hasegawa October 2019 New Product Information FULL



Plastic model
Limited item
Mazda 767B “1991 JSPC”

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20421 Shipment … October 01, 2019 Release date … Around October 04, 2019 Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 80 Model total length … 192mm model full width … 83mm

Reproduce the machines that participated in the second half of 1991 JSPC!

Decal (marking)
1991 All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship Participating Car ALEXEL Autorama 91C CAR No.3


Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Jaguar XJR-8 (Sprint type)

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20418 Our shipment … October 1, 2019 Release date … Around October 04, 2019 Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 61 model total length … 200mm model full width … 83.5mm

Special edition with new cult graph decals!
Body part color is white.

Decal (marking)
1987 World Sports Prototype Car Championship Participating Car CAR No.5 / CAR No.4


Limited item
Jaguar XJR-8 (Sprint type)

Scale … 1:24
Product number ……… 35229 Our shipment … October 01, 2019 Release date … Around October 04, 2019 Body price … 1800 yen (+ consumption tax)

Optional decal made by
Cultograph! Recommended for those who have an old kit (part number: CC3 / part number: 20281).
* The contents of the decal are the same as the part number 20418 released at the same time.

Decal (marking)
1987 World Sports Prototype Car Championship Participating Car CAR No.5 / CAR No.4


Plastic model
BMW 320i


Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20313 Shipment … October 03, 2019 Release date … Around October 6, 2019 Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 183 model total length … 185.5mm model full width … 70mm

Than "02 series" is tradition flow of established "compact sports saloon", "3 series",
reproduce the commercial vehicle version of the BMW 320i!
Body shaping color of the kit is in the red, the wheels are silver-plated parts.
Comes with a material to reproduce the floor carpet and
a masking seal for the window.

Decal (marking)

Paint used in the kit


Plastic model
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20350 Our shipment … October 03, 2019 Release date … October 6, 2019 Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 73 Model total length … 180.5mm model full width … 71mm

The third generation Lancer announced in 1995.
A characteristic styling with enhanced aerodynamic characteristics is a popular machine to win in WRC.
Kit reproduces GSR equipped with comfortable equipment for driving on public roads.
Comes with mesh for front grille and masking seal for window.

Decal (marking)

Paint used in the kit


Plastic model
F-4EJ Phantom II “Flying Development Experiment Group 60th Anniversary”

Scale … 1: 72
Part Number ……… 02191 Our Shipment … October 03, 2019 Release Date …… Around October 6, 2019 Body Price … 3400 Yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 117 Model Length … 265mm Model Width … 163mm

A kit of “Black Phantom” that was unveiled at the Gifu Air Base Air Festival in October last year.
The gorgeous design that
compliments the gold shock wave mark on the whole body black is attractive!
The part color is black. The markings of the additional tank that was released at the ceremony later will also be reproduced.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force Flight Development Experiment Team 60th Anniversary Painter "336" (Gifu Base: October 2015)


Plastic model
Limited item
RF-4E Phantom II “501SQ Final Year 2020 (Ocean Camouflage)”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02316 Our shipment … October 08, 2019 Release date … Around October 11, 2019 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 125 Model total length … 265mm model full width … 163mm

Retired at the end of 2019. RF-4E Final Year Memorial Painting Machine!
Designed with a film for photography unique to the Reconnaissance Air Corps.
The silhouettes of RF-86F when the 1961 unit was launched and RF-4 when it was closed in 2020 are drawn.

Decal (marking)
JASDF Reconnaissance Air Corps No. 501 Squadron RF-4E Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “905” (Buri 100: 2019)


Plastic model
Limited item
New mold added
Datsun 240Z “Mr.K”

Scale … 1:24
Product No …. 20419 Our Shipment … October 8, 2019 Release Date … Around October 11, 2019 Body Price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 97 Model Length … 182mm Model Width … 68mm

50th anniversary of Fairlady Z! "Z father", Mr. K's favorite car kit. Reproduced the yellow Datsun 240Z with a wire spoke wheel attached to Yutaka Katayama's beloved car, left-hand drive G nose,
who served as president of Nissan Motor USA
and was involved in the birth of the first Fairlady Z. Body part color is yellow.

Additional plastic parts
Wire spoke wheel parts


Plastic model
With stand

F-35 Lightning II (Type A) “JASDF Temporary F-35 Squadron”

Scale … 1: 72 
Part number ……… 02284 Our shipment … October 10, 2019 Release date …… Around October 13, 2019 Body price … 3,000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 68 Model total length … 217mm model full width … 148mm


Reproduced the first F-35A and AX-6 (F-35A Air Self-Defense Force total 6 units: domestic production 2 units) deployed at Misawa base .
Temporary F-35 Squadron is a unit organized on the premise of reorganization to the 302nd Squadron.
On February 24, 2018, the F-35A deployment commemorative ceremony was held, and this machine was exhibited.

Decal (marking)

Air Self Defense Force temporary F-35A squadron affiliation machine " AX-6: 706 " (Misawa base: February 24, 2018)

Paint used in the kit


Plastic model
SDF-1 Macross Fortress w / Prometheus & Daedalus

Scale … 1: 4000
Part Number ……… 65830 Our Shipment … October 10, 2019 Release Date … October 13, 2019 Body Price … 5600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 219 Model Length … 308.5mm Model Width … 137mm

Based on the setting of the movie version SDF-1, but also a kit with a design that incorporates the essence of the TV version!
Set of many new mold parts.
In addition to Prometheus & Daedalus, which is the biggest feature,
the bridge shape divided into the left and right is also large in addition to the bow shape and shoulder design that feature a square nozzle !
In addition, the
impression has changed considerably , such as the addition of each part secondary gun, the position change of the leg unit, the addition of the main nozzle cover .
Prometheus and Daedalus can be rearranged into a single unit that is not connected to SDF-1.
VF-1 Fighter (x8) of the same scale, VF-1 Super Fighter (
x8 ), Destroyed Monster (x2), and display stand are included.
The package illustration is handled by Hidetaka Tenjin.

Additional plastic parts
Additional sub-guns added
Leg position change & main nozzle cover etc.
The 55th All Japan Model Hobby Show (September 25-27, 2015)


Plastic model
Mitsubishi T-2 “CCV”

Scale … 1:48
Part Number ……… 09692 Our Shipment … October 10, 2019 Release Date … Around October 13, 2019 Body Price … 3400 Yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 153 Model Length … 372mm Model Width … 164mm

CCV, "Control Configured Vehicle"
means "aircraft with a form that prioritizes maneuverability".
This is
a test machine developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Aircraft Experiment Team in pursuit of a more efficient airframe shape.

Decal (marking)
"103" Gifu base (first flight on August 9, 1983)


Plastic model
Limited item
Messerschmitt Bf109E-1 “Blitz Creek”

Scale … 1:48
Part Number ……… 07478 Our Shipment … October 16, 2019 Release Date … Around October 19, 2019 Body Price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 59 Model Total Length … 183mm Model Full Width … 206mm

Reproduce the aircraft that was thrown into the blitz war in 1939 invasion of Poland.

Etching parts
Instrument panel parts

Decal (marking)
101st Battle Squadron 2nd Squadron Affiliated Machine “Red 10” (September 1939)
77th Fighter Wing 2nd Squadron Company Commander Hannes Trauttroft Okuma Rider "Red 1" (September 1939)


Plastic model
Limited item
special version
F-35 Lightning II (Type A) “Beast Mode”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02315 Our shipment … October 16, 2019 Release date …… Around October 19, 2019 Body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) model total length … 217.5mm model full width … 148mm

Full armed under the wing! A type Beast mode kit.
Includes pylon / missile launcher and armed parts.
is possible to reproduce the figure with AIM-9X Sidewinder x2 and GBU-12 Paveway II x4 on the lower surface of the main wing .
Package illustrations are handled by Mr. Kanjiro Kato.

Decal (marking)
US Air Force 53rd Aircraft affiliation machine "OT" (Neris Air Force Base)
Dutch Air Force affiliation machine "OT F-002"


Plastic model
Mitsubishi F-2A “Flight Development Experiment Team” w / ASM-3

Scale … 1:72
Part Number … …… 02274 Our Shipment … October 18, 2019 Release Date … Around October 23, 2019 Body Price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 148 Model Length … 209mm Model Width … 156mm

The newest ASM-3 and AAM-5 parts are newly made on a 1/72 scale!
Air-to-ship missile ASM-3 checkered pattern set with decals.

Additional plastic parts
ASM-3 (× 2)
AAM-5 (× 4)

Decal (marking)
Japan Air Self-Defense Force flight development experiment team F-2 prototype No. 2 "502" (Gifu base: 2017)


Plastic model
VF-22S “SVF-124 Moon Shooters”

Scale … 1:72
Part Number ……… 65784 Our Shipment … October 18, 2019 Release Date … Around October 23, 2019 Body Price … 2600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 91 Model Total Length … 272.5mm Model Width … 213mm

SVF-124 is one of the few units in the First Strike mission in the long-range migrant escort army, whose main missions are interception and patrol .
The unit is a mixed unit of VF-17 and VF-22S …
This machine is a low-visage camouflage with nose art.
There are three types of decals, each with a different nose art.
New plastic parts are set as pilot parts for sitting posture.
Molding color is light gray.

Decal (marking)
SVF-124 Moon Shooters "00", "01", "02" (all three types with nose art)


Plastic model
Lunar / space humanoid drone “Vega / Altair”

Scale … 1: 20
Part Number ……… 64109 Our Shipment … October 18, 2019 Release Date …… Around October 23, 2019 Body Price … 5000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 180 Model Height … 153mm Model Width … 84mm

Vega is an aircraft specialized for support battles near the surface of the moon, and is not equipped with
Altair's vernier nozzle and stabilizer / long range antenna.
Armed with a laser gun for glowsurf on the left arm.

Kit parts are selectable between Vega and Altair.
A familiar color painting card (A5 size) is included.
Package illustration is handled by Hiroshi Yokoyama.

Additional plastic parts
Panel that blocks the nozzle attachment
Antenna parts, etc.

Decal (marking)

The 55th All Japan Model Hobby Show (September 25-27, 2015)


Plastic model
Limited item
special version
IJN Destroyer Hamakaze “Midway Battle Super Detail”

Scale … 1: 350
Part No …. 40101 Our Shipment … October 24, 2019 Release Date … Around October 27, 2019 Body Price … 8400 yen (+ consumption tax) Model Total Length … 347.5mm Model Full Width … 33mm

A gorgeous version of the thrilling 13th ship “Hamakaze”, with many detail-up parts!
Package illustrations are handled by Mr. Kanjiro Kato.

Etching parts
Handrail parts, etc.

Sawing thing
Main barrel / thunderbolt parts

Metal parts
Detonation parts

Product Specifications
Midway Battle (June 1942)

Plastic model
Limited item

BMW 2002 ti “1969 Monte Carlo Rally 2/5 Class Winner” (tentative name)

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20420 Our shipment … Sale date October 24, 2019 … Body price around October 27, 2019 … 3600 yen (consumption tax) Number of parts … 143 model total length … 177.5mm model full width … 69mm

Winner of the 1969 Monte Carlo Rally 2/5 class!
Red Marni kit.

Decal (marking)
1969 Monte Carlo Rally entry car 2/5 class championship (7th overall) Car No.115


Plastic model
Limited item
Civic Ferrio “1994 JTCC”

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20422 Our shipping … October 24, 2019 release date … Around October 27, 2019 body price … 3700 yen (+ consumption tax) number of parts … 74 model total length … 183mm model full width … 73mm

Reproduce the machine that participated in the JTCC in 1994!
* The wheel parts of the kit are different from the actual type.

Decal (marking)
1994 All Japan Touring Car Championship Participating Car Concept L Racing Team CAR No.77


Plastic model
Limited item
With acrylic figure
"Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness: Take Off Girls in the Sky!" Type 97 Fighter Gaden Shokai Specifications

Scale … 1: 48
Part Number ……… SP430 Shipment … October 29, 2019 Release Date …… November 01, 2019 Body Price … ¥ 3600 (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 47 Model Total Length … 154mm Model Full Width … 234mm

Than app game "take-off Girls Kotobuki squadron firmament of the wilderness!",
Kit the aircraft captain of Harukaze squadron, Yuka is boarding early!
Newly drawn illustrations (under production) acrylic figures are included.

Decal (marking)
Harukaze Squadron Gaden Shokai Specifications


Plastic model
Limited item
Nakajima E8N1 Type 95 No.1 water reconnaissance aircraft “Maya-equipped aircraft”

Scale … 1:48
Part No. ……… 07479 our ships … 2019 October 31, 2008 Release Date …… 2019 November 03 days around the body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) number of parts … 116 model full-length … 186mm model full width … 231mm

Reproduce the markings of the Maya-mounted machine before the Pacific War.

Decal (marking)
Heavy cruiser Maya-equipped aircraft "J IV-2" "J IV-3" (1940)
Heavy cruiser Maya-equipped aircraft “E II-1” (1940)


Plastic model
Limited item
Kawasaki T-4 “Blue Impulse 2019”


Scale … 1:48
Part Number ……… 07480 Our Shipment … October 31, 2019 Release Date … Around November 03, 2019 Body Price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of Parts … 118 Model Total Length … 258mm Model Full Width … 207mm

Reproduce the Blue Imprint 2019 marking!

Decal (marking)
JASDF Blue Impulse (Matsushima Base: 2019)


Plastic model
Limited item
With figure
1966 American Coupe Type C w / Blonde Girls Figure

Scale … 1:24
Part Number … …… SP432 Shipment … October 31, 2019 Release Date … Around November 03, 2019 Body Price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) Model Length … 223mm Model Width … 79mm

The 4th set of resin figures of American cars and sexy blonde girls



trumpeter 2019-09 new product preview

NEW FROM Dragon Models

new product announcement: 1/350 German battle cruiser Scharnhorst 1940 [Cat. 1062]



Scharnhorst Scharnhorst is a large battle cruiser designed and built by Germany in the 1930s. The total displacement of the ship is 31,500 tons. He began serving in January 1939 and was sunk on December 26, 1943. Veyron released in 2010, the Scharnhorst 1/350 ratio of 1943 assembly kit (part number NO.1040), and later launched

TRUMPETER 2019-08 new product notice

Soviet MAZ-537G late type with ChMZAP-9990 semi-trailer

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 01065

China PHL-03 multi-barrel rocket launcher

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 01069

Russian Sam-5 "Gammon" surface-to-air missile

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 95550

Russian BREM-1 armored repair vehicle

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 09553

British Royal Navy "Kent" heavy cruiser

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 05352

new from Trumpeter – 1/350 Russian "Tashkent" destroyer 1940 05356

product description:
"Tashkent" was expelled from the shipJanuary 11, 1935Started construction in Italy,November 28, 1937Launching water,October 22, 1939The Soviet Union received service. The design of the Tashkent was an avant-garde at the time. It was one of the few large ships with a speed of more than 40 knots during World War II. After the transformation in 1942, the firepower was even upgraded to the light cruiser level.

During World War II, her main task was to serve as a transport ship for personnel and supplies. Among the Soviet ships that transported supplies to Sevastopol , the Tashkent was quite legendary, and even the Germans knew its name. It was transported dozens of times by the Soviets, and was subjected to the German Air Force. More than 90 air strikes, the German army threw more than 400 bombs and fired 10 torpedoes .

After the withdrawal of the Tashkent to the Naros Base of Novorossiysk, it was completely destroyed on the slipway during the air raid on July 2, salvaged in 1944, and was demolished in 1945 for its unrepaired value.

Product number 05356
product name Russian "Tashkent" destroyer 1940
Bar code 9580208053561
Product ratio 1:350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 399.1mm Beam: 39.1mm
Total number of parts 210+
Metal parts Anchor chain
Etched parts 1 piece
Film film n/a
Resin component n/a
Total number of offsets 6 sprues , hull and decks
Announcement date 2019-06
More description – the kit contains over 210 parts
– the hull made from two-directional slide molds
– Contains display stand
– photo etched parts included

July New Product Information!

I've entered in June, but I'm concerned when looking at the weather forecast,

It is more temperature than precipitation probability.

Take proper moisture and be careful about your physical condition management.


By the way, today I would like to introduce new products released next month.

Ship display pedestal (black version)

We will release this product as a single item.


The scale size corresponds to 1/700 and 1/350.

Depending on the shape of the ship bottom, the receiving shape can be selected either straight or curved!


So it will be stable even if you put a special series on the ocean.

The pedestal can also be used as a parts holder when turned over

It also helps during assembly!


Since the heaven side is reversible,

You can choose the smoothness and wave pattern you like.



Our shipping date is scheduled for July 9th.

It is a perfect product for those who want to decorate the assembled model with good looks.

As we are making sharp package just now,

We hope that you can wait for the follow-up.

Let's make a white LAV!


 Suddenly … but do you know! ?


Included with "light armored vehicles" in the sale bonus decals using the

I can do "South Sudan dispatch specification" ♪

The camouflage of Kasuga base and the single color of the space itself are good, 

It is cool if it is reproduced in a model with this Kore that turned into a white color from the camouflage of the GSDF.Good


Please try it for everyone note


Succeeding on 1/72 scale, high detail shape comparable to 1/35.

It's easy because it is 1/72 and it is Fujimi's land self!



The "South Sudan dispatch specification" is based on a light armored mobile vehicle (National Confederation ).

All decals use the ones supplied with the kit.


Right handCut out the plastic board only the base of the back UN …

Right handHatch inner surface OD color (Creos C518)

Right handThe inner wall of the protective plate is dark green 3414 (Kreos C 516)

Based on the public relations photograph of the self-government homepage

No additional antenna mast, manufactured with the same specifications as the machine gun shield only!





Products based on the product / products that use decals are here ↓ ↓

◆ 1/72 Military Series No. 17 Ground Self Defense Force light armored mobile vehicle (National Confederation)

◆ March 2019 release

◆ Procurement price per vehicle 1,250 yen (excluding tax)

◆ Manufacturer is in stock (as of June 4, 2019)




1/72 ML18 Ground Self-Defense Force light armored mobile vehicle (Squadron model car / machine gun equipped car) and

Both are on saleLove love

Please refer to the LAV Family production!

New product shipped today ☆ Shimakaze

Today is the new product shipped today …


1939 fiscal plan by only one ship building has been fast – JukaminariSo large destroyer, island-style isExclamation mark


1/350 ship NEXT series No. 1

 The Japanese Navy Destroyer Shimakaze final time / 1969

Private parts is included to reproduce accurately the 1944 final at the time of the island-style
Chick private parts there is a probe No. 13 power of the rear mast
Chicksearchlights stand beside, only parts of the order to the appearance of the post-machine gun adding
Chicka depth charge equipment at the time of the final Dedicated back deck to reproduce
Attached bonus parts to be upgraded further Attached
Chick "single machine gun" and "bulletproof board" etc. were not available at the time of completion


Comes with a real seal Includes a
Chick real seal 
Chickwarship flag, waterproof canvas, etc.


Renewal of the exhibition pedestal! To

Stability is improved by new design of receiving shape! The pedestal also has a lower center of gravity, and the contact area is also increased and stabilized.Glitter





Shimakaze is one of the only Japanese high-speed ships with lightning strike capability among the Japanese destroyers,

It seems that twice as many torpedoes will be shot at a time compared to conventional destroyersSurprised


It is a cool island style that has both speed and attack power.Exclamation markEye


Please try making everyone by all meansGrinningGlitter

It is re-production


We will introduce the remanufactured products!


Jen 7 1/100 Kofuku-ji Temple Five-storied pagoda

It is considered a national treasure, and it is the second highest wooden tower after the Toji five-storied pagoda.

The model is also a large model with a height of 46.4 cm.Surprised



Chibi Godzilla 3 Chibi Mar Type 3 Machine Dragon

"3 types of machine dragons" to appear in the movie "Godzilla series".

Reproduce a cool form reminiscent of Western armor.

In addition, the cuteness of the unique shape of the Chibimaru series is also attractive.

We reproduce coloring by color coding and real seal by multicolor molding.

Glue-free snap kit.Dinosaur



1/48 JB1 Mitsubishi Zero-class fighter plane 21 type

Zero-class fighters are active as Japan's main fighters during World War II,

It was operated until the end of the war.

Zero war is also used for special attacks and mainland airspace at the end of the war,

It is also known as designed by Jiro Horikoshi.Nico Nico



Jen 15 1/300 Nagoya Castle

Color powder, with trees for scene.Chew

As a paint reference (four seasons of Nagoya Castle) is included in the kit. Total height 200mm



Please make it by all means at this opportunityTehepero

Bug Bug Bug! ! ! (This is a plastic model)

Hello mode.

Suddenly, it is up of mantis! ! !

Powerful score! !

This is a plastic model.


The test shot of the mantis has arrived ~!

Almost the same molding color as the product.

(Wow face ..)

Mainly bright green, brown,

Feather is clear green, clear brown is attached.


If you are serious about painting, it will be no worse than real if you can paint it! !

Fight against 1/72 military vehicles.

Fight against beetles and stag beetles of the same series.

How to play is free!

15 to 30 minutes will assemble!  !


It is also possible to paint and play like this.

My own insects are amazing,

Was not.

You can enjoy insectsupup

This is also Plamo.

 The Mantis is on sale in August! Look forward to the follow-upStarStar


Next to the mantis is the crayfishsunglassesPun Pun


1/350 Christian radix & S boat & U boat

Appeared in a completely new mold mold killer boat single shot killing! !

Along with U-BOAT of the German navy, it is the appearance of S-BOAT that has afflicted Allied forces. This time, it was released along with the sailing ship Christian Ric and the submarine U-BOAT, which had been active as a submarine carrier. The photo anchored at the port is famous.

  • S-BOAT with a completely new mold
  • AFV Club U-BOAT CVII-B included (GSI treated with Creos)
  • It is bundled with Christian lad

Scheduled for release in June 2019

※ The image is a prototype.

1/350 Sailboat Tavaricz

Scheduled for release in June 2019

Your name is … Golch Hock I! !

Manufactured in 1933 during the German Empire. Used as a training boat before the war. It was anchored at Stralsund port during the war and resumed in 1944. In 1945 he was sunk in Rügen's shallows to escape the ongoing Soviet capture. It was raised in 1947 by Soviet order and repaired in 1948-50. Started using the Soviet Navy as a training ship from 1951. Participated in races and round the world voyage until the 1970s. After the Soviet collapse, it will be owned by Ukraine until 1993. Then, I try repair etc., but give up for cost. Returned to Germany in 2003.

※ The image is a prototype.