NEW FROM hobbyboss 1/144 Chinese KJ-200 83903

KJ-200( Chinese military codename: K/J E03) is an improved type of Y -8AEW. Initially, the machine was named "balanced wood AEW". Is China's equipped with the "balance beam" airborne active phased array radar early warning aircraft. The machine uses the -9 body as the carrier, and its main equipment for the manufacture of china. In January 14, 2005, the first test flight was completed.

KJ-200's carrier platform for the transport of -8 series III class platform / hi tech third kinds of carrier. WJ-6C facelift, power increased to 5100 hp. The wing increases the overall fuel tank, and the carrier oil is restored to the level of An-12 by Y-8C. Replacement of the overall avionics system. Its main role is a air patrols, to make up ground radar network of low altitude detection blind area, and rugged rough command to guide the task can be automatically or manually and KJ-2000 AWACS for information exchange and sharing. And the formation of KJ-2000 type of early warning, offensive and defensive, the main auxiliary collocation configuration.

KJ – 200 is from development to production are all by our independent development and production of aircraft, it on the one hand, for our country in early warning aircraft on a blank, on the other hand also break a few Western countries and of our early warning aircraft technology blockade.
Item No 83903
Item Name Chinese KJ-200
Bar Code 6939319239037
Scale 1:144
Item Type Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model Dimension Length: 239.1mm Wingspan: 264.4mm
Total Plastic Parts 120+
Total Sprues 7 sprues
Chromeplate Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts 1 piece
Film Accessory n/a
Released Date 2019-07
More Features The kit consists of over 120 parts ,12 clear parts
– fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines


NEW FROM Dragon Models

1/144 German 28cm K5(E) 'Leopold' Railway Gun

ITEM NO: DRA 14131
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195141316
SCALE: 1:144
ANNOUNCED ON: 7/18/2019
EST ARRIVAL: September 2019

Dragon has previously released an enormous 1/35 scale kit of ‘Leopold’, but its size probably precluded many from even beginning any attempt at building it. Dragon now has the ideal solution in the form of its Mini Armor collection, with a convenient 1/144 scale kit of the German 28cm K5(E). This scale is much more manageable, plus the finished product will not take up nearly as much shelf space! This kit has everything needed to form a stunning diorama straight from the box, for the set includes a section of railway track and embankment for the railway gun to sit on. Not only that, but Dragon also includes artillery crewmen to populate the gun and surrounding diorama. And the most amazing thing about this Mini Armor item? There are actually two different and complete K5(E) railway guns on offer: one is finished in plastic that is German panzer gray, and the other in dark yellow. That means modelers can choose the one best suited to the diorama they have in mind, either in an Italian theater or somewhere elsewhere in Europe. ‘Leopold’ lives again – it’s still big but it’s much more conveniently sized than before!


Caracal Models has released seven brand-new, exciting decal sheets this month!

We will start shipping these decals on June 22, and all are available for pre-ordering now.

CD48100 – 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird : Part 1 : Our new SR-71 series is finally here! The first sheet in the series covers the earlier part of SR-71 operations, as well as YF-12, A-12 and M-21. Many individual pieces of tail art are included – and even decals for D-21 drones. Designed for the Testors / Italeri kit.

CD48101 – 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird : Part 2 : The second sheet in our SR-71 series covers the later part of Blackbird operations, and its NASA service.

CD48157 – 1/48 L-39 Albatros: Three attractive options for the L-39 trainer, including a US civilian example painted in the famous VX-9 scheme. Designed for the Trumpeter kits.

CD72077 – 1/72 Strategic Air Command B-52G/H Stratofortress : Part 1: Our first sheet in a series of SAC-era "Buff" markings : Eight options for B-52s from the 1980s – early 1990s. Just in time for the Modelcollect kit (but will fit your AMT kits as well)

CD72087 – 1/72 F-15 Eagle "The Early Years": A scaled down version of the first sheet in our protoype / early service markings for US jets : 1/72 markings for prototype F-15s.

CD144019 – 1/144 C-9 Nightingale / Skytrain II: Markings for USAF and US Navy aeromedical evacuation aircraft based on the DC-9. Designed for the Airfix DC-9-30 kit.

CD144021 – 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster: An accurate, high-quality set of markings for the new Roden C-133 kit.

Our next set of releases will be coming in August. We plan to bring you 1/72 versions of our new SR-71 sheets, a reprint of the 1/72 scale B-58 sheet for the new Italeri re-release of this kit, a 1/48 sheet for the F-111A, and others!

1/144 Maritime Self-Defense Force rescue flight boat US-2 "prototype"

The prototype of the bright color scheme is here!

Size: total length about 23 cm

  • It is possible to assemble by selecting red "prototype 1" and blue "prototype 2"
  • Decal includes both TRDI specifications and JMSDF specifications patterns
  • During flight, landing and main landing gear are optional
  • Flap can be selected as "level flight specification" or "takeoff and landing specification"
  • Display stand included

Scheduled for release in June 2019