2019 59th All Japan Model Hobby Show Platts Information

The 59th All Japan Model Hobby Show (September 27-29, 2019)

Hobby Festival, All Japan Model Hobby Show will be held from 27th September to 29th September at Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall [Aomi Hall A] . 
Platts has prepared a lot of new products and is looking forward to your visit. 

Contractor Invitation Date: September 27 (Friday) 9: 00-17: 00 
Public Release Date: September 28 (Saturday) 9: 30-18: 00, September 29 (Sunday) 9: 30-16: 30

Platts has prepared a number of powerful new products for the all-Japan model hobby show!

On June 15, 2019, the final chapter of the long-awaited Girls & Panzer will be released, and from October 11th, 4D screening at theaters nationwide. NbFz (Neufaufarzoik) , III type tank J type which Viking fisheries high school was using at the time of the Pravda high school of the endless track cup in the final chapter Episode 21/35 S35 BC Jiyu Gakuen (GP-41) is a scene material that can reproduce the scene of Bocage that became the stage of the battle between Oarai Women's Gakuen and BC Jiyu Gakuen in the final chapter episode 1 and 2 The added set will be released on 1/35 scale !!
1/35 From the Garpan figure kit series, the third episode of the Chiba single school figure kit , which will be fighting with Oarai girls' school in Episode 2!
Popular "Tenohira Tank Also from the collection ", in the second episode battle of Bocage, which waged a BC Jiyu Gakuen the image of a, hippopotamus's team is boarding III No. assault gun special specification also announced !!

the popular Platts / nunu 1/24 Racing From the series, the " Kremer Porsche 935K3 " that won the 1979 Le Mans 24-hour race, reproduced with a completely new mold ,and BMW prepared for the world touring car race in the early 2000s " BMW E46 "2 models will be released! In addition, exclusive detail-up parts that
make the kit's details even sharper will be released at the same

time! Alfa Romeo race car 8C2300 Monza, a famous car of history , has been recreated with a completely new mold ! The 
model is modeled on a 1/12 scale race model that is not equipped with fenders in the 8C2300. Reproduce in detail with the full details of big scale. This kit cannot be overlooked by race fans and car model fans. 
In addition, a kit that reproduces the cabriolet type of the Porsche 944 that gained popularity as a front engine Porsche that made a new era appeared on 1/24 scale! It is a valuable cabriolet model kit of the popular front engine Porsche . 

Furthermore, from Dragon, a kit that reproduces Messerschmitt Bf109E equipped with DB601 engine with a completely new mold will be released! Scale is 1/48 scale. In addition to reproducibility, considering ease of assembly, the design with a reduced number of parts is important. The body is integrally molded using a slide mold. Daimler-Benz V-type 12-cylinder engine is also reproduced on the nose. Please pay attention to the dragon's willingness to work on a wide range of fans with new initiatives. 

Other original products, MPC, AMT, Polar Lights, Mobius model, Diecast Master,A wide lineup of new products from overseas manufacturers, etc.! In 

addition, products will be sold in the booth on the general release date. 
A variety of products for Platts and Platts. Bargain outlet products are also available. 
We have a large selection of new items such as Garpan goods and other character goods. 

At the All Japan Model Hobby Show, we exhibited at the special event “Treasure excavation! Junk City 2019” along with the Platz booth. 
The Platts table also offers unlimited sales of popular junk parts and junk products. 

New product list

Details of each will be updated sequentially. 
* Product names and prices are subject to change without notice. Please note. 
Platts 2019 59th All Japan model hobby show new product brochure image, please visit by clicking on the following

New product of Platz slimming! !

Girls & Panzer Final Chapter 1/35 NbFz Viking Fisheries High School 
Girls & Panzer Final Chapter 1/35 III Tank J Type Viking Fisheries High School

Garpan Fans Waited !! Viking in Girls & Panzer Final Chapter Episode 2 NbFz (Neubauer Farzoik) and Type III Tank J , which were used during the game of the Pravda High School in the Endless Orbital Cup,are finallyhere! It ’s an impressive vehicle. 
It is a kit that you want to enjoy together with the Puda High School vehicles such as the T34 / 85 (GP-30) on sale. 

Girls & Panzer Final Chapter 1/35 S35 BC Freedom Gakuen Special Edition with Boccage Scene Material

1/35 S35 BC Freedom Gakuen (GP-41) A set ofscene materials that can reproduce the scenes of Bocage that became the stage of the battleis released on 1/35 scale! Battle in Bocage that left a big impact in the first and second episodes of the final chapter. You can easily reproduce the fierce battle between Oarai Girls' Academy and BC Free Academy. 
It is a kit that you want to enjoy together with Oarai Women's Gakuen vehicles such as the H? (D type) (GP-20) tanks that are on sale and BC Free Gakuen vehicles such as the FT-17 (GP-

NuNu / Platz 1/24 Racing Series Porsche 935K3 

A plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Cremer Porsche 935K3 that won the 1979 Le Mans 24-hour race in 1/24 scale. 
Kremer Racing Porsche of Group 5 for the machine, which is known as the German Porsche tuner, 935 on a machine that was finished by performing their own modifier to the base, its distinctive styling accurately modeled in a completely new mold has been . 
Equipment such as lights attached to the roof and doors can not be overlooked. 

Of course, the cockpit is also expressed in detail, and the unique tension of a racing car is conveyed. 
The marking is the winning car of Le Mans in 1979, and the car number 41 is also available on the decal with sponsor marks and stripes. 

NuNu / Platz 1/24 Racing Series BMW E46

is the main machine that BMW in Germany, known as the make-up essential for the BMW E46 touring car race, ran in the touring car race in the early 2000s. 
The E46 type that became the base was the 4th generation model of the 3 series that appeared in 1999 and played an active part in touring car races in Europe and the world. 
The model assembles a plastic model that reproduces the E46 touring car race specification with a 4-door sedan body on 1/24 scale. 
Of course, the interior is a spartan finish unique to racing. 

You can enjoy the three-dimensional reproduction of the chassis underside as well as the suspension. 
-Markingreproducesthe machine that played an active part in the Touring Car Championship in the Netherlands with a completely new mold . 

Dragon 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109 E

One of Germany's main fighters in World War II is Messerschmitt Bf109. After deployment began in 1937, improvements were added throughout the war, and various types appeared. The model is modeled on the Messerschmitt Bf109E, which was equipped with the DB601 engine and was active as the main fighter in the first half of the war. The scale is 1/48 and is a completely new mold kit that has been newly designed. In addition to reproducibility, considering ease of assembly, the design with a reduced number of parts is important. The mainfeature of theaircraft is its bold integrated molding using many multi-directional slide molds . Daimler-Benz's inverted V-type 12-cylinder engine is also reproduced on the nose. 
Please pay attention to the dragon's willingness to work on a wide range of fans with new initiatives. 

Dragon 1/35 ninety-seven formula Medium Tank (Chiha) 57mm Turret / new automobiles stand 

Second World a dominating ninety-seven expression in the tank as the Japanese Army main battle tanks of the War kit added to the new mold. A new chassis with a 57mm tank gun and improved engine deck at the rear of the chassis has been modeled . Finished in a good kit that combines precision and ease of manufacture. NEO track is used for the crawler belt, natural sagging can be reproduced realistically, tightening the feet. It is a model that further enhances the Type 97 Medium Tank Chiha. 

Italeri 1/12 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Japanese manual attached

Alfa Romeo masterpiece racing car that swept the world race before World War II is 8C2300. Equipped with an inline 8-cylinder 2300cc engine designed by famous engineer Vittorio Jano. He has recorded many victories with the famous racer, Nuvolari drive. The model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the Alfa Romeo 8C2300, a famous car that remains in this history on a 1/12 scale. From the engine to the chassis frame, suspension, and driver's seat, the details are reproduced in full detail unique to big scale. 
The model is a completely new mold model of therace that does not have a fender among the 8C2300. 
This kit cannot be overlooked by race fans and car model fans. 

Italeri 1/24 Porsche 944S Cabriolet Japanese manual included 

"The Porsche 944S is a Porsche front engine model lined up from 1987 to 1988. The 944 engine that appeared in 1982 is made up of four valves and powered up. The
model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces a 944S cabriolet on a 1/24 scale.The finished length is 175mm.The body style with a blister fender is realistically reproduced.In
addition, the front bonnet The 4-cylinder engine is also modeled below,
and the open-top cabriolet model is also fun to reproduce and build in. It
is a precious cabriolet model kit from thepopular front engine Porsche . 


Tamiya upcoming static releases 29/08/2019

14135 1/12 Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar Custom

14137 1/12 Street Rider Figure

24351 1/24 Toyota GR Supra
32413 1/35 German Armored Railcar P204(f)

32597 1/48 German Tank Panther Ausf. D

35161 1/35 U.S.Self-Proprlled AA Gun M-42 Duster w/Figure x3
35368 1/35 JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle (LAV)
35369 1/35 German Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf. E/F

36213 1/16 US M551 Sheridan (Display Only)