NEW FROM TRUMPETER 1/35 China PHL-03 multi-barrel rocket launcher 01069

product description:
PHL03, also known as the 03-type multi-barrel rocket launcher system, belongs to the Chinese version of the Russian BM-30 "tornado". Developed by the Ordnance Industry Group, it was reported that it began to enter the Chinese military in about 2004-2005. It is one of the best rocket launchers in the world today. The export model of PHL03 is called AR2. Already in service in Morocco, the number is one battalion, 36 vehicles.

PHL03 retains the basic design of a 12-tube 300 mm calibre in a Russian design. The standard rocket has a weight of about 800 kilograms. Some sources say that its maximum range can reach 150 kilometers, but it is generally considered to have a maximum range of at least 100 kilometers.

The chassis of the PHL03 is the "Wanshan" WS2400 series 8X8 special wheeled chassis. This chassis has excellent off-road maneuverability and is equipped with a central charge and discharge system to adjust tire pressure during travel.

Product number 01069
product name China PHL-03 multi-barrel rocket launcher
Bar code 9580208010694
Product ratio 1:35
product type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size Length: 350.8mm Width: 108.9mm
Total number of parts 670+
Metal parts n/a
Etched parts 3 pcs
Film film n/a
Resin component n/a
Total number of offsets 19 sprues , cab and tires
Announcement date 2019-08
More description > Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
> The main tires are hollow rubber with very good tread pattern
> The windshield and side windows are made of clear prts.
> Photo-etched par

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