On Dec. 17, 2019, China’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier

the Shandong (pennant number 17) was delivered and commissioned in to the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Having a displacement up to 60,000 tons, this aircraft carrier has started the PLAN’s era of dual aircraft carriers. On Dec. 17, 1888, the Beiyang Fleet was officially founded, marking the start of the Chinese Navy. In the past 131 years, the Chinese navy’s largest warship by tonnage were built by other countries. In 2019, this has changed. The Shandong and other advanced warships to be commissioned in future will guard the process of China’s self-reliance and development.
MENG now works with CSSC Culture Technology Co., Ltd. and XL% Design to release models of the PLAN Shangdong aircraft carrier. All parties will do the best to present the Chinese military and warship culture in the form of models to modellers. The planned products including models of all scales and also cartoonized models.

PLAN Shangdong aircraft carrier