Today’s Shipment New Product ~ Haruna 1949 / Keiichi No. 1 strategy With genuine etching parts

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/700 Battleship NX15EX-1 Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19

Especially by specification (with a genuine etching parts)

In Battleship Haruna, who is challenging the final battle of the “Fighting First Battle Operation” combined fleet,

Comes with precision etching parts not sold separately! 

The delicate parts that can not be expressed in the injection parts are reproduced by the etching parts.

It is useful for more advanced detailing. 
Use from the place that stands out to the details is your choiceWhistle

Content-rich etching parts set with a wide range of options. 

● Please
 Various handrails such as detail up point hull reproduced in etching parts, ship bridge, turret part (with no legs type, with some slack expression)

-Dumpling-Rattar-Watertight door-Agate-21st electric search-Search lighthouse seat truss crane-

Ship bridge frame, boat david, injection machine, machine gun shield, machine gun sight, single machine gun,

Seaplane propeller · loop antenna · 13 探 search chimney rainwater cover wire mesh ·

Backyard yard, carrier-borne truck, turret upper antenna post, etc.



Let’s make a plamo in a room with a cooler on such a hot dayGrinning