New Releases for September

1. SS-Pz.Rgt. Panthers Ardennes 1944/45 Kampfgruppe Peiper

Covers 10 specific Panther Ausf. Gs (mids & mids with steel wheels) from 1. SS Panzer Regiment (part of Kampfgruppe Peiper) that saw action at Ardennes,1944 to 1945. The stenciled numbers accurately captured and measured (the rear number is actually about 2/3rd in height vs side numbers). Care is also taken to capture the spacing between digits. On some tanks, the digits are slightly uneven. Some are slightly tilted. The LAH Panthers had employed 3 types of camouflaging: standard 3 tones; “Ambush” dot patterns; and “Disc” camo patterns. The Balkankreuz, contrary to a standard sizing throughout, actually differs from tank to tank. Also included are generic turret digits and registration stencils so that you can customise to match any LAH Panthers in the Ardennes. To make the set interesting, Hotel des Ardennes signage is provided, the final resting place of Panther “152”.



11 ACR M551s & M113s IN VIETNAM Part 3

This 3rd 11 ACR set covers 5 M113A1 ACAVs and 5 M551 Sheridans during the Vietnam War, made up of A, D, F, G and K troop tracks. Also provided: accurate exterior M551 hull stencilings & silver-edged Data Plates (for the AN/VSS-3 searchlight), M113 exterior hull stencilings, and Vietnam era .50 Cal ammo box stencils. Included are M551 registration generics (the registration (during Vietnam War) used one particular font style) as well as bumper code stencils so that you customise for any units’ Sheridan of your choice. Last but not least, re/white guidon for 11 ACR, customisable for any troop just by changing the troop letter. ALLONS!



Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54s (Part 4)

This 4th installation covers two Vietnam War gun trucks, both M54A2s. One named “Iron Butterfly”. The other named “Mighty Minny”. The set provided two variations of Mighty Minny artwork, one of the most colorful and interestingly marked guntrucks to date – used 3 different blue tones! Option to build one or the other. One is based on an earlier rendition with a more classical font for “Mighty Minny”. The later artwork used a more curvy typeset for the name. The respective rear gate artwork for both early and late are also included. The “Iron Butterfly” in this set is of the M54A2 version. There was an earlier version based on M54A1 chassis with similar side artwork with the armor plates are attached externally to the cargo bed. “Irob Butterfly” was armed with 4 M2s whilst “Mighty Minny” with 2 M2s and 1 M134 minigun. Each set of truck markings included all the fine stencilings during their service. Armor plating templates for both gun trucks are provided.

1/5th Inf M113s & M132 “ZIPPO” in Vietnam

3 tracks from 1/5th Inf Rgt “Bobcats”, all with rather large prominent red markings on the sides, except “Cambodian Jungle Busters”. While the outlines of the white text has been meticulously captured, it’s up to one whether to further their imagination by adding thickness to emulate shaving foam… The fire starter zippo has a rather profound but apt name/statement across its bow – “I am the God of Hell Fire!”

WWII .50 CAL M2 Ammunition Box Labels (Style 1)

Vietnam / Cold-war era .50 CAL M2 Ammo Box labels based on one of the stenciling styles. Very fine printing and brightly printed that it would stand out against the darkest shade of OD.