Schaschmurin's KV-4. It is ready, only the turret's hats remain to be done and few bolt put on the mantled. So lets start from last night, when i have fun imagining how the crew will prepare his tank for battle , and thinking about that actually cost me …hm, can I use "cost" when it is fun? So thinking about hat coat more time that actually finish the tank. So my initial idea was to put a hatch at the left side's end, so when 107 mm shells are put inside that can be pass behind the gun to the right hand shell racks. Then i say to myself "lets enlarge the hatch so it can be use for escape". Bu then "hey this is soviet tank" and soviet tankers was supposed to be expendable!!! The most expensive part of a tank – the crew, no tot mention that they was human too. Well there was escape hatch at the bottom, but still, only one hatch in KV's turret, no hatch for IS-2 driver (who was officer). So no hatch on the side (I actually draw it). So how to load huge 107 mm shells? Well the crew is from at least 7 members (driver, radioman, 107mm loader, 107 mm gunner plus 3 in 76 m turret), my version is: 2 on the ground passing the shell to two other on the horizontal part on the front, they pass them true the driver and radio man's hatches, to two other inside the hull. Another interesting and totally not scale model related thing is the place of the light and if they are affected by the blast from 76 mm gun. so lets turn the turret in direction , depress the gun by 10 degree (too much for soviet tank) and see where the blast will go…and the light are goners…but if you need to shot something that close to the tank, with 76 mm gun…it must be important enough. also those lights are removable, so you can put them only if you are going to drive at night. This was all about this version of KV-4.


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