NEW FROM TRUMPETER 1/35 Russian S-300V 9S32 radar car 09522

product description:
S-300V missile battalion equipment includes command and control equipment, missile firepower equipment, and a certain amount of support, support and maintenance equipment. Each battalion has one command company and four launch companies. The command company directed and assigned the four launch companies, and implemented command and control. It is mainly equipped with a command vehicle and two search radars (one each for a ring search radar and a sector search radar).
The launch company is the basic combat unit of the S-300V missile brigade, including a guidance station (ie, a multi-channel guidance and tracking radar vehicle), 6 radiation launch vehicles, 6 launch loaders, and a certain number of missiles. The launch company can be deployed with either a mixed fire unit or a single fire unit. For example, each launch company is equipped with 4 9A83 launch vehicles and 2 9A82 launch vehicles, or 6 are 9A83 launch vehicles.
Command company and its equipment
(9S457-1) is the command center of the missile battalion, also known as the accusation station, mounted on a tracked chassis. The command vehicle controls four launch companies, a total of 24 launch vehicles. It receives early-warning information provided by superior command posts and early-warning satellites, as well as information from the launch company guidance station and two search radars. It automatically monitors the target flight path and determines the type of target. The target is assigned to the guidance station of the corresponding launch company. The command vehicle controls all combat activities, can detect 200 targets, can grasp 70 batches of targets, and can automatically select 24 batches of the most threatening targets and assign them to the guidance stations of 4 launch companies.
Ring search radar
(9S15MT) is a three-coordinate phased array radar that can search for targets such as airplanes, with an average transmission power of 10 kilowatts, a beam width of 1.5 ° × 1.5 °, and can detect 200 targets and track 75 targets. Target, and send the target data to the command vehicle. Its coverage range is 360 ° azimuth, high and low angles 0 ° to + 55 °, the working distance is 250 kilometers, and the antenna rotates once every 6 to 12 seconds.
Sector search radar
(9S19MT) is also a three-coordinate phased array radar, which is mainly used to search for anti-tactical ballistic missiles. Fan-sweep search can reduce the time required to find and track tactical ballistic missiles to ensure stable surveillance of the incoming ballistic missile flight path. It has a working distance of 250 kilometers, an average transmitting power of 15 kilowatts, a beam width of 1.5 ° × 1.5 °, can process up to 16 target tracks, can identify up to 6 interference sources, and has a search orientation of 90 °. (0 ° ~ + 50 °, 0 ° ~ + 76 °), the fan scan cycle is 1 week per second.

Product ID 09522
product name Russian S-300V 9S32 radar car
Bar code 9580208095226
Product ratio 1:35
product type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model size Length: mm Width: mm Height: mm
Total number of parts 1000+
Metal parts copper cable
Etched parts 2 pcs
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 21 sprues, lower hull and upper hull
Publication date 2019-11
More description The kit consists of over 1000 parts
> the kit w / refined detail
> multi-slide moulded upper and lower hull
> 192 individual tracks links
> Etched Photo parts included

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