Hello! Have some news for you. At first about 1:72 and then for 1:87 addicted

WB93 Molodets ICBM Rail-launcher postponed to July-August
WB95 RBS-15 Launcher on Scania postponed to July
WB101 Peresvet Laser Weapon postponed to August

BUT before them, for july-01, Please Welcome:
WB102 UR-88 GOBOY (Object 190) 1:72 Soviet Experimental Mine Clearing Vehicle on T-72 chassis

And for 1:87 – as you know, on may-21 will be availabe our next 1/87 release – WH04 FH77BW Archer 1:87

What else? This summer 2 more 1:87 kits:
WH05 s219 MSTA-S Russian SPGH
WH06 RS-24 Yars/Topol-M



HAULER AND BRENGUN for February 2020

new products:

Hauler and Brengun news November 2019

HAULER HO (1/87) -resin construction kits

HLR87199 FT-17 french WWI tank

HAULER HO (1/87)

HLR87200 NSVT 12,7mm tank heavy machine gun (2pcs)

HAULER TT (1/120) -resin construction kits

HTT120079 T-72 main battle tank

HTT120080 Gaz-69 army vehicle

HTT120081 FT-17 french WWI tank

HAULER 1/72 AFV -photoetched parts

HLH72095 US Field Safe

HLH72096 TPz-1 Fuchs Eloka „Hummel“ (Revell kit)

HLH72097 Warrior MCV (Revell kit)

HAULER 1/35 AFV -universal sets

HLU35117 Bench drill-lever shears-oxy acetylene bottles



BRENGUN 1/72 -plastic kits

BRP72040 Extra EA-300L/330LC

BRENGUN 1/48 -plastic kits

BRP48005 Yokosuka Ohka MXY7-K1 KAI (two seats)

BRENGUN 1/144 -accessories

BRL144158 A4 Skyhawk ladder (Platz/Eduard kit)

BRL144159 F-104G Vacu Canopy (Platz/F-Toys kit)

BRENGUN 1/144 -construction kits

BRS144047 Culemeyer four axles

BRS144048 Culemeyer 80ton

BRENGUN 1/72-resin construction kits

BRS72014 Letov S-4

BRS72015 S-100 Camcopter

BRENGUN 1/72 -accessories

BRL72193 ASTIR CS-77 glider

BRL72194 Yak-1b (Brengun kit)

BRL72195 MiG-19S (bílek kit)

BRL72196 TB-3 (ICM kit)

BRL72197 Breguet 1050 Alize (Azur/FRROM kit)

BRL72198 Siebel Si-204D (KP/Směr kit)

BRL72199 Yak-1b Canopy masks (Brengun kit)

BRL72200 Extra EA-300L/330LC (Brengun kit)

BRL72201 Yak-1b Vacu Canopy (Brengun kit)

BRL72202 Extra EA-300L/330LC Canopy masks (Brengun kit)

BRENGUN 1/48 -accessories

BRL48124 DH98 Mosquito two stage merlin (Tamiya)

BRL48125 C-130 E/H engine set (Italeri kit)

BRL48126 F-16C/D block 40/50 GE F110 engine nozzle (Tamiya kit)

BRL48127 F-16C/D block 42/52 P&W F100 engine nozzle (Tamiya kit

BRL48128 Ohka MXY7-K1 KAI (two seats) (Brengun kit)

BRL48129 Ohka MXY7-K1 KAI Vacu Canopy (Brengun kit)

BRL48130 Ohka MXY7-K1 KAI Canopy masks (two seats) (Brengun kit)

BRENGUN 1/48 -kits

BRS48010 MQ-8B Fire Scout

BRS48011 S-100 Camcopter

BRENGUN 1/32 -accessories

BRL32038 S-100 Camcopter

Dates of releases

WB65 Maz-7907 – February-10 (Circa)
WB61 NASAMSxScania – February-10
WB72 9A39 BUK – February-10
WH02 9A82 TELAR 1/87 – February-10
WB73 Celina-2 – May/June
WB74 Aist-10 – May
WB75 NEBO-M RLM-SE – April-01
WB76 9A84 TEL S-300V – April-01
WB77 9A85 TEL S-300V – April-01

WB56 RLM-M NEBO-ME – March-20
WB62 40V6 MAST – March-20

WB23 BAT-M – May/June
WB30 2s7 Pion – May/June
WB37 Filin/FROG-` May/June

Hauler – Brengun news 12/11/2018