Decals etched parts and painting masks for Ka-25TS FULL kit 1/72 72309

Ka-25Ts Hormone-B search and rescue (SAR) Soviet Naval Helicopter – the “Ka-25” — first observed in public at the Paris Air Show in 1967. It is actually somewhat unclear if there ever really was a “Ka-20”; certainly there was a prototype that got the name “Harp”, but some sources hint the Ka-20 designation was a Soviet cover or a Western fiction. The “Ka-25PS” AKA NATO “Hormone-C”, a utility transport / search and rescue (SAR) variant. It was similar to the Ka-25PL (Anti-Submarine). Hormone-B (Ka-25TS) – special electronics version, providing over-the-horizon target acquisition for ship-launched cruise missiles including SS-N-3B from “Kresta I” cruisers, SS-N-12 from “Kiev” and “Slava” class cruisers, SS-N-19 from battle cruisers Kirov and Frunze, and SS-N-22 from “Sovremenny” class destroyers. “Kiev” and “Kirov” class ships each carry three “Hormone-Bs”, other classes one; larger undernose radome (NATO “Big Bulge”) than Ka-25BSh, with spherical undersurface; cylindrical radome under rear cabin for datalink; when radar operates, all landing gear wheels can retract upward to minimise interference to emissions.


The German Jagdpanther heavy tank destroyer was a special anti-tank weapon which appeared in late WWII. Based on the Panther tank, it was fitted with an 88mm L/71 anti-tank gun which was quite similar to the ones on the King Tiger tank and the Nashorn self-propelled anti-tank gun. Such a precision weapon should be carefully maintained. During the non-combat time, the Germans often cover the hull, gun barrel and muzzle with canvas. The canvas covers could protect the precision equipment like the main gun and sight from the pollution of dust and rainwater. They could also help hide the vehicle from being spotted. This MENG SPS-071 Jagdpanther Ausf. G2 Heavy Tank Destroyer Hull (Travel Mode) kit is a resin product. The texture of canvas covering the hull, gun barrel and muzzle is realistically reproduced by digital sculpting. This kit includes a hull, a gun barrel covered by canvas and a muzzle cover. This kit can be used with the MENG TS-047 German Tank Destroyer Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Ausf. G2 kit to build a unique Jagdpanther model.