Announced Aircraft /Naval /Armor/AFV/Auto, Truck and Motorcycle/Real Space, Sci Fi, and Figure Kit Release Schedule – update to 07/05/2019

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Fine Molds 12-Shi Experimental Zero and A6M Zero Type 11 72 FP34 Jul-19
Atlantis 727 Whisper Jet 'Pan Am' 96 A351 2Q19
Hasegawa 747-400 Boeing Demonstrator 200 10832 Jun-19
Revell 767-300 'Rolling Stones' 144 5687 Aug-19 Updated
Airfix 81-A-2 Hawk 72 1003 May-19
Hasegawa A-10 Thunderbolt II UAV 72 02307 Jul-19
ICM A-26B/C Invader 48 D48001 3Q19 New
ICM A-26B-15 Invader 48 48282 4Q19
Revell A320 neo 'Lufthansa' 144 3942 Nov-19 Updated
Revell A321 neo 144 4952 Oct-19
Revell A350-900 'Lufthansa' 144 3881 Nov-19
Revell A380-800 'Emirates' 144 3882 Jul-19
Revell A380-800 'Lufthansa' 144 3872 Jun-19
Eduard A-4E/F Skyhawk 144 TBA 3Q19
Airfix A6M2b Zero (reissue) 72 1005 May-19
Italeri AB-206B1 NYPD  (reissue) 48 2778 2019
Italeri AH-1Z Viper 48 2773 2019
Revell AH-64 Apache 100 6453 Aug-19
Atlantis Allison Turboprop Engine 10 H1551 2Q19
Italeri AV-8A Harrier 72 1410 May-19
Academy B-1B Lancer 144 12620 May-19
HobbyBoss B-24D Liberator 32 83212 May-19
Revell B-25 Mitchell 72 3650 May-19 Updated
Atlantis B-25 Mitchell 'The Flying Dragon' 64 H216 2Q19
Airfix B-25B Mitchell 'Doolittle' 72 6020 Sep-19
Academy B-25D Mitchell 'Pacific Theater' 48 12328 May-19
ICM B-26B/C Invader Korean War 48 D48002 4Q19 New
ICM B-26B-50 Invader Korean War 48 48281 3Q19
Atlantis B-52/X-15 135 H273 2Q19
Eduard Bf 109E 'Legion Condor' 32 TBA Jul-19
Modelsvit Bf 109E-3 48 TBA 2019
Eduard Bf 109F 'Operation Barbarossa' 48 11127 May-19
Eduard Bf 109G-10 Erla 48 TBA 3Q19
Eduard Bf 109G-14/AS Weekend 48 TBA Dec-19
Eduard Bf 109G-6/AS 48 TBA Aug-19
Italeri Bf 110C/D 48 2794 2019
Airfix Blenheim Mk.I (new tool) 72 4016 Sep-19
Airfix Bristol Bulldog (reissue) 72 1055V Oct-19
ICM Bu 131A 32 32033 May-19 Updated
ICM Bu 131D w/Cadets 32 32034 4Q19
Airfix Buccaneer S.2 (new tool) 72 6021 Sep-19
Atlantis CH-3 Jolly Green Giant 72 A505 2Q19 New
Italeri CH-53E Super Stallion  (reissue) 72 1431 2019
Airfix Concorde (BOAC Prototype) (reissue) 144 5170V Mar-20
Airfix Demon 72 1052V Oct-19
Airfix DH.82 Tiger Moth (new tool) 48 4104 Nov-19
ICM Do 217N-1 48 48271 May-19 Updated
Airfix Dominie T.1 (reissue) 72 3009V Mar-20
Revell Embraer 190 'Lufthansa' 144 3883 Jun-19
Revell Eurofighter Typhoon 100 6452 Aug-19
Italeri F/A-18E Super Hornet  (reissue) 48 2791 2019
Academy F/A-18E Super Hornet 'Chippy Ho!' 72 12565 May-19
Eduard F/A-18E Super Hornet Limited (Hasegawa) 48 11129 Jun-19
Eduard F-104G Starfighter 144 TBA 3Q19
Revell F-104G Starfighter (Netherlands/Belgium) 72 3879 Nov-19
Eduard F-104J Starfighter Limited (Hasegawa) 48 TBA Aug-19
Revell F-14A Tomcat 100 6450 Aug-19
Italeri F-14A Tomcat  (reissue) 72 1414 2019
Hasegawa F-15J Eagle 'Komatsu Special 2018' 72 02299 May-19
Italeri F-16C/D Block 50/52 Fighting Falcon 72 1428 2019
Italeri F-27-400 Friendship 72 1430 Jun-19
Hasegawa F-35B Lightning II 72 02306 Jul-19
Revell F-4E Phantom II 72 3651 May-19
Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom '302 SQ F-4 Final Year' 48 07475 Jun-19
Eduard F6F-3 Hellcat Profipack 72 TBA Jul-19
Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat (new tool) 24 19004 Jun-19
Italeri F-86F Sabre 72 1426 2019
Eduard F-8E Crusader 144 TBA 3Q19
Airfix Fi 156C Storch (reissue) 72 1047V Sep-19
Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury 48 80155 Aug-19
Eduard Fokker D,VII Royal Class 72 TBA May-19
Eduard Fokker D.VII MAG 72 TBA Oct-19
Eduard Fokker D.VII OAW late 72 70131 May-19
Daco Fouga Magister 32 TBA 2019
Eduard Fw 190A 'Jabo' 48 TBA 3Q19
Eduard Fw 190A-3 Weekend 48 84112 May-19
Revell Fw 190A-8 Sturmbock 32 3874 May-19
Eduard Fw 190A-8/R2 Profipack 48 82145 Jun-19
Eduard Fw 190D-9 144 4461 Jun-19
Hasegawa G3M2/G3M3 72 51209 May-19
ICM Gladiator Mk.I 32 32040 4Q19
Airfix Gladiator Mk.I (reissue) 72 2052A May-19
ICM Gladiator Mk.I/II in Foreign Services 32 D32004 4Q19 New
Wingnut Wings Gotha G.1 32 32045 May-19
Wingnut Wings Gotha UWD 32 32053 May-19
Italeri H-21C 'Flying Banana' Gunship 48 2774 2019
Atlantis H-25 Mule 48 A502 2Q19
Revell Harrier GR.1 (reissue) 32 5690 Oct-19 Updated
Airfix Hawk 81-A-2 72 1003 Jun-19
Airfix Hawker Demon (reissue) 72 1052V Oct-19
ICM He 111H-6 North Africa 48 48265 Jun-19
Revell He 111P 32 4696 Oct-19
Hasegawa He 111Z-2 Zwilling w/BV 246 Hagelkorn 72 02305 May-19
Airfix Heron Mk.II (reissue) 72 3001V Mar-20
Italeri HH-101 Caesar  (reissue) 72 1371 2019
Airfix Hs 123A-1 (reissue) 72 2051V Oct-19
Italeri Hs 129B  (reissue) 72 1424 2019
Airfix Hunter F.4 (new tool) 48 9189 Nov-19
ICM I-153 Chinese AF 32 32012 May-19
ICM I-153 Chinese AF 48 48099 Jul-19
ICM I-16 Type 10 Chinese AF 32 32006 4Q19
ICM I-16 Type 10 Soviet AF 32 32004 Jun-19
ICM I-16 Type 10 Spanish AF (after 1939) 32 D32003 2Q19 New
ICM I-16 Type 17 Soviet AF 32 32005 3Q19
ICM I-16 Type 24 w/Soviet Pilots 32 32007 May-19 Updated
Airfix Jetstream 72 3012V Mar-20
Revell Ju 52/3m (reissue) 48 3918 Oct-19
Airfix Ju 87B-1 Stuka (reissue) 48 7114A Dec-20
ICM Ju 88D-1 48 48240 May-19
Italeri Kfir C2  (reissue) 72 1408 2019
Hasegawa Ki-44-II Kou Syouki (reissue) 48 09137 Jul-19
Wingnut Wings Lancaster B.I/B.III 32 32043 4Q19
Wingnut Wings Lancaster B.III Dambusters 32 32044 4Q19
Revell Me 262A-1a 32 3875 Jun-19
Airfix Me 262A-2a 72 3090 Oct-19
Revell MH-47 Chinook (Italeri) 72 3876 Sep-19
Italeri Mi-24P/Mi-35P Hind  (reissue) 72 1432 2019
Airfix MiG-17F Fresco 72 3091 Nov-19
Italeri MiG-21bis Fishbed L 72 1427 2019
Modelsvit MiG-21F-13 Fishbed E 72 72042 May-19
Eduard MiG-21PF Profipack 72 TBA Dec-19
Eduard MiG-21PFM Profipack 72 TBA 3Q19
Eduard MiG-23BN (Trumpeter) 48 TBA Oct-19
ICM MiG-25BM Foxbat 48 48905 4Q19
ICM MiG-25BM Foxbat 72 72175 4Q19
ICM MiG-25RBF Foxbat 72 72174 May-19
Revell MiG-25RBT Foxbat (ICM) 72 3878 Jul-19
Kinetic Mirage 2000-5 (Taiwan AF) 48 48071 May-19 New
Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000C 32 32020 Aug-19
Italeri Mirage 2000C  (reissue) 48 2789 2019
Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000D/N 32 32022 3Q19
Italeri Mirage F1 CT/CR  (reissue) 48 2790 2019
Eduard Mirage IIICJ Profipack (reissue) 48 11128 May-19
Hasegawa OH-6D/500MD JGSDF/RCAF 48 07474 May-19
Atlantis P-3A Orion 115 H163 2Q19
Italeri P-40E/K Kittyhawk 48 2795 May-19
Trumpeter P-40N Warhawk 32 2212 Jun-19 Updated
Eduard P-47D Thunderbolt 144 TBA 3Q19
Italeri P-51B Mustang  (reissue) 72 1423 2019
Airfix P-51D Mustang (early) 48 5138 Nov-19
Eduard P-51D-5 Mustang Profipack 48 TBA Jul-19
Modelsvit P-51H Mustang 48 TBA 2019
Airfix P-61 Black Widow (reissue) 72 4006V Mar-20
Atlantis P6M Seamaster 136 H244 2Q19
Hasegawa P-8A Poseidon 'VP-8' 200 10830 May-19
Airfix Phantom FG.1 72 6019 Sep-19
Italeri Phantom FG.1 72 1434 2019
Italeri RE.2000  (reissue) 48 2771 2019
Hasegawa RF-4EJ Phantom II 501 SQ 'Shark Teeth' 72 00772 May-19
Atlantis S2F Tracker 54 A145 2Q19
Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2 48 11002 Aug-19
Italeri SH-3 Sea King 72 1433 2019
Kitty Hawk SH-60B Seahawk 35 50009 2019
Kitty Hawk SH-60F Ocean Hawk 35 50007 May-19
Revell Shackleton Mk.3 72 3873 Jul-19
Airfix SM.79  (reissue) 72 4007V Mar-20
Italeri SM.79 Sparviero  (reissue) 72 1412 2019
Eduard SPAD XIII early Profipack (reissue) 48 8197 Jun-19
Airfix Spitfire FR.XIV 48 5135 May-19
Eduard Spitfire HF Mk.VIII Weekend 48 84132 Jun-19
Italeri Spitfire Mk.I 48 2792 2019
Revell Spitfire Mk.II (reissue) 32 5688 Sep-19 Updated
Modelsvit Su-17UM3 Fitter 72 72050 May-19
Modelsvit Su-22UM3K Fitter 72 72051 May-19
Zvezda Su-30SM Flanker H 72 7314 Jun-19
HobbyBoss T-4 JASDF Trainer 72 87266 May-19
Italeri T-45C Goshawk  (reissue) 72 1407 2019
Revell Tornado ECR 'Tiger Meet 2018' 72 3880 May-19
Italeri Tornado GR.4 32 2513 2019
Revell Tornado IDS 100 6451 Aug-19
Trumpeter Tu-22K Blinder B 72 1695 May-19
Italeri UH-34D/HUS-1 Seahorse  (reissue) 48 2776 2019
Trumpeter Vulcan B.2 144 3931 May-19
Airfix Wellington Mk.VIII 72 8020 Sep-19
Zvezda Yak-1B (new tool) 48 4817 May-19



Announced Armor/AFV Kit Release Schedule

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Trumpeter 1S91 SURN of 2K12 'Kub' (SA-6 Gainful Radar) 35 9571 2019 Updated
Trumpeter 72V6E4 of 96K6 Pantsir-S1 ADMGS 35 1061 May-19
Atlantis 8" Howitzer US Army 48 A307 2Q19
Meng 96K6 Pantsir-S1 Russian Air Defense System 35 TS-016 May-19
Tamiya Achilles 35 35366 May-19
Airfix Bedford QL Trucks 76 3306 Jul-19
Airfix Buffalo Amphibian and Willys Jeep 76 2302V Jul-19
Airfix Churchill Bridge Layer 76 4301V Aug-19
Airfix Churchill 'Crocodile' Flame Thrower 76 2321V Aug-19
Atlantis Churchill Tank 48 A313 2Q19
Revell Dingo 2A3.1 35 3284 May-19
Airfix DUKW 353 76 2316V Jul-19
Airfix Female WWI Tank 76 2337V Oct-19
Italeri Fiat 508 CM Coloniale  (reissue) 35 6550 2019
Tamiya Hummel Late Type 35 35367 Jul-19
Airfix Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (early) 35 1355 Sep-19
Airfix Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer (late) 35 1353 Dec-19
Trumpeter JS-5 Heavy Tank 35 9566 Jun-19 New
ICM Kadett K38 Cabriolimousine WWII Staff Car 35 35483 Jul-19
Italeri Kangaroo  (reissue) 35 6551 Jun-19
HobbyBoss Kanonen und Flakwagen 72 82925 Jun-19 New
ICM Einheits Pkw.Kfz.1 Light Car 35 35582 3Q19
ICM Einheits Pkw.Kfz.1 Radio Car 35 35583 4Q19
Italeri Leopard 2A6 Netherlands/Germany 35 6567 May-19
Airfix M10 GMC 35 1360 Jul-19
Italeri M1A2 Abrams w/infantry  (reissue) 35 6571 2019
Trumpeter M270A1 MLRS (Norway) 35 1048 Jun-19 New
Airfix M3 Stuart/Honey 35 1358 May-19
Airfix M36/M36B2 'Battle of the Bulge' 35 1366 Nov-19
Airfix M36B1 GMC 35 1356 Nov-19
Trumpeter M4 Command and Control Vehicle 35 1063 Jun-19 New
Airfix M4 Sherman 'Crab' Mine Clearing Tank 76 2320V Aug-19
Airfix M4 Sherman Mk.I 76 1303V Jul-19
Italeri M4A1 Sherman w/infantry  (reissue) 35 6568 2019
Airfix M4A3(76)W Sherman 'Battle of the Bulge' 35 1365 Dec-19
Airfix Matilda Hedgehog 76 2335V Oct-19
Freedom MIM-14 Nike-Hercules SAM 35 15106 Jun-19
Revell Model T 1917 Ambulance (ICM) 35 3285 Sep-19
ICM Model WOT.8 British WWII Truck 35 35590 4Q19
ICM Moskovitch-401-420A Soviet Car 35 35484 3Q19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.35t 35 1362 May-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Mid-Version 35 1351 Jul-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G 35 1352 Oct-19
Trumpeter Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G (Late) 16 0929 May-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I 76 1308V Jul-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I (early) 35 1357 Nov-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I (early) Operation Citadel 35 1354 Dec-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I (late) 35 1364 Jul-19
Airfix Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I (mid) 35 1359 Sep-19
HobbyBoss Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger II Henschel Turret early 1945 35 84532 Jun-19 Updated
Trumpeter S-300V 9A82 TEL 35 9518 May-19
Airfix Scammell Tank Transporter 76 2301V Jul-19
Italeri Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther w/crew  (reissue) 35 6564 2019
Airfix Sd.Kfz.222 and Kubelwagen 76 2312V Oct-19
Airfix Sd.Kfz.234 76 1311V Jul-19
Revell Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma 76 3288 Aug-19
Italeri Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma  (reissue) 35 6572 2019
Zvezda Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.B Stuka zu Fuss 35 6243 Jun-19
ICM Sd.Kfz.251/6 Ausf.A 35 35104 3Q19
Italeri Semovente M41 da 75/18  (reissue) 35 6544 2019
Airfix Sherman Colliope 76 2334V Jun-19
Revell SS-100 Gigant and Transporter and V-2 72 3310 Nov-19
ICM Standard B 'Liberty' w/WWI US Infantry 35 35652 Jul-19
Zvezda SU-85 Tank Destroyer 35 3690 Jun-19
Zvezda T-15 Armata IFV 35 5057 Jun-19
Zvezda T-26 Light Tank 35 3542 Jun-19
Zvezda T-28 Medium Tank 35 3694 May-19
Italeri T-34/76 m.1943  (reissue) 35 6570 2019
Zvezda T-34/76 m1943 UZTM 35 3689 Jun-19
Airfix T-34/85 Factory 112 35 1361 Sep-19
Trumpeter T-80UK 35 9578 2019
Atlantis Tiger Tank 48 A312 2Q19
ICM Type B US Army Truck WWI 35 35655 4Q19
Airfix US Tractor 35 1367 Oct-19
Italeri VK 4501(P) Tiger Ferdinand  (reissue) 35 6565 2019
Revell W.O.T.6 (ICM) 35 3282 Jul-19
ICM Zil-131 KShM w/Drivers 35 35524 3Q19
Italeri Zundapp KS 750 w/sidecar  (ESCI) 9 7406 2019


Announced Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Kit Release Schedule

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Revell '06 Shelby GT-H 25 7665 Jun-19
Revell 1913 Ford Model T Roadster (ICM) 24 7661 Jul-19
Revell '55 Chevy Indy Pace Car 25 7686 Jun-19
Revell '56 Chevy Custom 25 7663 May-19
Revell '70 AAR Cuda 25 7664 Jul-19
Italeri '77 Fiat 500 24 3647 2019
Italeri Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza 12 4706 2019
Italeri BMW M1 ProCar 24 3643 2019
Revell BMW R75/5 Police 8 7940 May-19
Revell Bussing 8000 S13 24 7555 May-19
Revell Deutz D30 Tractor 24 7821 Aug-19
Hasegawa Esso Super Delta 1993 ECR 24 20402 May-19
Italeri Giulietta Spider 1600 24 3653 May-19
Italeri IVECO Hi-Way 480 E5 (Low Roof) 24 3928 2019
Italeri IVECO Turbostar 190/48 Special 24 3926 2019
Revell Kenworth W-900 18 7659 Oct-19
Italeri Lancia LC2 24 3641 2019
Italeri Land Rover Fire Truck 24 3660 2019
Revell Land Rover Series III 24 7047 Sep-19
Atlantis Lil Red Baron Tom Daniel 32 M6650 2Q19
Hasegawa Lola T90-50 Suntory 24 20403 May-19
Italeri MAN F8 19/321 2 axle trailer 24 3946 2019
Italeri MB MP4 Big Space 24 3948 2019
Italeri Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing 16 3612 May-19
Italeri Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing 24 3645 2019
Italeri Mercedes Benz G 230 24 3640 2019
Revell Mitsubishi Pajero 32 6401 Aug-19
Atlantis Mobile Gas Truck 48 H1402 2Q19
Atlantis Mr. Gasser Ed Roth 25 H1301 2Q19
Revell Porsche 356B Coupe Technik 16 0455 Sep-19
Italeri Porsche 944 S Cabrio 24 3646 2019
Italeri Porsche 956 24 3648 2019
Hasegawa Porsche 962C Kremer 24 20287 May-19
Italeri Range Rover Classic 24 3644 2019
Italeri Renault JP13 Reefer Truck 24 3949 2019
Italeri Renault RE23 Turbo 24 4707 2019
Italeri Scania R400 Streamline 24 3947 Jun-19
Italeri Scania Streamline 143H 6×2 24 3944 2019
Hasegawa Toyota 88C Denso 24 20235 May-19
Hasegawa Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD 1993 Monte Carlo Rally 24 20401 May-19
Italeri Vespa 125 Primavera 24 4633 2019
Italeri Volvo F16 Globetrotter Canvas 24 3945 2019
Italeri Volvo FH4 Globetrotter 24 3942 2019
Revell VW Touareg 32 6400 Aug-19
Revell Yamaha 250 DT1 8 7941 Nov-19


Announced Naval Kit Release Schedule

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Hasegawa Abukuma/Jintsu JMSDF Destroyer Escort 700 30061 May-19
Airfix Cutty Sark 130 9253V May-19
Revell Cutty Sark (reissue) 220 5430 Jul-19
Revell English Man O'War 96 5429 Aug-19
Revell Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier (reissue) 720 5164 Jun-19
Airfix Higgins LCVP 72 2340 Jul-19
Trumpeter HMS Montrose Type 23 Frigate 700 6720 May-19
Revell HMS Revenge (Zvezda) 350 5661 Sep-19
Airfix HMS Victory 180 9252V May-19
Airfix LCM-3 w/Sherman Mk.II 76 3301V May-19
Revell PT-588/PT-579 72 5165 Oct-19
Airfix RNLI Severn-Class Lifeboat 72 7280 Aug-19
Revell Santa Maria (Zvezda) 350 5660 Sep-19
Trumpeter Tashkent Russian Destroyer 1940 350 5356 Jun-19 Updated
Revell U-Boat Type IXC (early) 72 5166 Sep-19
Revell Viking Ghost Ship 50 5428 May-19
Hasegawa Yugumo/Kazagumo IJN Destroyer 700 30062 Jul-19


Announced Real Space, Sci Fi, and Figure Kit Release Schedule

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
Airfix Apollo Moon Landing  (reissue) 72 50106 May-19
Airfix Saturn V/Apollo  (reissue) 144 11170 May-19
Atlantis Atlas Missile w/Gantry 110 H1822 Apr-19
Atlantis Convair Shuttle Craft 150 H1828 2Q19
DHG Snake Diorama (Land of the Giants) 48 1816 3Q19
Hasegawa BFOM Spacecraft 72 52218 Jul-19
Hasegawa Crusher Joe Fighter 72 64775 Jun-19
Hasegawa Crusher Joe Spacecraft 400 64518 Jul-19
Hasegawa VF-19A 'VF-X Ravens' 72 65759 Apr-19
Hasegawa VF-1A Valkyrie 72 65787 Apr-19
Hasegawa VF-31E 72 65849 Jun-19
Hasegawa VF-31J Siegfried 72 65838 Apr-19
Hasegawa Voyager Spacecraft 48 SP406 Apr-19
Moebius USS Kelvin NCC-0514 1000 0976 Apr-19
Polar Lights USS Shenzhou NCC-1227 ST Discovery 2500 0967 2Q19
Revell Command Shuttle 'Kylo Ren' 94 6746 Apr-19
Revell Imperial Star Destroyer Technik 2700 0456 Sep-19
Revell Millenium Falcon Perfect Grade w/Lighting 72 1206 Jun-19
Revell Resistance X-Wing Fighter (reissue) 50 6744 Apr-19
Revell Special Forces TIE Fighter (reissue) 35 6745 Apr-19
Revell USS Voyager 650 4992 May-19

hasegawa July 2019 New product FULL information


Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III “1996 Swedish Rally Winner”
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … 20407 our dispatch … July 02, 2019 release date … body price around July 05, 2019 … 3900 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 109 model total length … 180 mm model full width … 73.5 mm

Reproduce the 1996 Swedish rally winning car.
Decal (marking)

  • 1996 Swedish Rally Competed Car Winner Car No. 7 Driver: Tomi Makinen


Plastic model
Limited item
Diesel equipment Skyline GTS-R (R31)
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … 20406 our shipping … July 02, 2019 release date … July 05, 2019 body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length… 199 mm model full width … 77 mm
Nissan Motorsport International Ltd.
has been licensed to commercialize

reproduces the diesel equipment GTS-R that participated in the 1988 JTC (All Japan Touring Car Championship) !

We will correct some of the information on the News Radar Special (printed matter) .
・ We will manufacture the machine of "1988" instead of "1989".
・ The photograph for the package is the above image.
Decal (marking)

  • 1988 All Japan Touring Car Championship (JTC) cars Car No. 24 Driver: Koji Sekine, Tomokazu Sakata, Kenji Tohira, Takayuki Kinoshita


Plastic model
Mitsubishi T-2 "Blue Impulse"
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 09636 our shipping … July 04, 2019 release date … July 07, 2019 body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Plastic model
Limited item
2 sets set
Tama World Fire Monster (F-2) & Midnight Witch (T-4)
Product number ……… 60518 our shipping … July 04, 2019 release date … July 07, 2019 Body price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)

Tama world revival!
"Tamago World", which has a set of eggs and comical base, will be revived with 2 sets and a new illustration package.


Plastic model
Arad Ar234C-3
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 09845 our shipping … July 04, 2019 release date … July 07, 2019 body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Resin kit
Limited item
12 Egg Girls Collection No. 03 “Clare Frost” (Race Queen)
Scale … 1:12
Part No. ……… SP417 our ships … 2019 07 May 09 days Release Date …… around 07 May 12, 2019 base price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax)
Plastic model
Limited item
1:24 resin figure included
Jet Beetle w / Akiko Corps Figure
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … SP418 our dispatch … July 09, 2019 release date … body price around July 12, 2019 … 4300 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 253 mm model full width … 183 mm

A limited kit consisting of a main combat attack aircraft "Jet Beetle" owned by a defense organization "Science Tokusatsu" appearing in "Ultraman" and a 1/24 resin figure of the Red One point "Fuji Akiko member" of the special task force. is!

Atsushi Shibamura is in charge of the figure's prototype.
Resin parts

  • 1/24 Fuji Akiko member

Decal (marking)

  • Scientific Search Team


Plastic model
Honda Civic Ferio VTi
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … 20256 our shipping … July 11, 2019 release date … body price around July 14, 2019 … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 63 model total length … 184mm model full width … 70 mm
Plastic model
F-14A Tom Cat “VF-84 Jolly Rogers”
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 02269 our shipment … July 11, 2019 release date … body price around July 14, 2019 … 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 195 model total length … 266mm model full width … 271 mm

Around 1981-82 transitioning from high-visibility to low-
vising, we will make
a transitional aircraft kit with transition colors such as full-fledged aircraft colors and full-color caution marks . Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin, who is
familiar with the Macross series,
is in charge of the package illustration !
Decal (marking)

  • The 84th Battle Squadron
    "Jolly Rogers" CAG aircraft "AJ200" (1981-82), equipped with USN aircraft carrier USS Nimitz
  • Another one minute
Paint used for kit
Plastic model
VF-1D Valkyrie “Virgin Road”
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 65764 our dispatch … July 12, 2019 release date … Body price around July 18, 2019 … 1800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Plastic model
Limited item
Resin addition
special version
A10 Thunderbolt II “UAV”
Scale … 1/72
part number ……… 02307 our ships … 2019 07 May 17 days Release Date …… around 07 May 20, 2019 base price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) model overall length … 225mm model the entire width … 242mm

Commercialized A10 unmanned plan machine with Hasegawa original setting!
Resin parts

  • Cockpit fairing panel

Decal (marking)

  • The 52nd fighter squadron "Panthers" belonging to the 52nd fighter squadron "European Air Force" in Europe "SP964: 81-0964" (assuming marking), etc.


Plastic model
Nakajima 2nd single-seat fighter Type II Kai "Flying 85 squadron"
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … JT37 our dispatch … July 17, 2019 release date … … July 20, 2019 body price… 2200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Material for model
new product
Scale polishing finish (stainless steel) S [curved surface metal flattery sheet]


Product number ……… TF936 our dispatch … July 19, 2019 release date … around July 24, 2019 body price … 1200 yen (+ consumption tax)

"Warco polished pattern" appeared in the finish series!

reproduce scale surface polishing pattern of stainless steel plate surface applied to car model such as truck or RV in clear on curved surface following metal sheet! The light is reflected on the construction surface of the sheet to make the
pattern appear. "Ultra-thin" and "stretching" sheets have excellent adhesion to all surfaces,
and can represent scale patterns on flat and curved surfaces that can not be expressed using metal parts.

-Compatible with 1/32 scale models such as trucks!


Material for model

new product

Striped plate finish A (stainless steel) S [curved surface following metal matte sheet]

Part number ……… TF937 our dispatch … July 19, 2019 release date … around July 24, 2019 body price … 1200 Yen (+ consumption tax)

Striped Plate Finish A
faithfully reproduces the striped plate processing in which one streak pattern produced by a major steel maker is alternately arranged. Use the performance of the curved surface following sheet
to represent stainless steel patterns on flat or curved surfaces.

-Compatible with 1/32 scale models such as trucks!

※ The striped pattern is not convex. If you blow clear after construction or
paint, the streak pattern may not be noticeable.


Material for model

new product

Striped plate finish B (stainless steel) S [curved surface metal matting sheet]

Part number ………. TF938 our dispatch … July 19, 2019 release date … As of July 24, 2019 body price … 1200 yen (+ consumption tax)

Striped plate finish B
faithfully reproduces the striped plate processing, which is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is alternately arranged with 4 to 5 stripes.
Use the performance of the curved surface following sheet to represent stainless steel patterns on flat or curved surfaces.

-Compatible with 1/32 scale models such as trucks!

※ The striped pattern is not convex. If you blow clear after construction or
paint, the streak pattern may not be noticeable.


Plastic model

New mold

"Crusher Jaw" Minerva

Scale … 1: 400
part number … … CW18 our shipping … July 23, 2019 release date … July 26, 2019 body price … 4800 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 295 mm model full width … 242 mm

The kit "Minerva" appearing in the anime "Crusher Jaw" is a 1/400 scale kit.
The hull adopts a structure that sandwiches the "girder".
Achieve assembly without adhesive by precise part division!
It is designed to incorporate dense panel line sculptures.

The upper turret of the hull is replaceable, and the missile hatch can be opened and closed.
The multi-unit missile pod at the lower part of the hull is movable and movable.
Leg and leg covers can be parked / flyable.
Display in flight is possible by the attached stand.

Parts color
blue red yellow gray white

The same scale "Fighter 1 & 2" "Galeon" is included.
The package illustration will be in charge of Mr. Kazuki Kato.
Decal (marking)
Marking "J" or "Meteor"


Plastic model

new product

2 body set

Little Mechatro Mate No. 02 “Black & Momo”

Part number ……… CW17 our dispatch … July 23, 2019 release date … Body price around July 26, 2019 … 1600 yen (+ consumption tax) model height … 41 mm model width … 31 mm

small robot
"Mechatro Mate" by the model model parent of "Mechatro Wego " and "Mechatro Chunk" / Mr. Kazufumi Kobayashi appeared in the plastic model of the two-body set!

No adhesive required for assembly.
The part color is scheduled for white, black and white.
Each joint can move and take a cute pose.
Sitting pose is also possible by replacing parts.


Plastic model

New mold

2 body set

Companion Girls Figures

Scale … 1: 24
part number … … FC05 our shipping … July 25, 2019 release date … around July 28, 2019 body price … 900 yen (+ consumption tax) model height … 73 mm

Let's enjoy "Takumi's Technique" easily!
has become a plastic model that can be easily assembled the shapes produced by the hand of the Top Sculpter .
Please enjoy the "Takumi no Taku" with your own hands.

kit to make a companion to add a flower to a female figure motor event that colors car models .
Atsushi Shibamura High quality molding by Mr. original form!


Plastic model
Limited item
With acrylic figure
"Kotobuki Squadron of the Wild" complete fighter 戦 闘 1 type Kate aircraft specifications
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … SP416 our dispatch … July 25, 2019 release date … body price around July 28, 2019 … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 73 model total length … 184mm model full width … 238 mm

Accurate shooting and genius maneuvering techniques! Kite the aircraft Kate boarded.

Newly drawn illustrations (under production) acrylic figures are included.
Decal (marking)

  • Kotobuki squadron Kate plane
  • With camouflage decal


Resin kit
Limited item
Figure + plastic model
Strike Witches Lynette Bishop w / Spitfire Mk. IX (1/72)
Scale … 1/72+1/20
part number … … SP415 our shipping … July 25, 2019 release date … around July 28, 2019 body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)

The story of the girls "Strike Witches" who fight against the flying leg "Striker Unit" equipped with a magic engine .
Reproduce the appearance character with a 1/20 scale resin figure.
It is a set with the 1/72 scale plastic model of the fuselage which becomes a motif.
Resin parts

  • 1/20 Lynette Bishop (prototype: Mr. Atsushi Shibamura)

Decal (marking)

  • Pupil Decal (for figure)
  • Personal mark / nationality mark (for aircraft)


Plastic model
New mold
Yanmar combine YH6115
Scale … 1: 35
part number … … WM07 our shipping … July 30, 2019 release date … August 02, 2019 body price… 3000 yen (+ consumption tax) model total length … 137.5 mm model full width … 69.5 mm

The latest technology to support the Japanese food
, plastic model of combine comes up!


Combines currently in widespread use in
Japan are unique to Japan in conjunction with rice farming.
Efficiently handle "Mowing", "Threshold" and "Sorting" with one unit
The latest model made by Yanmar is made
into a kit with a completely new mold based on thorough vehicle coverage.


The upper and lower parts of the reaper, and the turning and upper and lower parts of the repelling auger are possible.
The package illustration will be in charge of Mr. Kazuki Kato.
Atsushi Shibamura One male operator figure of original model is attached.
Parts color is "Red" "White" "Clear" "Black" four colors.
Easy to assemble with a small number of parts,
you can reproduce the image of the vehicle without painting by color coding.


Driver's seat door: open and close movable
reaper: move
up and down 籾 Discharge auger: swivel,
move up and down ※ A device for discharging firewood stored in a tank to a truck etc.


Plastic model
new product
With patch
VF-31F Siegfried "Kaname ・ Buccaneer color" Movie version Macross Δ
Part number ……… 65850 our shipping … July 30, 2019 release date … As of August 02, 2019 body price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 261.1 mm model full width… 192.8 mm

From the Walkure 3rd LIVE held in February 2018
"Walkure is not betrayed" from the Yokohama Arena, "Kaname Buccaneer Color" of
the Tenjin Hideki coloring design that has appeared in the opening video


Hand-drawn illustration emblem with Yukino Akino, who is in charge of the voice of kaname!
(Planned about 9 cm in diameter embroidery type)


Kit body parts color is yellow.
The package is a CG specification produced by Hidetaka Tenjin.


Limited time collaboration with "Song Macross" is decided!
Let's enjoy kaname independent live by AR function ♪
Decal (marking)

  • Kaname ・ Buccaneer color


Material for model
Finish Softener 【Surface Follower Sheet Softening Solution】
Product number ……… TF934 our dispatch … July 31, 2019 Japanese body price … 800 yen (+ consumption tax)
The finish softener is a softening 
solution that softens the curved surface following sheet by using it as a “construction liquid” with water , which is recommended when installing a “curved surface following sheet” on a large area, 
and makes it easy to conform to the unevenness of the part . 
The softening liquid stays between the construction surface and the sheet, and softens the paste surface and the sheet slowly, and the 
liquid evaporates over time, so the sheet is sucked into the gap and becomes familiar.
Model tools
For models Plating peeling agent (part cleaning / painting peeling)
Product number ……… TT109 our shipping … July 31, 2019 Japanese body price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)

When you want to peel off the plating, this product! 
Plating can be lifted and peeled off simply by dipping the part in the plating release agent. 
The clear paint on the surface and the primer (base material) can also be peeled off at the same time, 
and the peeling operation can be completed in one stroke. 
is possible to use it repeatedly if you can remove the peeled plating .


【Try tools development report】 "How to use" plating removal agent for model



Tomorrow shipment new product-ship NX8 Shinano + Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple + Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification


We will introduce new products shipped tomorrow!


1/700 ship NX8 Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Shinano

The pedestal attached to the ship NEXT Shinano, which does not require painting or adhesive, has been changed to a new one! 

Shinano was redesigned into an aircraft carrier during construction as a Yamato-type battleship No. 3

Completed in November 1959, it was sunk by a submarine's lightning strike on the same month. The Hm

product is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive. 
The main parts are represented by colored plastic parts,

Some toned parts are reproduced with a real seal excellent in surface followabilityNico Nico


  □ The flight deck is a two-piece construction, divided by the concrete deck and outer edge,

    It was also useful when painting expression. 
    The color of the flight deck is a bit bluish dark gray. 
  □ The ship bottom parts reproduce the bulge shape different from Yamato. 
  □ The rudder is a square rudder with the same shape as the conventional Yamato,

   Two types of square type equipped with Oiso etc. are recorded, and it is supposed to correspond to the new theory shape. 
  □ The carrier aircraft is said to have been loaded at that time, "Sakura",

   The test landing ship "Shiden Kai", "Meteoric Kai" and "Saiyun", which were planned for installation, are included. 
  □ The attached seal is the anti-submersible camouflage part of both eyelids,

   The white line on the flight deck is mainly used, and color expression can be performed without painting. 
  □ A white line decal on the flight deck is also included for painted users. 
  □ The antenna antenna support has a movable structure. 
  □ "Horizontal binoculars" "machine gun ammunition box" is recorded as a bonus part. 
  □ The display stand is renewed! During assembly, it can be turned over and used as a part holder.



It seems that today is "my day"!

Four (Shi) Three (Mi) and "Shimizu" (Shimizu) with the word "Ryo"

It is said that "National Kiyomizu Temple Network" was established in 1998.

… Kiyomizudera, there is stockGrinning


Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple


Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification (with the west gate, the bell tower, the tower of Mie)

It is an image model of Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, which is famous for its cliff structure. 

□ Extract the important towers and reproduce the atmosphere. It expresses each feature. 
□ Belfry escapes the great fire of Kanei 6 years in the building of the Qinglong year (1607). 
□ The west gate is the 8 leg gate of Kanei 8 (1631) reconstruction, the main hall, and the triple tower is the reconstruction of Kanei 10 (1633). 

※ This product is a kit that requires assembly and painting. 
※ Adhesives and tools are required separately for assembly and painting.

AIRFIX new-for-2019 NEW KITS+Figures ON 1/76


North American P-51D Mustang 1:48

A thoroughbred fighting aeroplane, the P-51D Mustang was produced in greater numbers than any other variant and introduced a number of improvements over earlier models. With a new wing design, teardrop canopy and lower rear fuselage, the P-51D was the mount of many USAAF aces and became the primary US fighter in the European Theatre, following its introduction in mid 1944.

Scale 1:48
Skill 3
Flying Hours 3
Number of Parts 147
Dimensions (mm) L205 x W236
Age Suitability 8+


Douglas A-4B/Q Skyhawk 1:72

The A-4 Skyhawk is a carrier-capable ground-attack aircraft designed for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Skyhawks were the Navy's primary light bomber used over North Vietnam. The Argentine air force also used the type during the Falklands War in 1982.

Scale 1:72
Skill 2
Flying Hours 1
Number of Parts 75
Dimensions (mm) L178 x W116
Age Suitability 8+

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F 'Fresco' 1:72

Messerschmitt Me262A-2a ‘Sturmvogel’ 1:72

Despite being the most advanced aircraft of WWII, Adolf Hitler insisted that the Me262 be developed into a fast attack bomber, diverting valuable resources from much needed fighter production. Known as the ‘Stormbird’ the attack version included hard points for two 500kg bombs under the nose of the aircraft, with its speed making it almost invulnerable from Allied air interception.

de Havilland D.H.82a Tiger Moth 1:48

Even though the classic de Havilland Tiger Moth has to be considered one of the most important aircraft in the history of British aviation, it rarely receives the popular respect it deserves and is usually in the shadow of more glamourous types, such as the Supermarine Spitfire and de Havilland’s own Mosquito. Despite this, without the availability of thousands of Tiger Moths to train a constant stream of pilots for military and civilian service, Britain and her Commonwealth would have been in real trouble during WWII and most pilots who would go on to fly the numerous Allied aircraft types of the Second World War would have ‘learnt their trade’ on this classic training aircraft.
Coming from a successful line of biplane designs, the DH.82 Tiger Moth made its first flight in October 1931 and was the result of the Company’s founder wanting to produce an aircraft superior to its predecessors, whilst possessing enough appeal to attract interest from several different aviation sectors. Its success resulted in an immediate order from the RAF, who viewed the aircraft as an ideal primary trainer for pilots beginning on their flying careers and destined to fly their latest front line aircraft. Their modest original order was followed up by several subsequent orders and as the world descended into conflict in 1939, the Royal Air Force would have around 500 Tiger Moths on strength. Many more examples were owned by flying clubs all over the country and many of these would also being pressed into military service, due to the need to train as many new pilots as possible. With its growing reputation, the aircraft also secured many overseas orders, ensuring that the de Havilland production lines were fully committed in supplying this superb aircraft.
From the perspective of the student pilot, the Tiger Moth was a relatively stable and forgiving aircraft to fly, with few handling vices and generally supportive of the odd silly mistake. It has been described as an ‘easy aeroplane to fly but a difficult one to fly well’, which seemed to have made this the ideal aircraft to serve as a primary/basic trainer for large numbers of future pilots destined for the war effort. As Britain prepared for invasion during the early summer of 1940, there were plans for the gentle natured Tiger Moth to show a much more aggressive side and support the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots they had previously trained. ‘Operation Banquet’ called for the use of every available aircraft in the defence of Britain’s coastline, attacking any potential invasion force by all means at their disposal. This would see even the most unlikely of aircraft equipped with bomb racks and given a new offensive capability. Should a German invasion have been attempted, there would have been the very real possibility of swarms of bomb laden Tiger Moths raining fury on the enemy troops below, as Britain used every means in her power to ensure the failure of such a cross channel incursion. Thankfully, due in no small part to the qualities of this effective pilot maker and the resolve of the Royal Air Force, German invasion plans were indefinitely postponed following the Luftwaffe’s inability to score a decisive victory during the Battle of Britain.
With many Tiger Moths remaining in airworthy condition, it is interesting to consider that this famous basic training aircraft is still doing the same job today as it did during its service introduction in the 1930s. The magnificent Tiger Moth allows potential Warbird pilots the opportunity to gain valuable experience flying a ‘taildragger’ aircraft, before eventually moving on to display the Spitfires and Mustangs which thrill the crowds at Airshows all over the world.

Gloster Gladiator Mk.I/Mk.II 1:72

The Gloster Gladiator was developed from the Gloster Gauntlet as a private venture, and represented both the peak and the end of the biplane fighter. In many air arms it smoothed the transition to monoplane fighters, and in confronting aircraft of its own era it performed well.

Northrop P-61 Black Widow 1:72

One of the most distinctive aircraft of the Second World War, the P-61 Black Widow was the first US aircraft designed specifically for combat at night and the first developed with radar as its primary method of target detection. Powered by two mighty Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp engines, this was a very big aeroplane for a fighter, but if it managed to detect an enemy aircraft, its impressive array of offensive firepower would usually result in the Black Widow living up to its sinister name. It is thought that a P-61 Black Widow operating in the Pacific Theatre scored the final Allied aerial victory of the Second World War, in the hours just prior to Japan’s surrender.

Savoia-Marchetti SM79 1:72

The Savoia-Marchetti SM79 ‘Sparrowhawk’ was Italy’s main medium bomber of the Second World War and one of the most effective bombers operated by Axis forces. With its unusual three engined configuration, the SM79 was a relatively fast aeroplane, possessing excellent endurance, which made it especially effective in operations over the Mediterranean. As a torpedo bomber, the SM79 earned a reputation for being one of the best anti-shipping aircraft of WWII and should the aircraft have to land on water as a result of damage sustained during an attack, the wooden wings and fabric covered fuselage gave the crew ample time to take to their life rafts. After the armistice with Italy, around 36 ‘Sparrowhawks’ continued to fight with the Germans, some wearing Luftwaffe markings.


Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.4 1:72

For most RAF pilots serving between 1960 and 1988, the Hunting Aircraft (BAC) Jet Provost will be an extremely familiar aircraft to them. Forming the backbone of RAF pilot training during this period, the Jet Provost was distinctive by its broad fuselage profile, which allowed for a relatively spacious side-by-side cockpit arrangement.

Hawker Typhoon Ib 1:72

By 1943 the RAF needed a dedicated ground attack fighter, and the Typhoon was suited to the role. The powerful engine allowed the aircraft to carry a load of up to two 1,000lb (454kg) bombs. From September 1943 Typhoons could also be armed with four "60lb" RP-3 rockets.

Henschel Hs123A-1 1:72

As you might expect from a new aircraft manufacturer previously involved in the production of railway locomotives, the Henschel Hs123 biplane attack aircraft was as tough as they come. Intended as a dive bomber and close air support aircraft, the Hs123 performed well during its combat introduction in the Spanish Civil War, however, its lack of range and relatively small bomb load saw future development suppressed due to the impending introduction of the monoplane Ju-87 Stuka. Despite this setback, the aircraft still in service at the start of WWII were sent into action, with its pilots perfecting the art of close air support for advancing ground units. Proving to be extremely rugged, these agile little biplanes could absorb significant levels of damage, pressing home their attacks and bringing their pilots home safely. Serving through the Blitzkrieg attacks against Poland, France and the Low Countries, the Hs123 would come into its own during the savage fighting on the Eastern Front, where aircraft would be based close to the front lines, flying several offensive sorties each day. The aircraft proved so effective, that they were only withdrawn from service in the spring of 1944 and only then due to a lack of serviceable aircraft and spares.

NEW FROM heller

1/400 SCHARNHORST 81085

In replacement of the Elsass, the Scharnhorst was ordered to the yards of Wilhelmshaven on 25/01/1934. Originally designed for 18,000 tons, it increased to 20,000 tons and then to 31,800 tons. Its commissioning took place on 7/01/1939. The naval epic of Scharnhorst, often conducted with that of Gneisenau, began under the orders of Captain Ziliax and Captain Hoffman

 He participated in many fights in the North Atlantic where 27/11/39 he sails the British cruiser Rawalpindi. He took part in Operation Weserubung in parallel with the Battle of Narvik in Norway in April 40. In June 40, he was found against the British transports in Operation Juno. The English aircraft carrier Glorious is sunk and two destroyers. In this same June 40 hit by the planes of the Royal Arc the Scharnhorst returns to Kiel. Successively he took part in the war against troop transports and enemy convoys in the North Atlantic where he fled numerous commercial buildings. In stopover in Brest, it is seriously affected by an attack of bombers of the RAF, 27/7/41. With Operation Cerberus in February 42, he tried to return to the North Sea with Gneisenau and Prinz-Eugen.

Number of pieces 307
Model length 56.5
Model width 7.5
Mock height
Box width 68
Box height 32
Depth box 7