Caracal Models has released seven brand-new, exciting decal sheets this month!

We will start shipping these decals on June 22, and all are available for pre-ordering now.

CD48100 – 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird : Part 1 : Our new SR-71 series is finally here! The first sheet in the series covers the earlier part of SR-71 operations, as well as YF-12, A-12 and M-21. Many individual pieces of tail art are included – and even decals for D-21 drones. Designed for the Testors / Italeri kit.

CD48101 – 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird : Part 2 : The second sheet in our SR-71 series covers the later part of Blackbird operations, and its NASA service.

CD48157 – 1/48 L-39 Albatros: Three attractive options for the L-39 trainer, including a US civilian example painted in the famous VX-9 scheme. Designed for the Trumpeter kits.

CD72077 – 1/72 Strategic Air Command B-52G/H Stratofortress : Part 1: Our first sheet in a series of SAC-era “Buff” markings : Eight options for B-52s from the 1980s – early 1990s. Just in time for the Modelcollect kit (but will fit your AMT kits as well)

CD72087 – 1/72 F-15 Eagle “The Early Years”: A scaled down version of the first sheet in our protoype / early service markings for US jets : 1/72 markings for prototype F-15s.

CD144019 – 1/144 C-9 Nightingale / Skytrain II: Markings for USAF and US Navy aeromedical evacuation aircraft based on the DC-9. Designed for the Airfix DC-9-30 kit.

CD144021 – 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster: An accurate, high-quality set of markings for the new Roden C-133 kit.

Our next set of releases will be coming in August. We plan to bring you 1/72 versions of our new SR-71 sheets, a reprint of the 1/72 scale B-58 sheet for the new Italeri re-release of this kit, a 1/48 sheet for the F-111A, and others!

Why Not Adding Another IDF Armor To Your Collection?

Because of the harsh external environment it faced, Israel didn’t have many choices when it purchased weapons. Normally it would take anything they needed, like the M60 series tanks. The IDF was equipped with a number of Patton variants and upgraded those tanks. The Magach 6B GAL was the Israeli modernized version of the M60A1 RISE main battle tank. Like other Magach tanks, it received add-on armor and other components to deal with different threats. This tank was used in the low intensity conflicts that IDF often faced.
This TS-044 Israel Main Battle Tank Magach 6B GAL is the latest MENG product. The finished model is 265mm long and 104mm wide.This kit continues the standard configuration of MENG AFV model kits. It includes the movable suspension and workable tracks. The vinyl part designed by digital sculpting has realistic details. Fine PE parts and a track assembly jig are included. The kit also features outstanding details and excellent parts fit.