NEW FROM AZUR-FRROM] 1/72 Martin Type 139

Someone finally washed the subject. I hope that the Martin 166 for the Netherlands will be released in the future.
According to the timetable: it
will be on the market around April 2020, but can it really be so fast …
Three products are currently disclosed:
Camouflages FR0042 first box (drawing 7): Including the Dutch Far East, the Argentine Army painting
Martin 139 WH-2 in service with ML-KNIL (Netherland East Indies, 1941/1942) at beginning of WWII in Pacific theater, M-520 probably
Martin 139 WAA, Argentine Army, probably B-504 in 1944, standard nose.
Martin 139 WAA, Argentine Army , with long nose, one of two such modified, B-510 or B-511

Camouflages FR0043 second box: Including
Martin 139 WHC in service with China, in 1937, probably 1403 with 14 th Volunteer Sqn ( Please have a look at kit FR0034 Gamma 2E Bomber in China). There were no Martin who raided Kogoshima (it was only a project). Drawing 9
Martin 139 WAN, Argentine Navy, probably 2-B-3, February 1939. Drawing 8.

Camouflages FR0044 B-10B third box (drawing 5):
Martin 139 B-10B in service with Philippine Air Force in Philippines , December 1941, in US markings (28 th Bomber Sqn). Unfortunately there are no evidences of B10B painted with the Diamond. Maybe 57 or 59, TBC
Martin 139 B-10B, 25 th Bomber Sqn, Hawaï 1940


Prototype of the fuselage and trial of transparent parts