NEW FROM trumpeter 1/48 Chinese J-20 “Veyron” stealth fighter 05811

The J-20 is a single-seat, twin-engine fighter, larger and heavier than the T-50 and F-22. The J-20 uses a twisted delta wing similar to the J-10, and uses the cambered full-motion vertical tail like the T-50, and has a cambered double ventral fin. The stealth structure of the fuselage is similar to F-22. The camber on the side of the fuselage is consistent with the vertical tail, the wing body merges smoothly, and there is a sharp fold line around the front fuselage. The angle of inclination is better than that of Loma’s F-35, which uses an overall frameless canopy similar to F-22.

The main landing gear is retracted forward into the landing gear bay on the side of the fuselage. Before the main landing gear bay, a side weapon bay is arranged similar to the F-22. Because the belly is higher than the F-22, it can accommodate larger weapons on the ground.

Product ID     05811
product name     Chinese J-20 “Veyron” stealth fighter
Barcode     9580208058115
Product ratio     1:48
product type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Water paste coating     Chinese J-20 Fighter
Model size     Length: 434.2mm Wingspan: 267.5mm
Total parts     190+
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     1 piece
Film     n/a
Resin parts     n/a
Announcement date     2020-05
More description     -Detailed fuselage w/accurate design
-Canopy made from clear parts
-Finely detailed cockpit, gear cabin,
-photo-etched parts included