Japanese Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Sadakazu No. 1 Introduction of etching parts!

Recently Waterfall sweatI have been hotter I like winter, but good weather still feels goodShine

First of all, it is the announcement of our Golden Week holiday period.



Truly, we will make the following period Golden Week holiday period. 

20th April 27th (Sat)-May 6th (Mon) During the 

above period, we will not be in contact with you. 
※ It is expected that parts request and inquiries will be very crowded after vacation. 
We will respond to inquiries received on and after April 24 (Wed) and again on and after May 7 (Tue). 
(It may take 10 days to 2 weeks to answer depending on the content.) 
We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you.




Next will be shipped on May 17th! I would like to introduce a kit that comes with precision etching parts that are not sold separately, Nippon Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Otsuichi No. 1 (with genuine etching parts) and etching partsunder development !

※ The product is enclosed in 2 pieces (2 pieces).



The delicate parts of the ship that can not be expressed by injection are reproduced with etched parts.

Handrail, No.13, No.21, No. 2, Skid beam, Detonation loading, Agate, Various davits,

It includes rattles, flagpoles, single-armor guns, torpedo screens, shields, anti-aircraft sights, chimney perimeter details and more!


Here is the completed image!

GlitterGlitterGlitterThe look also looks gorgeous and the impression changes again and it is cool!GlitterGlitterGlitter

Japanese Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Keiichi No. 1 (with genuine etching parts)

It will be shipped on May 19!LOL

1/700 Limited Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser Norfolk Battle against the North Sea-Scheduled for release in June 2019

Farewell! ! Scharnhorst! Scatter in the North Sea! !

For the German navy, "The Battle of the North Sea" that changed the station with the "Bismarck chase". A heavy strike Norfolk strike hit the battleship Scharnhorst. Heavy cruiser Dorset Shah's sister ship appeared in a completely new mold.

  • Norfolk by completely new mold
  • Late 1943 specifications

【Class: cruiser】
【Country: Overseas vessels】

※ The image is a prototype.


2 Ships on April 17! New product announcement

We will introduce two new products shipped today.!  !


1 1/700 Special 95EX-1 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Sakai (Showa 17) 

Special specification (with ship bottom, display stand)

StarShip bottom is attached to the figure of the time of the South Pacific opening war that the enemy aircraft carrier was downed and made a big success!

Right handWith the motif of the figure during the South Pacific Ocean war, the figure before the bridge front structure was added was reproduced with a dedicated part100 points


StarThe special series is a general plastic model that uses paint and adhesives, and !
it is made in search of the true figure of the ships of the former Japanese Navy, which everyone knows,

The figure which took in all of the latest information currently grasped was reproducedGlitter

It is a plastic model that can learn history and historical background, and can be enjoyed across generationsOK


2 1/700 Ship NX2 Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi

StarMusashi was born as Yamato-type battleship No. 2 and also served as a combined fleet flagship.!
Right handIt is said that the deck was painted black at the time of the operation, and the product adopted a dark gray molded color, and the ship reproduced the completion color.100 points
Right handA signal yard, a transmission station, a radiation device hood, a rear lookout station Sposon, etc.Magical crown
And the !  !exhibition pedestal was renewedStar
Right handReview the shape and improve stability with the new designOK
Right handThe horizontal plane is a smooth surface specification and a rough sculpture, and if painted in blue, you can image the waveswave
Please make all of you by all meansLOLYellow hearts
It was over!Welcome PegasusDreaming jewelry

Continued product description

Previously released

1/350 Sailboat Christian Rick

There was an interesting picture when I was investigating.

With U-BOAT and S-BOAT anchored in the Gulf

It was a Christian lad.

Although U-BOAT and S-BOAT also had 1/350 among other companies

At that time, BRONCO was out of business so I decided to make it.

Since I was working on PT-BOAT, I was on the extension line

It is a plan.

S-BOAT seems quite popular abroad.

There are various kits available.

I'm doing a British ship,

It is an item that can not be avoided.

Anyway, I wonder if I do 1/700.


U-BOAT is that of an AFV club.


The product that Imai has left,

What was buried

There are many, but

The sailing boat's “Tabarichich” is one of them.

This ship is originally from the German navy.

I was recruited as a training ship.

The name at that time was "Gorch Hock I"

Possibly, Hitler ・ Yugent trainee

I was on board as.

After the war the Soviet Union pulled up and owned the Soviet Union,

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine owned.

Because maintenance costs such as repair costs are expensive,

I returned to Germany in 2003.


It seems that the Nazi Germany had indeed successfully employed a sailing boat.

The same was true for the same series of eggs.

The German name is called "Horst Wessel".

Others, Zacres (German name "Arbato Leo Schrejita"),

Milcha also has been recruited.

So what about, from the cut of the sailing ship,

How about collecting German navy?

Because it is a submarine mother ship and a training ship,

When you make a harbor diorama, it does not get in the way.

hasegawa June 2019 New product FULL information

Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Boeing 747-400 “The Demonstrator”
Scale … 1: 200
part number … … 10832 our shipping … June 04, 2019 release date … around 06 July 2019 body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 60 model full length … 350 mm model full width … 324 mm
2019 is 50 years from the 747 first flight! Reproduction of
747-400 Demons Trainer , which was called "High-tech Jumbo" and was active in the 90's .
Plastic model
Limited item
Add new mold
special version
Datsun 240Z HLS30 (left handle specification)
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … 20405 our shipping … June 04, 2019 release date … around 06 July 2019 body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 174mm model full width … 68mm

Reproduce the 240Z export model for North America!
Additional plastic parts

  • Front grill
  • Left door mirror
  • Over rider (front and back)
  • Side marker (after)


Plastic model
Limited item
2 sets set
Egg world God fighter (zero match) & Wolf panic (Fw 190)
Product number ……… 60517 our shipping … June 04, 2019 Release date … June 07, 2019 Body price … 2600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Tama World is back!

"Tamago World", which has a set of eggs and comical base, will be revived with 2 sets and a new illustration package.


Plastic model
Limited item
F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom "302 SQ F-4 Final Year 2019"
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 07475 our shipping … June 06, 2019 release date … around 09 June 2019 body price … 4200 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 132 model total length … 402mm model full width … 244 mm

302SQ F-4 Retirement commemorative color is reproduced in 1/48 scale!
Parts color is white.
Decal (marking)

  • JASDF Seventh Air Corps 302th Flight Squadrant F-4 retirement paint painting machine "428" (Beiri Base 2018-2019)


Plastic model
Limited item
New package
Operation Ω (Omega)

Scale … 1: 144
part number … … SP414 our dispatch … June 06, 2019 release date … around June 09 2019 body price … 5200 yen (+ consumption tax)

Hasegawa original SF mechanical revival!


From the 1/144 scale battle hopper (picture left),
the space shuttle (picture right) can be remodeled and transformed.


Plastic model
Limited item
Add new mold
YHP Nissan R92CP
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … 20404 our shipping … June 11, 2019 release date … around 14 June 2019 body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 200 mm model full width … 84.5 mm

R92CP appeared in YHP color that fought the JSPC 1992 season! !
is a machine that drew the marking of "carp streamer" on the intake on the rear cowl .

Nissan Motorsport International Ltd.
has been licensed to commercialize


Added new plastic parts and new tire parts (front / back).
Decal sets made of cult graph.
Additional plastic parts

  • Rear cowl
  • Rear panel
  • Side panel
  • Wheel (17 inches front, 18 inches rear)

Decal (marking)

  • All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship (JSPC) Participation Car NISMO (NISMO) Team CAR No. 24 Driver: Masahiro Hasami, Jeffrey John, "Jeff", Krosnov, Masahiko Kageyama May 4, 1992 Round 2 Fuji 1000km (4th)


Plastic model
Limited item
With figure
1966 American Coupe Type B w / Blonde Girls Figures
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … SP413 our shipping … June 11, 2019 release date … around 14 June 2019 body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 220 mm model full width … 80 mm
A set of resin figures of 1/24 scale American car and sexy blond girl!
Mr. Atsushi Shibamura is in charge of creating the prototype of the figure
Plastic model
F-4N Phantom II “Jolly Rogers VF-84”
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 00367 our shipping … June 11, 2019 release date … around June 14, 2019 body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax)
Detail UP
Aircraft carrier Akagi detail up parts set
Scale … 1: 700
part number … … 30036 our shipping … June 13, 2019 release date … around June 16, 2019 body price … 6200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Achieve precise details unique to etching!
The etched parts consist of 2 sheets (size: 246.5×43.5mm / 216×103.5mm), and reproduce the
handrail, personnel rescue net, flight deck lower surface girder, flight deck post, propeller for main carrier and main leg parts etc.
Furthermore, by replacing the girder on the bottom of the flight deck with etching,
the flight deck parts with no engraving on the bottom are set with new plastic parts. It will be detail up parts corresponding to the
simultaneous release "Akagi Full Hull Version (CH117)" and the "Airliner Ship Akagi (Model No .
: 227)" of Waterline
Plastic model
New mold
Toyota Starlet EP71 Turbo S (3 door) late typeScale … 1: 24
part number … … HC32 our dispatch … June 18, 2019 release date … around June 21, 2019 body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 157mm model full width … 73mm

It's a dry turbo! The
third generation Starlet "EP71", which became an FF car with a full model change of the Daten Starlet 1984.
It became popular as a new-generation compact car that enjoys sporty and nimble driving, and in
1986 a turbo model was added to achieve more exciting driving.


The kit
reproduces the turbo S late type (1988 model) that appeared with the catch phrase of "dry turbo" with a completely new mold based on thorough vehicle coverage.
The body color is white and the headlights are silver plated parts.
Comes with a painted seal of the window.
Decal (marking)

  • Body side "turbo" other


Plastic model
New mold
2 body set
Little Mechatro Mate No. 01 "Mizuiro & Orange"Part number ……… CW16 our dispatch … June 18, 2019 release date … Body price around June 21, 2019 … 1600 yen (+ consumption tax) model height … 41 mm model width … 31 mm

small robot
"Mechatro Mate" by the model model parent of "Mechatro Wego " and "Mechatro Chunk" / Mr. Kazufumi Kobayashi appeared in the plastic model of 2 body set!


No adhesive required for assembly.
The part color will be Mizuiro, Orenji, and White.
Each joint can move and take a cute pose.
Sitting pose is also possible by replacing parts.


Plastic model
new product
3 warship set
Add new mold
special version
Japanese Navy Destroyer Yukuun & Fuun (Yukumo type) & Asakumo (Aoshio type) “Kisuka Island withdrawal operation”
Scale … 1: 700
part number … … 30062 our dispatch … June 20, 2019 release date … around June 23, 2019 body price … 4400 yen (+ consumption tax)

Successfully completed withdrawal of all the Kisuka Island garrison
"Yukmo", "Fuun", "Ashio" 3 ships set that participated in the "Kisuka Island withdrawal operation" (Operation No. 2) called a miracle operation !


We will
reproduce the appearance of the operation with the special type cargo ship at the rear of the hull by adding new parts.
Additional plastic parts

  • Special-type freighter
  • Mount with slope


Plastic model
Limited item
1:20 resin figure included
Add new mold
"Crusher Jo" Fighter 2 w / Alfin FigureScale … 1: 72
part number … … 64775 our dispatch … June 20, 2019 release date … around June 23, 2019 body price … 3700 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 193mm model full width … 198mm

Equipped with "Minerva", which appears in the anime "Crusher Jaw",
"Fighter 2", kit on 1/72 scale!
1/20 Limited kit with alfin resin figures!


Adhesive-free snap kit.
It is designed to incorporate high-density sculptures that feel like an aircraft.


The canopy, the missile launcher on the underside of the airframe, and the
air brake (and thrust deflection plate) are open / close selection type.
The markings of the nose "2" and the cockpit "J" set the decal.
Leg and leg covers can be parked / flyable.
An attached stand enables display in flight.
Mr. Kato Kaidanro is in charge of the package illustration. The figures are
“Alfin” and “Rickey” in the sitting posture with new plastic parts
, and “Dongo” in the image of a stretched back image.


Parts color
Red: Body first half
White: nose tip, body second half, wing
Gray: nozzle, air brake etc.
Clear Orange: Canopy
Clear: Canopy


The canopy is also included in the clear version.
In addition, a masking seal for separate application is included.


Mr. Taro Mochimitsu is in charge of the prototype of the 1/20 alfin.
Additional plastic parts

  • 1/72 Alfin Ricky Dongo

Resin parts

  • 1/20 Alfin

Decal (marking)

  • Marking "2" or "J" (for fighter 2)
  • Pupil decal etc (for 1/20 figure)


Plastic model
Kawasaki T-4 "Air Self-Defense Force"
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … PT17 our dispatch … June 20, 2019 release date … around June 24, 2019 body price … 2200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Plastic model
J-35F Draken
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … BP1 our dispatch … June 25, 2019 release date … around June 28, 2019 body price … 1600 yen (+ consumption tax)
Resin kit
Limited item
JK Mate Series "Sailor clothes (summer)"
Scale … 1:12
part number ……… SP412 our shipping … June 25, 2019 release date … around June 28, 2019 body price … 4600 yen (+ consumption tax) model height … 135 mm

JK Mate series third installment summer clothes ♪
Working with 3DCG software and approaching realistic expressions of high school girls, the work by Top Sculpter Matsuku (MK2.) Has been kitted
with high reproducibility that is unique to resin molding.
Please enjoy the "Takumi-no-Taku" with your own hands!


Plastic model
Kyushu J7W2-S Local Fighter Shinken Kai "Night Fighter"
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 07367 our dispatch … June 25, 2019 release date … around June 28, 2019 body price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Plastic model
Limited item
With acrylic figure
"Kotobuki squadron of the wilderness" complete fighter 型 1 type Zara machine specification
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … SP410 our shipping … June 27, 2019 release date … around June 30, 2019 body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 73 model total length … 184mm model full width … 238 mm

Vice president who likes alcohol ♪ kit the aircraft that Zara boarded!

Newly drawn illustrations (under production) acrylic figures are included.
Decal (marking)

  • Kotobuki squadron ZARA aircraft
  • With camouflage decal


Plastic model
new product
Add new mold
VF-31E Siegfried Chuck Machine “Macros Δ”
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 65849 our dispatch … June 27, 2019 release date … around June 30, 2019 body price … 4200 yen (+ consumption tax) model full length … 261.1 mm model full width… 192.8 mm

Add new mold parts and kit E type of electronic warfare equipment!


The Rotodome is a part that has been deployed above the aircraft.
Mobile deployment is possible.
(※ Can not be stored on the underside of the machine.)


Parts color is white.
Hideaki Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.
Additional plastic parts

  • Rotodome
  • E-shaped head

Decal (marking)

  • Chaos Ragna Branch 3rd Battle Wing Delta Team Affiliation Chuck Mustang Boarding Aircraft “Δ03”


Plastic model
New mold
2 body set
Fashion Model Girls Figures
Scale … 1: 24
part number … … FC04 our dispatch … June 27, 2019 release date … around June 30, 2019 body price … 900 yen (+ consumption tax) model height … 73 mm

kit of cutting-edge fashion models for women figures coloring car models .
Atsushi Shibamura High quality molding by Mr. original form!


Let's enjoy "Takumi's Technique" easily!
has become a plastic model that can be easily assembled the shapes produced by the hand of the Top Sculpter .
Please enjoy the "Takumi no Taku" with your own hands.


Plastic model
Etching Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 65793 our dispatch … 2019 June-July 7 body price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)
It is etching parts set for 1/48 VF-1 corresponding to Movie version / TV version.
For cockpits (side panels, seat belts, etc.) some of the gorgeous specifications will be painted!
In addition, main leg front cover, inside vector nozzle, main nozzle, intake,
shutter of wrist storage part, fin of backpack rear, mesh of air brake,
fuselage sub intake, shutter of main wing movable part, canopy, each antenna
Detail can be improved!
Plastic model
VE-11 Thunder Seeker “SVAW-121 Night Stalkers”
Scale … 1: 72
part number … … 65822 our dispatch … 2019 June-July 7 body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Roth dome equipment type appeared in the play of "Macros 7", kit VE-11.
Decal sets the original marking machine which drew a large skull on the top of the funnel dome.
This aircraft is a fuselage deployed on the Defense Armed Forces Orbital Defense Fleet aircraft carrier.
Decal (marking)

  • Integrated Space Force SVAW-121 Knight Stalkers


Plastic model
YF-19 “Macros Plus”
Part number ………. 65796 our dispatch … 2019 June-July body price … 1300 yen (+ consumption tax) part number … 34 model full length … 92.5 mm model full width … 101.5 mm

YF-19 has become a cute "Tamago Hikoki"!
Molding color is ivory, gray, three colors of clear.
Includes Deformed pilots for gun pods and cockpits.
Assembling becomes unnecessary adhesive.
Decal sets the marking of the Isam machine by silk screen printing with good coloring.
Hideaki Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.


※ Due to production reasons, we will postpone the release date from June 7th.


Plastic model
Etching parts for YF-19
Scale … 1: 48
part number … … 65794 shipping our company… 2019 June-July 7 body price … 2000 yen (+ consumption tax)
It is etching parts set for 1/48 YF-19.
For the cockpit (main & side frame) is a gorgeous specification that will be partially painted!
In addition, front leg storage side wall, main nozzle, intake, wrist storage section shutter,
straight fins before and after shoulder, fin at upper nose, torso sub-intake, canopy,
sub thruster at the rear of foot
Details such as round mold can be improved!

Tomorrow shipment new product-ship NX8 Shinano + Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple + Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification


We will introduce new products shipped tomorrow!


1/700 ship NX8 Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Shinano

The pedestal attached to the ship NEXT Shinano, which does not require painting or adhesive, has been changed to a new one! 

Shinano was redesigned into an aircraft carrier during construction as a Yamato-type battleship No. 3

Completed in November 1959, it was sunk by a submarine's lightning strike on the same month. The Hm

product is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive. 
The main parts are represented by colored plastic parts,

Some toned parts are reproduced with a real seal excellent in surface followabilityNico Nico


  □ The flight deck is a two-piece construction, divided by the concrete deck and outer edge,

    It was also useful when painting expression. 
    The color of the flight deck is a bit bluish dark gray. 
  □ The ship bottom parts reproduce the bulge shape different from Yamato. 
  □ The rudder is a square rudder with the same shape as the conventional Yamato,

   Two types of square type equipped with Oiso etc. are recorded, and it is supposed to correspond to the new theory shape. 
  □ The carrier aircraft is said to have been loaded at that time, "Sakura",

   The test landing ship "Shiden Kai", "Meteoric Kai" and "Saiyun", which were planned for installation, are included. 
  □ The attached seal is the anti-submersible camouflage part of both eyelids,

   The white line on the flight deck is mainly used, and color expression can be performed without painting. 
  □ A white line decal on the flight deck is also included for painted users. 
  □ The antenna antenna support has a movable structure. 
  □ "Horizontal binoculars" "machine gun ammunition box" is recorded as a bonus part. 
  □ The display stand is renewed! During assembly, it can be turned over and used as a part holder.



It seems that today is "my day"!

Four (Shi) Three (Mi) and "Shimizu" (Shimizu) with the word "Ryo"

It is said that "National Kiyomizu Temple Network" was established in 1998.

… Kiyomizudera, there is stockGrinning


Building 11 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple


Ken 11EX-1 1/400 Kiyomizu Temple stage special specification (with the west gate, the bell tower, the tower of Mie)

It is an image model of Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, which is famous for its cliff structure. 

□ Extract the important towers and reproduce the atmosphere. It expresses each feature. 
□ Belfry escapes the great fire of Kanei 6 years in the building of the Qinglong year (1607). 
□ The west gate is the 8 leg gate of Kanei 8 (1631) reconstruction, the main hall, and the triple tower is the reconstruction of Kanei 10 (1633). 

※ This product is a kit that requires assembly and painting. 
※ Adhesives and tools are required separately for assembly and painting.

TRUMPETER 2019-05 new product preview

Even the heat and cold to the other side

Recently, the weather is warm,

I don't need a coat soon.

Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom, so it's season

The latest model graphics are

Iron clad 1/350 Ehime

Special feature of!

Finally, thank you.

Ehime who did not understand the difference well with Kaohsiung

Reproduce under the new test,

Among the Takao-type retakes, it cost the most.


However, it is not sweet in the world.

It's a good idea.

The escort ship Asahi is  finally on sale.

The box is huge.


By the way, it is the prohibition of June new product information.

First of all,

Omachikan UK Heavy Cruiser Novoke-or! !

The sister ship of Do-Setsha.

What a new part of most parts! !

It's a luxury sister ship.