Dragon 14051 – 1/144 Mini Armor Series

This brand new series collection Mini Armor features plastic kits in 1/144 scale, which makes them easily collectible and of course they don’t take up too much space. The common denominator in this new series is the splendid box art that stems from larger 1/35 scale kit releases. These graphic masterpieces from Dragon’s illustrators are being reutilized in the presentation of the new 1/144 scale series. The finished tanks are small, but their quality tops what is currently available on the market. Every characteristic of the various tanks is accurately represented, with the first releases of 10 items. Each kit in this series boasts sophisticated engineering, which also ensures ease of assembly. Furthermore, they have a low price point. So, as already mentioned, buyers receive superb masterpieces in terms of the box art, as well as plastic masterpieces inside the box!

Packing: 10 kits per each inner

1/144 Tiger I Initial (14101)
1/144 Kingtiger Henschel (14102)
1/144 StuG.III Ausf.F/8 (14103)
1/144 Jagdtiger Porsche (14106)
1/144 Pz.IV Ausf.H (14108)
1/144 Pz.IV Ausf.G (14110)
1/144 StuG.IV Early (14111)
1/144 s.IG.33 auf Fgst.Pz.III (14112)
1/144 Kingtiger Porsche (14114)
1/144 Pz.IV Ausf.D (14118)

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