We are currently working on new reviews

We invest in these reviews which are a lot of valuable time
And many resources

Here are my review steps on the product samples I receive
1. we make Clean and high quality reviews and assembling hobby model and paper models too within an acceptable time limit.
2.Taking and submitting pictures of both assembly process and final build of the kit.
Reporting of all mistakes and possible visual errors. Also reporting of overall impressions of building the kit including personal recommendations
3. Complete high-quality assembly of the sample kit step-by-step with very high quality images in the most detailed and precise way there is.
4.Confidentiality regarding all kits received.
5.full Introduce of the any hobby model Scale With special emphasis and marketing promotion.
And there is also have big potential marketing and sales
6.i do full Test build and and take full test-parts and Test build and with instructions and paint schemes photos
in my reviews
we also recommend on products and it attracts lots of sales
and i like to review IDF AND all israeli aircraft kits

You can send us

samples kits for Review


for ms Debora dok
STATE : israel
City : beer sheva
STREET : derch ha-meshachrerim 13/8
Zip code :84299