NEW FROM TRUMPETER 1/350 Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Miaogo guided missile destroyer DDG-175 04534

product description:
The "King Kong" class guided missile destroyer is based on the US Navy's "Arleigh Burke" class. The full-load displacement increased to 9,485 tons, which was the largest first-class air defense destroyer of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force at that time. The large-scale antenna array of the four-sided SPY-1D Aegis phased array radar was set around the bridge.

The "Aegis" system is far superior to the previous "Tatar" air defense missile system in many technical indicators such as maximum detection range, multi-target detection capability, response time, and missile range. The "King Kong" class anti-submarine weapon is the "Athrock" anti-submarine missile. Like the "standard" anti-aircraft missile, it is launched using the MK.41 vertical launch system set on the front and rear decks of the ship. This class of ship has been equipped with the "Standard" Type 3 air defense missiles from the third "Myoko" (the first two are equipped with the "Standard" 2 air defense missiles). Light torpedo developed for Japan), and also equipped with P / S (1) 2 with night vision 12.7 mmMachine gun or 20 mm machine gun.

Product ID 04534
product name Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force "Myoko" guided missile destroyer DDG-175
Bar code 9580208045344
Product ratio 1: 350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Water painting JMSDF DDG-175
Model size Length: 460 mm Width: 60.0 mm
Total number of parts 300pcs
Total offset 7pcs + Upper hull + Lower hull + Waterline plate + Fore deck
Publication date 2019-11
More description Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected.

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TRUMPETER New Preview 2019-10 Product update

NEW FROM TRUMPETER 1/350 British Royal Navy "Kent" heavy cruiser 05352

product description:
The Kent is a Royal Navy county heavy cruiser built in 1928. She is the first ship of the county-level subtype Kent cruiser. After the completion, the ship was sent to China. The Kent participated in the hunting of the German pocket battleship Grafschpe in the East Indian Ocean in the late 1939, and was reassigned to the escort mission of the Indian Ocean forces in early 1940. She was transferred to the Mediterranean in mid-1940, but Shortly after arriving, he was hit by a torpedo and was repaired for a year. After the repair, he has been serving in the local fleet to escort the fleet and intercept the enemy ships. The ship was retired in 1946 and was dismantled for sale at the Toulon Shipyard in 1948.

Product number 05352
product name British Royal Navy "Kent" heavy cruiser
Bar code 9580208053523
Product ratio 1:350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 548.5mm Beam: 65.6mm
Total number of parts 400+
Metal parts Anchor chain
Etched parts 3 pcs
Film film n/a
Resin component n/a
Total number of offsets 11 sprues , hull ,superstructure and deck
Announcement date 2019-08
More description – the kit contains over 400 parts
– the hull made from two-directional slide molds
– Deck wood pattern finely rendered
– Contains display stand
– photo etched parts included

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4968728460567 1/700 Ship NX1 IJN Battleship Yamato

4968728460574 1/700 Ship NX2 IJN Battleship Musashi

4968728460543 1/700 Ship NX3 IJN Battleship Kii

4968728460512 1/700 Ship NX4 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi

4968728460529 1/700 Ship NX5 IJN Destroyer

4968728460437 1/700 Ship NX6 IJN Battleship Hiei

4968728460505 1/700 Ship NX7 IJN Battleship Kongo

4968728460550 1/700 Ship NX8 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano

4968728460239 1/700 Ship NX9 IJN Battleship Yamato Showa 19

4968728460246 1/700 Ship NX10 IJN Yunun Destroyer Yumun / Fengun 2 Set

4968728460253 1/700 Ship NX11 IJN Yokohoku Destroyer Shiranui / Akimo (at the start of the war)

4968728460598 1/700 Ship NX12 IJN Battleship Musashi (Before Renovation)

4968728460291 1/700 Ship NX13 IJN Battleship Nagato 1945

4968728460352 1/700 Ship NX14 IJN Battleship Yamato 1965 / At completion

4968728460369 1/700 Ship NX15 IJN Battleship Haruna 1945

4968728460376 1/700 Ship NX16 Japanese Navy Akizuki Destroyer Akizuki / First Month

4968728460468 1/350 Ship NX1 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze Final / Showa 19

4968728460444 1/350 Ship NX2 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze (when completed)

4968728460482 1/350 Ship NX3 IJN Yuki-fu Destroyer Yukikaze

4968728460451 1/350 Ship NX4 IJN Heat Destroyer Destroyer

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