Introduction to you who are lost in the ship NEXT ☆ Series detailed introduction summary

It was released today

Pick up articles introducing products from the NEXT series!

The lineup is not just Yamato, Musashi, Kii ~

You are worried about which to buy !

Please refer to it!

the current lineupDown

4968728460567 1/700 Ship NX1 IJN Battleship Yamato

4968728460574 1/700 Ship NX2 IJN Battleship Musashi

4968728460543 1/700 Ship NX3 IJN Battleship Kii

4968728460512 1/700 Ship NX4 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi

4968728460529 1/700 Ship NX5 IJN Destroyer

4968728460437 1/700 Ship NX6 IJN Battleship Hiei

4968728460505 1/700 Ship NX7 IJN Battleship Kongo

4968728460550 1/700 Ship NX8 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano

4968728460239 1/700 Ship NX9 IJN Battleship Yamato Showa 19

4968728460246 1/700 Ship NX10 IJN Yunun Destroyer Yumun / Fengun 2 Set

4968728460253 1/700 Ship NX11 IJN Yokohoku Destroyer Shiranui / Akimo (at the start of the war)

4968728460598 1/700 Ship NX12 IJN Battleship Musashi (Before Renovation)

4968728460291 1/700 Ship NX13 IJN Battleship Nagato 1945

4968728460352 1/700 Ship NX14 IJN Battleship Yamato 1965 / At completion

4968728460369 1/700 Ship NX15 IJN Battleship Haruna 1945

4968728460376 1/700 Ship NX16 Japanese Navy Akizuki Destroyer Akizuki / First Month

4968728460468 1/350 Ship NX1 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze Final / Showa 19

4968728460444 1/350 Ship NX2 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze (when completed)

4968728460482 1/350 Ship NX3 IJN Yuki-fu Destroyer Yukikaze

4968728460451 1/350 Ship NX4 IJN Heat Destroyer Destroyer

Pick up 1/700 Akagi

Introduction of 1/700 ship NEXT Akagi

Actually, there are various ships!

Recently, the exhibition pedestal has been renewed.

Please confirm which product you want in the package

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