HI All….. This is a message for all the 1/32 Hornet Guy's. Very soon we will be doing a limited print run of the 1/32 Supers and Growlers. Along with that, We will also be taking Pre – Orders for some of the other 1/32 Hornet decals that we think that you may like. These will be Pre order only, and will NOT get printed Unless we end up with the minimum order number. (the same as what we did with Mirages). Once we reach that number they will then get printed. Pics to come soon. So those who Don't have the supers in your collection get ready as these will be limited and once they are gone it will be while before we do another run again. Tiger Hornet and 6 Sqn 100th Ann Growler coming very very very soon …We have all ready started printing..