1/72 72002 – Coming Soon


New sheet 72-002…. finally releasing the long ago planned 1/72 release of the “Intruders’ Sandbox” that was previously released about 5yrs ago in 1/32 and 1/48. This 1/72 sheet includes all three A-6 squadrons involved in Operations Prairie Fire & El Dorado Canyon (Libya 1986) as well as two squadrons from Operation Desert Storm (1991). Extra checkers are also included if/when Hobby Boss/Trumpeter release a new mold 1/72 A-6 kit (Fujimi rudders are smaller than the Hobby Boss/Trumpeter rudders). Decals for ejection seats, helmets, fuel tank markings, formation lights, and tailhook stripes are all provided, as well as CBU-59 APAM lightning bolts for the Libya Strike aircraft and many special Libya/Khadafy related slogan markings for VA-55 Mk.82 bombs.
See image of the sheet posted in new photo album “72002 – Coming Soon”