NEW FROM trumpeter 1/700 US Navy "John F. Kennedy" aircraft carrier CV-67 06716

product description:
The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy is the fourth ship of the US Navy's Kitty-class aircraft carrier and the last conventional aircraft carrier in the United States. The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy originally wanted to use nuclear power. In the end, it was used as a conventional power because of insufficient funds. It differed from other small Eagle-class aircraft carriers in appearance, that is, the chimney was tilted outward.

The first mission of John F. Kennedy was to cruise the Mediterranean in seven times to demonstrate to the Soviet Union. In November 1975, in the Mediterranean, the John F. Kennedy and the cruiser Bekana collided, causing some damage. In 1976, he ran into the destroyer Bodron.

In the Gulf War of 1991, the John F. Kennedy entered the Red Sea and sent a plane to bomb Iraq. After the Gulf War, John F. Kennedy entered the Persian Gulf and sent a fighter jet to execute the no-fly zone in southern Iraq.

On March 22, 2007, John F. Kennedy retired from May Harbor, Florida, and is now in the warship storage site in Philadelphia.

Product number 06716
product name US Navy "John F. Kennedy" aircraft carrier CV-67
Bar code 9580208067162
Product ratio 1:700
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 467.6mm Beam: 122.8mm
Total number of parts 610+
Metal parts n/a
Etched parts 1 piece
Film film n/a
Resin component n/a
Total number of offsets 34 sprues , hull and decks
Announcement date 2019-09
More description – Detailed Hull is a one piece part
– Detailed flight deck and hangar deck
-Extensive photo-etched details included
-Aircraft Wing includes:
E2C, EA-6B, HH-60H, S-3B, F/A-18C, F-14D
-Complete ship and aircraft decal sets

Tamiya 95533 Mini 4WD Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 HYBRID 2019 MA Chassis & venue limited / pre-sale items @ 59th All Japan Model Hobby Show 2019

Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 HYBRID 2019 (MA Chassis) (Polycarbonate Body)
This is a mini 4WD of Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 HYBRID that won the traditional 24-hour race held in June every year in 2018 and 2019 and won the series championship of the World Endurance Championship. Realistic modeling of aerodynamic style. Marking is prepared with a sticker and finished on both No. 7 and No. 8 cars. The chassis adopts MA with excellent driving efficiency.

Hobby Show Tamiya Booth Sales Corner
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Event venue limited products

■ 1/48 Lockheed P-38F / G Lightning (white box) (4,320 yen)
■ 1/35 JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) (white box) (3,024 yen)
■ 1/35 American anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery M42 duster (3 with body doll) (white box) (2,808 yen)
■1/35 Deutsche Bahn armored P204 (F) (white box) (¥ 3,564)

and ※ white box (Shirobako) is ?
This is a prototype model kit that will be produced in a limited production prior to the product launch. The outer box and assembly drawings are printed in simple form, and the color and shape of the parts may differ from the product version.

Venue pre-sale

* Also available at the Waterline booth.
■ 1/700 Malay Offshore Battle Set (with commentary booklet) (12,744 yen)

A set that can arrange the participating ships and aircraft on 1/700 scale on December 10, 1941, known as the first naval battle in history, where the main battleship in operation was sunk only by aircraft attack Re-appearance.
In addition, a new booklet (8 pages in total) that explains in detail the Battle of Malay offshore is a new set. A well-preserved version of the document that also contains text that spells out the history of the battle by Mr. Noboru Kobayashi, known for “ Japan Plastic Model 60 Year History ”, photos of the time, organization chart and attack chart of the attack squad is.

《Set Contents》
・ Royal Navy Battleship Prince of Wales Battle of Murray Offshore (with 4 sets of land attack and 3 types of 96th land attack) × 1
・ Royal Navy cruiser battleship Repulse × 1
・ Royal Navy destroyer E class × 2
・ Australian Navy Destroyer Vampire × 1
《Service Item》
・ Ninety-six Type Land Attack × 6
・ One-Type Land Attack × 6
・ Exhibition Wire 30 cm × 10
・ Murray Offshore Battle Description Booklet 8 pages × 1
* Package with convenient handle It is set. * Since the 1/700 Prince of Wales Battle of Murray Offshore Kit includes 4 sets of land attack and 3 types of 96 attack aircraft from the beginning, this set includes a total of 19 land attack aircraft Comes with.

Introduction to you who are lost in the ship NEXT ☆ Series detailed introduction summary

It was released today

Pick up articles introducing products from the NEXT series!

The lineup is not just Yamato, Musashi, Kii ~

You are worried about which to buy !

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the current lineupDown

4968728460567 1/700 Ship NX1 IJN Battleship Yamato

4968728460574 1/700 Ship NX2 IJN Battleship Musashi

4968728460543 1/700 Ship NX3 IJN Battleship Kii

4968728460512 1/700 Ship NX4 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi

4968728460529 1/700 Ship NX5 IJN Destroyer

4968728460437 1/700 Ship NX6 IJN Battleship Hiei

4968728460505 1/700 Ship NX7 IJN Battleship Kongo

4968728460550 1/700 Ship NX8 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano

4968728460239 1/700 Ship NX9 IJN Battleship Yamato Showa 19

4968728460246 1/700 Ship NX10 IJN Yunun Destroyer Yumun / Fengun 2 Set

4968728460253 1/700 Ship NX11 IJN Yokohoku Destroyer Shiranui / Akimo (at the start of the war)

4968728460598 1/700 Ship NX12 IJN Battleship Musashi (Before Renovation)

4968728460291 1/700 Ship NX13 IJN Battleship Nagato 1945

4968728460352 1/700 Ship NX14 IJN Battleship Yamato 1965 / At completion

4968728460369 1/700 Ship NX15 IJN Battleship Haruna 1945

4968728460376 1/700 Ship NX16 Japanese Navy Akizuki Destroyer Akizuki / First Month

4968728460468 1/350 Ship NX1 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze Final / Showa 19

4968728460444 1/350 Ship NX2 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze (when completed)

4968728460482 1/350 Ship NX3 IJN Yuki-fu Destroyer Yukikaze

4968728460451 1/350 Ship NX4 IJN Heat Destroyer Destroyer

Pick up 1/700 Akagi

Introduction of 1/700 ship NEXT Akagi

Actually, there are various ships!

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Today's Shipment New Product ~ Haruna 1949 / Keiichi No. 1 strategy With genuine etching parts

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/700 Battleship NX15EX-1 Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19

Especially by specification (with a genuine etching parts)

In Battleship Haruna, who is challenging the final battle of the “Fighting First Battle Operation” combined fleet,

Comes with precision etching parts not sold separately! 

The delicate parts that can not be expressed in the injection parts are reproduced by the etching parts.

It is useful for more advanced detailing. 
Use from the place that stands out to the details is your choiceWhistle

Content-rich etching parts set with a wide range of options. 

● Please
 Various handrails such as detail up point hull reproduced in etching parts, ship bridge, turret part (with no legs type, with some slack expression)

-Dumpling-Rattar-Watertight door-Agate-21st electric search-Search lighthouse seat truss crane-

Ship bridge frame, boat david, injection machine, machine gun shield, machine gun sight, single machine gun,

Seaplane propeller · loop antenna · 13 探 search chimney rainwater cover wire mesh ·

Backyard yard, carrier-borne truck, turret upper antenna post, etc.



Let's make a plamo in a room with a cooler on such a hot dayGrinning