Yes, if you use a simple side cutter to remove the parts, you need to spend extra time cleaning the leftover material. And yes, we know that a good single-edged side cutter is not cheap. We know all your needs. Now, you have another choice.

This MTS-022 Intermediate Single-edged Hobby Side Cutter is specially made by DSPIAE for MENG. The single-edge design has offered better cutting capacity. It can effectively improve your modelling efficiency. It’s Forged by special tool steel. The blade which receives multiple treatment is sharp and hard. This product is for intermediate modellers.

The forged side cutter has a neat blunt face which provides good support to the cut.

The precision and sharp cutting edge can cut smoothly.

Comparison of runners cut by MTS-022 Intermediate Single-edged Hobby Side Cutter (left) and a simple side cutter (right). The runner cut by MTS-022 has a flat section.

Comparison of parts removed by MTS-022 Intermediate Single-edged Hobby Side Cutter (left) and a simple side cutter (right). The part removed by MTS-022 has only small and flat injection gate leftover for easier cleaning.
Thanks to the efforts of MENG and DSPIAE team, this MTS-022 Intermediate Single-edged Hobby Side Cutter will be released at a reasonable price. We hope more modellers can enjoy the convenience of using single-edged side cutters. It can also become a reliable backup for senior modellers. Now, come and get it!


Hello! Have some news for you. At first about 1:72 and then for 1:87 addicted

WB93 Molodets ICBM Rail-launcher postponed to July-August
WB95 RBS-15 Launcher on Scania postponed to July
WB101 Peresvet Laser Weapon postponed to August

BUT before them, for july-01, Please Welcome:
WB102 UR-88 GOBOY (Object 190) 1:72 Soviet Experimental Mine Clearing Vehicle on T-72 chassis

And for 1:87 – as you know, on may-21 will be availabe our next 1/87 release – WH04 FH77BW Archer 1:87

What else? This summer 2 more 1:87 kits:
WH05 s219 MSTA-S Russian SPGH
WH06 RS-24 Yars/Topol-M



Hauler and Brengun news, MAY 2020

List of new products:

HAULER   1/72 AFV -photoetched parts              

HLH72104  T-34/85 (Revell kit)

HLH72105  ATZ-4-131 Fuel Bowser (ICM-Omega-K kit)

HLH72106  Studebaker (PST kit)

HLH72107  Office furniture

HAULER   1/48 AFV -etchings and conversion sets         

HLX48397  Stone bollards


BRENGUN 1/72 -plastic kits      

BRP72042  Yak 1b GC-3 Normandie

BRENGUN 1/144 -accessories  

BRL144162  Mirage Ladder

BRENGUN 1/144 -construction kits       

BRS144050  BTR-60 PU

BRENGUN 1/72 -resin construction kits              

BRS72017  SO-1221 Djinn

BRENGUN 1/72 -accessories     

BRL72208  Arado Ar-396 (RS model kit)

BRL72209  Morane-Saulnier MS.225 (Heller/Smer kit)

BRL72210  He-115 (Revell kit)

BRL72211  A-4C conversion (Airfix kit)

BRL72212  Rato rockets (A-4 Skyhawk)

BRL72213  Mirage Ladder

BRL72214  P-47N Wheels (3 type of pattern)

BRENGUN 1/48 -accessories     

BRL48133  AIM-9X (2pcs)

BRL48134  MKXVII Depth Charge

BRL48135  F/A-18 Wheels

BRENGUN 1/32 -accessories     

BRL32040  AGM-45 Shrike