Dragon Models Coming Soon January 2020

1/400 Space Shuttle w/Crawler-Transporter
ITEM NO: DRA 11023
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195110237
SCALE: 1:400
ANNOUNCED ON: 11/21/2019
EST ARRIVAL: January 2020

Dragon is famed for its collection of model space rockets, and a new 1/400 scale kit offers something truly scintillating for space fans to get their teeth stuck into. It’s a model of one of the famous Space Shuttles being carried on a massive crawler-transporter. Two such crawler-transporters were built by the Marion Power Shovel Company to transport US spacecraft from the Vehicle Assembly Building of NASA to Launch Complex 39 where they could blast off into space.

Present in the box is the enormous crawler-transporter, and an erected Space Shuttle with external fuel tank and two solid rocket boosters. In fact, the fuselage of the Space Shuttle and the solid rocket boosters are made from metal, which gives the assembled model a much more satisfying degree of weight. All parts of this model combination are crisply detailed and accurately formed. Indeed, the four crawler subassemblies with their tracks and running gear are finely rendered. Once assembled, this model will be truly stunning when exhibited on a desktop or a suitable display cabinet. The Space Shuttle and the crawler-transporter may be out of service, but they surely leave a lasting impression on the memory, even more so now that Dragon offers such a tremendous 1/400 scale kit of these assemblies.


1/72 Apollo Soyuz Test Project (Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19)

ITEM NO: DRA 11012
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195110121
SCALE: 1:72
ANNOUNCED ON: 11/21/2019
ARRIVED ON: 8/1/2012
Re-Issue in January 2020

– Display stand included
– Soyuz 19 comprising Orbiatal Module, Descent Vehicle and Instrument-Assembly Module
– Instrument-Assembly Module produced w/details
– Soyuz solar panel arrays can be assembled on sides of Instrument-Assembly Module
– Compatible docking system represents the real one
– Hydrogen peroxide thrusters included
– Docking Probe Assembly rendered w/intricate detail
– Realistic service propulsion system reproduced
– Aft heat shield molded w/fine detail

The Cold War was marked by intense rivalry between the USA and USSR. However, there was one noticeable abnormality in the usually tense relations between the two superpowers, and that was a joint space mission conducted in July 1975. Known as the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), it was the very first joint space flight between the competitors. The mission entailed an Apollo spacecraft docking with a Soyuz craft, thus allowing the crew commanders to shake hands in space on 17 July 1975. The docking required a specially designed docking module known as APAS-75. Interestingly, the ASTP was the final Apollo mission, and although it didn’t have an official number, it’s often referred to as Apollo 18.

This historic moment in space is the subject of a new 1/72 scale model kit from Dragon. The model is highly detailed, and it allows the two spacecraft to be depicted docked together as they orbit the Earth. The appearance of both Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19 are accurately depicted in miniature, and the APAS-75 docking module is pre-painted to make it look exactly like aluminum foil. The specific pattern present on the Soyuz solar panels is particularly well done. Commemorate the historic détente in space with this 1/72 scale kit of the Apollo-Soyuz double act!

1/48 Apollo 11 “Lunar Approach” CSM “Columbia” + LM “Eagle”
ITEM NO: DRA 11009
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195110091
SCALE: 1:48
ANNOUNCED ON: 11/21/2019
EST ARRIVAL: January 2020

Apollo 11 will forever remain hallowed in history books since it was the mission that first put man on the Moon. Watched by millions of TV viewers, the historic Moon landing occurred on 20 July 1969 when the lander touched down on the southern Sea of Tranquility. The Lunar Module (LM), christened Eagle, spent 21.5 hours on the Moon’s surface, while the Command & Service Module (CSM), named Columbia orbited above.

As for Dragon’s 1/48 scale model, it features the Eagle LM still coupled to the Columbia CSM on its approach to the Moon. The spacecraft modules possess accurate detail, and this kit conveniently provides them both in a single box. Having the two modules connected like this makes for an impressive sight when they’re exhibited on their integral display stand. The set also features a newly tooled adapter to combine the two modules together. Furthermore, the kit makes for an interesting education lesson, allowing modelers to understand more about this milestone event. Dragon is here providing a 1/48 scale kit that will serve as a magnificent desktop display piece thanks to its outstanding size and uncompromising detail.

NEW FROM Dragon Armor

1/72 US M1296 Stryker IFV Dragoon
ITEM NO: DRR 63006
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195630063
SCALE: 1:72
ANNOUNCED ON: 11/21/2019
EST ARRIVAL: January 2020
In an attempt to boost the firepower of the baseline Stryker that had just a 12.7mm machine gun, the US Army introduced the M1296 equipped with a 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II cannon and coaxial 7.62mm machine gun in an unmanned turret. The first Dragoon was delivered to army units in 2017, and the turret system added about 2 tons to its combat weight. Operated by a crew of two, the M1296 can still carry a full complement of troops in the rear.

January 2020 New Product Information FULL INFO

Plastic model
Lancia Stratos HF [1977 Monte Carlo Rally Winner]


Scale … 1:24
Part No …. CR32 Our Shipment … January 08, 2020 Release Date … Around January 11, 2020 Body Price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 147 Model Length … 161mm Model Width … 80mm


Lancia Stratos was developed as the world’s first purpose built machine, and was
born as an innovative midship machine with FRP cowl front and back.
The 1970s rally power competition intensified as the years
progressed, and in order to win, high performance and a lightweight and compact machine were required.
Lancia abandoned the idea of ​​creating a rally machine based on a commercial vehicle so far, and
Stratos was developed for the first time in the world to win the WRC title.
In November 1970 Bertone announced the original Stratos at the Torino show, and
in November 1971
the second prototype car that introduced the midship layout was presented to Lancia.
I participated in various events in the next year as a prototype
and proceeded with aging before entering the WRC.
Stratos production began in October 1973.
Group 4 homologation was acquired in October 1974, and
immediately debuted at WRC Round 5 Sanre Morally.
Stratos defended the top all the time, showed an overwhelming performance,
won a debut match and won the Makes title of the season.
In 1975, when it became a full-fledged entry, the Italian airline Alitalia Airlines
won the 1975 Makes title as the main sponsor, and in
1976, its strength did not decline, and it won the third consecutive Makes title
Lancia Stratos is a leading rally car in the 1970s, with a great achievement and
a record of winning three consecutive wins from 1975 to 1977 at the opening round of Monte Carlo

Plastic model
Limited item
New decal

F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom “301SQ F-4 Final Year 2020”


Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02319 Shipment … January 08, 2020 Sale date … Around January 11, 2020 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 117 Model total length … 265mm model full width … 163mm

301SQ Phantom Final Commemorative Painter The
yellow paint is designed to resemble a frog scarf.
★ The number of marks indicates the era of the 7th and 5th Air Wing.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 7th Air Wing No. 301 Squadron F-4 Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “315” (Hundred Mile Base: 2019-2020)


Plastic model
Limited item

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Rally “1991 Lake 1000 Rally”


Scale … 1:24
Part number … …… 20431 Shipment … January 08, 2020 Release date … Around January 11, 2020 Body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 114 Model total length … 190mm model full width … 72mm

1991 1000 Lake Rally Reproduce the participating car!
Body part color is white

Decal (marking)
4th Car No.3 Driver: Kenneth Ericsson
3rd place Car No.5 Driver: Timo Salonen


Limited item

301SQ F-4 Final Year 2020 Special Patch


Part number ……… SP443 Shipment … January 08, 2020 Release Date …… Around January 11, 2020 Body price … 1300 yen (+ consumption tax)

An embroidery patch with a diameter of about 9cm.

Plastic model

Kawanishi N1K2-J Local Fighter Shidenkai


Scale … 1:32
Part Number … …… ST33 Our Shipment … January 11, 2020 Release Date … Around January 16, 2020 Body Price … 5000 yen (+ consumption tax)











Shiden Kai is
a low-wing, full-scale land-based fighter that was adopted in January 1945 through the mid-wing Shiden .
Around the same time
the 343 Navy Air Corps (Swords Unit), which was organized by gathering historical pilots from various locations with the aim of regaining air control in the airspace around the mainland, was concentrated and raised its results.

The kit reproduces the first half type with a large vertical tail area.
Inside the fuselage, support parts are sandwiched to ensure ease of assembly and strength.
The cockpit is designed so that it can be installed from the bottom of the fuselage after bonding the fuselage.
The muzzle of the main wing 20mm machine gun is opened with a slide mold.
Canopy and flap can be opened and closed.
The pilot figure is
finished with a sense of precision and presence by Mr. Ichiro Take (prototype production) . There are two types of heads.

Decal (marking)
Combat No. 301 Squadron Captain Naohiro Kanno Ride “343A-15” (Matsuyama Base: April 1945)
Combat No. 407 Squadron Koji Ohara, Sergeant Chief Aircraft “343B-03” (Matsuyama Base: April 1945)


Plastic model
F-86F-40 Saber “Blue Impulse”


Scale … 1:48
Product No …. PT15 Our Shipment … January 11, 2020 Release Date … Around January 16, 2020 Main Unit Price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)


Decal (marking)


Paint used in the kit

Plastic model
Limited item
New decal

Subaru Legacy RS “1991 Swedish Rally”


Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20432 Our shipping … Release date January 11, 2020 … Body price around January 16, 2020 … 3900 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 107 model total length … 188mm model full width … 72mm

Reproduced Allen’s machine in the 1991 Swedish Rally!
Body part color is white

Decal (marking)
3rd place Car No.5 Driver: Marc Allen


Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Repsol Lancia “Super Delta” 1993 Acropolis Rally


Scale … 1:24
Product No …. 20433 Our Shipment … January 11, 2020 Release Date … Around January 16, 2020 Body Price … 3900 yen (+ consumption tax) Model Total Length … 163mm Model Full Width … 75mm

1993 Reproduce the Sainz machine that participated in the Acropolis Rally!
Body part color is white

Decal (marking)
2nd Car No.3 Driver: Carlos Sainz


Plastic model
Limited item
Etching addition
Mitsubishi F-2A “3SQ Misawa Special 2019”


Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02320 Our shipping … January 15, 2020 release date …… Around January 18, 2020 Body price … 3500 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 129 model total length … 209mm model full width … 156mm


Reproduce the special painting machine that imaged Misawa’s spring, summer, autumn and winter!
Set of etching parts for detail improvement.

Etching parts
Discharge cables, seat belts, missile wings, etc.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 3rd Air Wing 3rd Squadron Misawa Aircraft Festival Commemorative Paint Machine “513” (Misawa Air Base: September 8, 2019)


Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
Tupolev Tu-144D


Scale … 1: 144
Part number ……… 10833 Our shipment … January 15, 2020 release date … Around January 18, 2020 body price … 4200 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 115 model total length … 465mm model full width … 201mm

Reproduce the Soviet supersonic transport Tu-144D (late model)!
The nose and retractable canard positions are selectable.
Legs can be selected parking state / flight state.
Comes with an exhibition stand.
Parts color is white + clear
ICM parts set.

Decal (marking)
Tu-144D “CCCP-77115”


Plastic model
V-22 Osprey “JGSDF First Unit”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02277 Shipment … January 15, 2020 Release date …… Around January 18, 2020 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 140 Model length … 245.5mm model width … 339mm


A kit for the Ground Self-Defense Force.
The coloring is based on light gray camouflage, and the upper surface of the aircraft is a dark color scheme like an offshore camouflage.
In the kit, the engine nacelle is movable and you can enjoy the fixed-wing aircraft / helicopter mode.
Legs can be parked / flighted and an exhibition stand is included.

Additional plastic parts
Antenna blade parts

Decal (marking)


First aircraft for JGSDF

Plastic model
Mitsubishi Ki-46 Hyakushi HQ reconnaissance aircraft type II


Scale … 1:72
Part Number … …… CP5 Our Shipment … January 20, 2020 Release Date … Around January 23, 2020 Body Price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)

Resin kit
Limited item
1/72 & 1/48 decal included
Nose Art Girls figure “Leroys Joy”


Scale … 1: 20
Part Number ……… SP442 Shipment … January 20, 2020 Release Date …… Around January 23, 2020 Body Price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)

New series! Reproduce the Nose Art woman with 1/20 resin figure!
United States Army B-25H Mitchell “37: Leroy’s Joy”,
three-dimensional woman of nose art.
It will be a real and cute model by Mr. Atsushi Kashimura.
In addition, 1/72 & 1/48 B-25H decal set.
The contents of the decal are
only the marking part unique to the aircraft, such as nose art and machine number .
Nationality mark and detail mark are not included.
1/20 Leroy’s Joy (prototype production: Mr. Atsushi Sasamura)

Decal (marking)
B-25H: US Army No. 12 Bombing Air Group No. 82 Bombing Squadron “37: Leroy’s Joy” (November 1943)
B-25H: US Army 12th Bombing Air Group 82nd Bombing Squadron “35: VIKIN’S VICIOUS VIRGIN” (Italy: December 1943)


Plastic model
SV-51γ w / Twin Booster “Macross Zero”


Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 65776 Our shipping … January 20, 2020 release date …… Around January 23, 2020 Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 188 model total length … 319.5mm model full width … 278.5mm




Plastic model
VF-0A / S w / Ghost “Macross Zero”


Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 65777 Our shipment … January 20, 2020 Release date … Around January 23, 2020 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 160 model total length … 271mm model full width … 286mm






Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
JTCC BP Advan BMW 318i


Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20430 Our shipment … January 22, 2020 release date … Around January 25, 2020 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 70 model total length … 185mm model full width … 70mm

Reproduce the machine that participated in JTCC in 1994!
* The shape of the wheel is different from the actual vehicle.

Decal (marking)


Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
MiG31B Foxhound


Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02321 Shipment … January 22, 2020 Release date …… Around January 25, 2020 Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)

Reproduce the MIG 25 derivative, Russian Air Force double-seat interceptor!
Includes 2 tanks, 2 long-range missiles, and 4 short-range missiles.
Set the parts made by ICM.

Decal (marking)
MiG 31B: Russian Air Force affiliation machine “Blue 70”


Resin kit
JK Mate Series “Blazer”


Scale … 1:12
Part Number … …… SP380 Shipment … January 22, 2020 Release Date … Around January 25, 2020 Body Price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax) Model Full Width … 130mm






Mr. Matsu (MK2.), Who is popular with high school girl garage kits, produces prototypes!
1/12 scale resin figure. You can also enjoy the combination of
“ Desk and Chair Series ”.


Resin kit
Limited item
With eggs
Deformed Egg Girls No.01 “Rei Hazumi” w / T-4 Blue Impulse


Part number ……… SP444 Shipment … January 27, 2020 Release date … Main unit price around January 30, 2020 … 2900 yen (+ consumption tax)

New development! A
deformed figure that can be boarded in an egg ♪

Egg Girls “Rei Hazumi” is a deformed figure! !
Mr. Tsurugi is a cute model.
It will be a set of resin figures and eggs (plastic model).
The figure consists of parts that can be selected from standing pose and eggboard boarding body.
Package illustration is handled by Takashi Fujisawa.
■ Rei Hazumi (prototype production: Mr. Dan Tsurugi)



Plastic model
Limited item
With figure
Volkswagen Beetle (1966) “Cal Look” w / Blonde Girls Figure


Scale … 1:24
Part Number … …… SP445 Shipment … January 27, 2020 Release Date … Around January 30, 2020 Body Price … 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) Model Length … 161mm Model Width … 64mm

California look beetle
& sexy swimsuit female figure ♪

Resin parts
Swimsuit female figure / prototype production: Mr. Atsushi Kashimura

Plastic model
Limited item
New decal
Robot Battle V 44 Heavy Armor Combat Suit MK44B-2 Ax Knight


Scale … 1: 20
Part number ……… 64118 Shipment … January 27, 2020 Release date … Around January 30, 2020 Body price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax) Model height … 129mm model width … 75mm




Ax Knight equipped with fixed arm on left arm is kit!
Armed with bazooka and smart gun.
Package illustration is handled by Hiroshi Yokoyama.
A5 size (front and back color printing) paint card is included.

Decal (marking)
4 schedules


Plastic model
Limited item
“Galaxy Express 999 ANOTHER STORY Ultimate Journey” Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia Third Ship


Scale … 1: 1500
Part Number ……… 64780 Our Shipment … January 29, 2020 Release Date … Around February 01, 2020 Price : 5000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 158 Model Length … 336.5mm Model Width … 164mm







Serialized at Champion RED (Issued / Akita Shoten)!
The Ultimate Journey version is made into a kit.
The package illustration is drawn by Dr. Joe Shimazaki.
The scale “999” and an exhibition stand are included.


Plastic model
F-4E Skyhawk “Blue Angels”


Scale … 1:48
Product No …. 09648 Our Shipment … January 29, 2020 Release Date … Around February 01, 2020 Body Price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)


Plastic model
Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Large Flying Boat Type 23 “torpedo machine”


Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02163 Shipment … January 31, 2020 Release date … Around February 05, 2020 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 159 model total length … 358mm model full width … 553mm

Reproduced the additional equipment for lightning strikes, developed for anti-ship attacks by large flying boats.
The location where the torpedo is mounted is near the center of the slant strut that supports the main wing. By installing a
torpedo / bomb rack here, lightning can be equipped.

Additional plastic parts
Torpedo / bomb rack parts to be installed on the main wing’s diagonal struts (new)
Torpedo parts

Decal (marking)
Toko Naval Air Corps machine “O-13”
Toko Naval Air Corps machine “O-46” (Solomon Islands: 1942)


Plastic model
Limited item
special version
New decal
J35 / S35E / RF-35 Draken “Scandinavian Draken”


Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07482 Our shipment … Release date January 31, 2020 … Body price around February 05, 2020 … 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 117 model total length … 323.5mm model full width … 198mm

Scandinavian peninsula recreates Draken from 3 countries!

Decal (marking)
S35E: Swedish Air Force F21 Air Group affiliation machine “53”
RF-35: Danish Air Force No. 729 Squadron affiliation machine “AR-108”
35FS: Finnish Air Force 21st Combat Squadron “DK-271” (1991)


Plastic model
Limited item
Etching addition
JMSDF Aegis destroyer Ashigara “Super Detail”


Scale … 1: 450
Part Number … …… SP446 Shipment … January 31, 2020 Release Date … Around February 05, 2020 Body Price … 5800 Yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 157 Model Length … 372mm Model Width … 52mm

A feeling of precision is improved by adding handrails made of etching with a sense of precision!
■ Handrail

Product Specifications
Missile destroyer with Aegis system Ashigara “178”