April New product 1/700 dock (with genuine etched parts) Latest information!

Today in April New product

1/700 dock (with genuine etched parts)

It is an introduction.

I got an image of the prototype incorporating the etching parts

I will show you some of it immediately.

It is still in trial production stage so it is the final mass production product

Please note that some changes may be possible before the release in April.

Also, the ship model shown in the picture

Please acknowledge that it is not attached to the kit as well.

The size of the base is the total length: 298 mm overall width: 140 mm.


A dock (dry dog) that can be used to create a scene of a ship model

Based on the reproduced base, pillar and crane sets

Portal type large crane (gantry crane), medium size jib crane, lighting lamp,

Etched parts of each truss part and pulley etc.

Precise reproduction of steel parts and truss structures unique to etched parts


It enhances the atmosphere of the dock.

Accessories such as drums, trucks, boxes and reels are also substantial.

The track is probably like Type TU 10 6 Wheels Truck

It is a begging anniversary