TRUMPETER New product preview 2020-06


As I demonstrate you we are working almost at full speed, well at least in design/development/production. For now Post prevent us to deliver all those product we made. Back to the interesting part – in addition to the submarine master that I show you early this day we have new submarine ready as design, and next week as master too. so be prepared. Meanwhile you can trey to identify the project that I show you, both are in 1/700.


Trumpeter Model 2020 Jan-May Release Preview


NEW FROM trumpeter 1/700 Chinese Navy 054A guided missile frigate 06727

product description:
Type 054A frigate is the latest type of frigate of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy. NATO is code-named “Jiangkai II”. There are currently four vessels in service. service. The first ship Xuzhou (530)September 30, 2006Launched in Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard and entered active service in 2008. The hull design is similar to that of the French Lafayette frigate, but its firepower and other aspects are stronger than the Lafayette, and it is China’s newest frigate. The ship uses a Russian-made Fregat MAE-5 (figoma-5) type three-coordinate plane radar (NATO code name “top plate”), and has a 32-unit vertical launch system. Developed domestic ship-to-air missile system, Haihongqi 16 reportedly has an effective range of more than 40 kilometers and an effective range of 10-18000 meters, Single hit probability 0.7-0.98, response time 5-8 seconds, bomb length5.5 meters, Spring diameter0.34mThe ammunition weighs about 600 kg and the warhead weighs about 60 kg.

Product ID 06727
product name Chinese Navy 054A guided missile frigate
Bar code 9580208067278
Product ratio 1: 700
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 191.6mm Beam: 24.5mm
Total number of parts 100+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts 1 piece
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 4 sprues, hull and deck
Publication date 2020-03
More description
-hull made from multi-directional slide moulds. -Deck wood pattern finely rendered -Contains
display stand and engraved name plate
-Photo-Etched parts included

As I mention we are working almost as normal:) And these are not just brave words – we have new 1/700 submarine in production. Tomorrow will try to take better pictures for the official announce, but decide to tease you a little. Actually the work is not normal, offices are closed, kindergartens are closed, so I work from my home office truing to defend my workings station from (I hope) future “engineer Grigorov Junior”