Scheduled to ship soon! Free Research Series №3 EX-1 Velociraptor (Dino Orange Specification)

This is an introduction of a new product that will be shipped soon!

Free research series №3 EX-1

Today's edition Velociraptor (Dino Orange specification)!

* The photo shows the product assembled and painted.


Velociraptor which won favorable reception comes up in new color !

Unlike conventional colors (green, blue), it has a different impressionLOL


The snap-fit ​​design allows assembly without using any adhesive.

Consists of colored molded parts that can be easily assembled even when unpainted.

The molding color is orange like thisSurprised mark


Also, you can enjoy the details just by sticking the attached sticker.

The main part is a movable design, which allows the user to freely pose by raising and lowering the arm and moving the wrist and ankle.

Raptor also has a lot of color variationsSurprised mark

In the dinosaur movie, Raptor appeared in 4 sisters ~Happy


It appeared ~Grinning


Free research series №3 EX-1

Today's edition Velociraptor (Dino Orange specification)

Scheduled to be shipped on February 5, 2019! !

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