Hello! Have some news for you. At first about 1:72 and then for 1:87 addicted

WB93 Molodets ICBM Rail-launcher postponed to July-August
WB95 RBS-15 Launcher on Scania postponed to July
WB101 Peresvet Laser Weapon postponed to August

BUT before them, for july-01, Please Welcome:
WB102 UR-88 GOBOY (Object 190) 1:72 Soviet Experimental Mine Clearing Vehicle on T-72 chassis

And for 1:87 – as you know, on may-21 will be availabe our next 1/87 release – WH04 FH77BW Archer 1:87

What else? This summer 2 more 1:87 kits:
WH05 s219 MSTA-S Russian SPGH
WH06 RS-24 Yars/Topol-M