look forward to the release!


Today’s Shipment New Products! 1/72 C series No. 15 Aichi water reconnaissance aircraft 瑞

We will introduce new products shipped today!

1/72 C series No. 15 Aichi water reconnaissance aircraft cloud 11 type

瑞 has renewed the specifications of the decals!Glitter


As for Utsukumo, it was loaded on the battleship Ise and Hinata, and the trained Okumo was transferred to the Philippines before the actual battle, and engaged in reconnaissance, night raid, raid missions and so on.

StarIt is a Japanese Navy aircraft of 1/72 scale.
StarThe dive brake can be selected to open or close. In addition, the type with a slit after refurbishing is also partized.
Star60 kg bombs are supplied with special parts.
StarThe canopy comes with special parts to allow you to select the open / close state.
StarPanel lines are represented by concave lines.
StarDolly parts are included, and you can enjoy more realistically at the time of exhibition.

Please make it by all meansExclamation markPlease

new from aoshima 28/06/2019

1/72 Ground Self-Defense Forces 16 type mobile battle vehicle

1/72 Military Model Kit No. 17
Scheduled for release in July 2019×400.jpg

A major change since the creation of the GSDF! 16 MCV appeared to play a role in “Immediate”

Following the prototype, we commercialize the mass-produced 16 type mobile combat vehicle with a completely new mold
It is equipped with a steering gear tilt gimmick that has been well received in the prototype. By further providing a switch, steering gimmick without vehicle body tilt is also reproduced
Includes several patterns of markings, as well as the “15th Rapid Response Regiment” that frequently performs public road movement training
First production of parts that reproduces when traveling on public roads, such as windshields and mirrors of each part
Two figures of crew members are included
Two reconnaissance motorcycles are included as an option. Figure of the same scale is attached, too and can reproduce “start-up posture” seen in exercises other than running time and standby time
At the same time, the ” land self-defense force general-purpose detail up parts set ” contains decals and etching
※ The image is a prototype.

1/45 Electric locomotive EF66 previous term type×400.jpg

1/45 Train Museum OJ No. 5
Scheduled for release in July 2019

Equipped with PS17! EF66 appeared in the original style without Hisashi!

It is the first half model (primary car) manufactured between 1968 and 69 to be commercialized this time. Special parts such as the PS17 pantograph and the roof without a lot of shades that were requested are included. I am confident in the reproduction of the dolly and pantograph.

Total length about 400mm, total height about 120mm (including pantograph)
Total number of parts about 1,000 parts
Etching, metal seal included
Masking seal is attached to the front of the body and for applying H rubber separately
PS17 pantograph is attached
The attached display stand reversibly reproduces the flat roadbed and the maintenance pit.
Detail up parts are also on sale.
LED kit for
electric locomotive EF66 Electric locomotive Wheel set for EF66

※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Toyota TCR11W Estima Twin Moon Roof ’90×400.jpg

The model car No. 115

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

New genuine front and rear bumper
New genuine aluminum wheel
New original rear wing
Complete new-type sheet set
New rear wiper
New decals
Twin moon roof
Window frame masking seal
Under use tire examination
※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Toyota GRS214 Crown patrol car For traffic control ’16×400.jpg

The model car No. 110
Scheduled for release in July 2019

Car model series representing Aoshima

New police car grill
New stand-up LED display
New sub mirror
New genuine door visor
New decals
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Office specifications reproduction schedule
Genuine aluminum wheel
Window frame masking seal
18 inch Expedia tire use
※ The image is a prototype.

1/24 Initial D (No. 13) Wataru Akiyama AE86 Levin×400.jpg

Scheduled for release in July 2019

Turbo Tune Wasp Locrebin

It is Levin of Akiyama Wataru who engaged in a fierce battle with Takumi in the same Hachiroku in the running-man manga “Initial D”.

Reproduce the front bumper and roll bar with a new mold
Bucket seat included
Window frame masking seal attached
※ The image is a prototype.