Introduction and announcement of new products

Little by little, the heat of the morning and evening eases,

The autumn insects started to cry.

Well, yesterday, today,

Introducing the Ground Self-Defense Force light armored vehicle (reconnaissance type) .


Like the Air Self Defense Force light armored vehicle, the powerful illustration was drawn,

I ’m Kenji Kurokawa.Glitter

The realistic illustrations are overflowing with realistic illustrations.

I would like you to pick it up and take a look.

▼ Package is also complete


The image is on the side of the package.

▼ The decals are also clearly marked by unit marks etc.


Since this product is a [2-car set] ,

Please choose and paste your favorite marknote

▼ Since the instruction manual includes reference materials,

The finish is responsiveMurasaki Note


Please take a break during assembly


Release is scheduled for September.

Please wait for a while.