Joshin Super Kids Land Osu Store · Sannomiya 1 Bunkan Exhibition Notice

Today we will have a sample exhibit of products released this month

It is an introduction of our store.



At Joshin Osu shop

Moving Background Movie, Battle of Leyte Ocean Battle is ExhibitingOtome Tokimeki

This video is in February this year

At the Wonder Festival in Makuhari Messe

I did an exhibition.


You can see the situation of naval battle from a game like viewpointsunglasses



In addition, Kimono of the ship NEXT series is used for animation

This month Nagato, the latest work of this NEXT series, is on sale.


Parts of prototype Nagato are also exhibited at Osu point.



Since we plan to display the animation until the beginning of the year

Please try going to see it as soon as possiblenote








It is Joshin Sannomiya 1 Bunkan.


In the car NEXT series, in August Alphard,

Velphire's white pearl crystal shine in October

Just released

In December of this month FJ Cruiser is on sale.


At Sannomiya store we are displaying a lot of finished products of the same serieslove

This series uses pre-colored color plastic.

In addition, the product is multicolor molding, it can be assembled without painting.


Beautiful brilliant body reproduced without painting at store front by all means Glittertoo

Please see it.




So again next time!

New product released in December 1/700 Special series Introduction of Maya

You are in December. I think that I said the same thing last year and next year, but it was while I was saying this year as a shadow arrow .


Well this time is also an introduction of new productsNico Nico

1/700 Special Series No.68 EX-2

Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Maaya Showa 19 (with genuine linoleum deck seal)

isSurprised Mark


Linoleum seal sticks as special useGlitter

Easily, stickers that can express real linoleum deck are included!

Since the linoleum deck seal has already been cut, it is easily finished by pasting. 


In 1945, it reinforced the anti-aircraft weapon, reproduced with the final shape equipped with electricity search. 


It is easy to just stick the linoleum color (brown) to the material of the film sheet by three-dimensionally printing a golden line expressing the brace, cutting it according to the shape of the deck, peeling the backing paper as it is, and pasting.


I also tried sticking one pieceSerious looking

A sticker enters cleanly and beautifully, the just-fit feeling is pleasant … hahaDeleedere


1/700 Special Series No.68 EX-2

Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Maaya Showa 19 (with genuine linoleum deck seal)


It is scheduled to ship on December 13Surprised MarkSurprised Mark

pit-road December 4 shipping

1/700 US Navy Destroyer Allen M. Sumner (SPW 53)

One of three types of fleet destroyers built by the US Navy in the second half of World War II is Allen M. Sumner class. 
We did not change the full length of preclass Fletcher first grade, expanded only the width by 45 cm, gave stability and equipped with 3 5 inch conjunctive guns. 
67 vessels were commissioned until the end of the war, and mainly participated in the strategy toward the Pacific Ocean.

· 1 ship 
· offshore model 
· ship number decal included 
· total length: 163 mm 
· price change reproduction product (old product number: W33)

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Main unit price: 1,800 yen 
JAN code: 4986470062440

1/700 Japanese naval marine defense ship cormorant crown (equipped with three type projector) (SPW 54)

Ugari type naval vessels used for fleet escort and antisubmarine patrol were commissioned by 20 vessels from 1944 to 1945 as a development type of Mikura type naval ship. 
We equipped 16 types of 3 type explosion throwers, 12 cm high angle cannon, 25 mm triple and single unit gun.

· 2 ships 
· offshore model 
· total length: 113 mm 
· 17 m with internal firebomch · 
change in part number Playback product (old product number: W 53)

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Main unit price: 1,800 yen 
JAN code: 4986470062457


NEW KIT FROM trumpeter

US Navy "Constellation" aircraft carrier CV-64 06715


 The CV-64 constellation aircraft carrier, the second ship of the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier, was built by the Brooklyn Shipyard. It is designed with traditional power and has the same performance as the Kitty Hawk. It is also the last retired traditional power aircraft carrier of the US Navy.

      The ship invaded North Vietnam in 1964. It was the first attack aircraft carrier after the US military launched a full-scale invasion war.

      Since then, he has carried out military missions in Iran and Iraq.

      The constellation was converted to a multi-purpose aircraft carrier on June 30, 1975. It was overhauled at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from July 1990 to March 3, 1993. It is planned to replace the independence number deployed in Japan in 1998, but found that the status is worse than the Kitty Hawk. Definitely retired in 2003.

Product number     06715
product name     US Navy "Constellation" aircraft carrier CV-64
Bar code     9580208067155
Product ratio     1:700
product type     Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size     Length: 467.6mm Beam: 122.8mm
Total number of parts     720+
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     1 piece
Film film     n/a
Resin component     n/a
Total number of offsets     30 sprues , hull and decks
Announcement date     2018-11
More description     – Detailed Hull is a one piece part
– Detailed flight deck and hangar deck
-Extensive photo-etched details included
-Aircraft Wing includes:
E2C, EA-6B, SH-60, F/A-18C, F-14D
-Complete ship and Aircraft decal sets

Ship NEXT Akizuki · We are planning to release the first month soon!

Good day Good evening!

It is too cold and I miss eating pot dishes these daysIt is heart.


Looking at the outside air temperature displayed when getting into the car this morning

It was "8 degrees" .

For the people living in Shizuoka this number never comes from a warm futon

It is a dangerous level of temperature to be told not to leave.

It is frightening to think that it will cool down more ….

Everyone, please be careful not to break down your physical condition! !



Well, today ship NEXT Akizuki-first month of

I will introduce additional information!


Besides various verifications, I tried a test shot of gray molding.

Please be assured that this product is properly color parts!

Making it … I do not have a machine gun and I'm sorry ….


Even though it is being made to stick to details here, it is very easy to organize! !

"I think it would take a day to organize one day (super beginner)"

I started silent moon silently, but I could finish it in about 6 to 7 hours.

The moment I saw the appearance of completed Akizuki, "I think that this is really my autumn moon …?"

It is cool.

Plamo … the moment of completion, it feels so pleasant and fun ….

Here is the finished product picture of this product!

[Akizuki] is a dark gray Sasebo navy factory color

【First Month】 is molded with bright gray Maizuru navy factory color.

Problem: How many different things are there by comparing these two ships?


Please do assembly by everyone's hands and look for answers!


Thank you for reading so far ~It is heart.


trumpeter 2019-01 new product notice