New product ☆ Chibimaru Azusa crane Special specification (with effect parts) introduction!

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Chibimaru fleet series that can be enjoyed by parents and children

The effect part of Aoi Cloud has become our shipment yesterday!

It is a set to enjoy a realistic scene


Clear blue-based molded bow wave, nautical wave is attached

Clear orange-based gun flame is attached (specification to fix by adhesion)

More realistic when painted!

This time, according to the paper cranes at the time of the Battle of Leyte Off the Sea,

A blue-green display stand is included to make it an image.




Also with effect parts






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Japanese Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Sadakazu No. 1 Introduction of etching parts!

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First of all, it is the announcement of our Golden Week holiday period.



Truly, we will make the following period Golden Week holiday period. 

20th April 27th (Sat)-May 6th (Mon) During the 

above period, we will not be in contact with you. 
※ It is expected that parts request and inquiries will be very crowded after vacation. 
We will respond to inquiries received on and after April 24 (Wed) and again on and after May 7 (Tue). 
(It may take 10 days to 2 weeks to answer depending on the content.) 
We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you.




Next will be shipped on May 17th! I would like to introduce a kit that comes with precision etching parts that are not sold separately, Nippon Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Otsuichi No. 1 (with genuine etching parts) and etching partsunder development !

※ The product is enclosed in 2 pieces (2 pieces).



The delicate parts of the ship that can not be expressed by injection are reproduced with etched parts.

Handrail, No.13, No.21, No. 2, Skid beam, Detonation loading, Agate, Various davits,

It includes rattles, flagpoles, single-armor guns, torpedo screens, shields, anti-aircraft sights, chimney perimeter details and more!


Here is the completed image!

GlitterGlitterGlitterThe look also looks gorgeous and the impression changes again and it is cool!GlitterGlitterGlitter

Japanese Navy Akizuki type destroyer Akizuki / first month Showa 19 / Keiichi No. 1 (with genuine etching parts)

It will be shipped on May 19!LOL

2 Ships on April 17! New product announcement

We will introduce two new products shipped today.!  !


1 1/700 Special 95EX-1 Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrier Sakai (Showa 17) 

Special specification (with ship bottom, display stand)

StarShip bottom is attached to the figure of the time of the South Pacific opening war that the enemy aircraft carrier was downed and made a big success!

Right handWith the motif of the figure during the South Pacific Ocean war, the figure before the bridge front structure was added was reproduced with a dedicated part100 points


StarThe special series is a general plastic model that uses paint and adhesives, and !
it is made in search of the true figure of the ships of the former Japanese Navy, which everyone knows,

The figure which took in all of the latest information currently grasped was reproducedGlitter

It is a plastic model that can learn history and historical background, and can be enjoyed across generationsOK


2 1/700 Ship NX2 Japanese Navy Battleship Musashi

StarMusashi was born as Yamato-type battleship No. 2 and also served as a combined fleet flagship.!
Right handIt is said that the deck was painted black at the time of the operation, and the product adopted a dark gray molded color, and the ship reproduced the completion color.100 points
Right handA signal yard, a transmission station, a radiation device hood, a rear lookout station Sposon, etc.Magical crown
And the !  !exhibition pedestal was renewedStar
Right handReview the shape and improve stability with the new designOK
Right handThe horizontal plane is a smooth surface specification and a rough sculpture, and if painted in blue, you can image the waveswave
Please make all of you by all meansLOLYellow hearts
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Today's Shipment New Product-1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)-

Sorry I made you wait! !

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/12 NX1EX-1 Honda Super Cub 110 (Virgin Beige)

New development on 1/12 scale bike model! The first is the current Honda Cub!

-Each plastic part has been colored in advance to the required color,

     There is no need to paint using paint. 
   -The color coding and pattern of the details can be easily reproduced by pasting a real seal with excellent followability. 
   ・ Assembling does not require adhesive and can be completed only by bonding parts together

     It is a design specification. 
   ・ During design specifications that are easy to complete, modeling is more accurate and repeatable than ever before

     It is three-dimensionalized. 

   -The product has a 110cc motif as the current type that was launched in 2017. 
   ・ Design that steering wheel and tire can work. 
   -Design that made it easy to make cowl and mudguard by integral molding using slide mold. 
   ・ With gimmick such as state selection of the stand and opening and closing of the seat box.


Please make it by all meansChew

Fuji Mistini: Battleship Yamato Central structure 1/200

Do you collect all of you?  ?

"Fuji Mistini"


The third will be released in June.

Battleship Yamato Central structure

Publish a test shot ~! !

There are still some parts that are not perfect in shape or engraving because they are still test shots.

Please noteLet go

World's largest battleship Yamato-type built by the Japanese Navy

Injection kit of the central part of the battle defense zoneExclamation mark

The collection kit following the "Kanbashi" released in December 2018 is a big scale of 1/200!

-Commercializes the range of "chimney, high angle cannon, mast, and aft bridge" following "ship bridge" on sale. 
-The product is based on the figure of the Yamato-type battleship "No.

Assembly is adhesive.

Although the photograph is still a test shot, molding color etc. is different from the product version,

Since each color is colored plastic molded, it will have an atmospherey finish even without painting!

The molding color is the ship NEXT series

We adopt gray that imaged "the navy navy ship blue color" getting popular.

-Equipped with two No. 13 probes on the mast. Delicate molding by 2 piece structure.

The mast also has a small search light! ! !

-Equipped with six search lights, the lens surface is a separate body clear molded parts.

-Six high-angle guns without shields (not included in this product) 

-Basic information 
Number of parts (including bonus parts) 174 points -Completed size 183mm in the front-rear direction 105mm in the width direction 105mm height

-In the case of 1/200 scale, 
reproduce the rib on the surface in contact with the inner wall and structure of the special molding point · high angle cannon seat. 
-The 12.9 cm continuous high-angle artillery of the type 89 is designed to allow the elevation angle. 
・ The 94-type high-emission system is dedicated to the type without a cover in the range finder section.

 Express the difference with the bridge. 
・ The range finder of the rear bridge can be rotated. 
・ The structure like the electric circuit cover by the side of the aft bridge is shaped without leakage.
-Also comes with a seal to reproduce the details! 
・ The battle flag on the mast, and the middle commander flag showing the commander seat at the time of the operation No. 1 are recorded. 
・ We prepare white line of mast part, white line on high angle artillery barrel, enemy plane identification figure of the gun seat etc. 
・ We collected "Kimizu mark on the side of chimney" non-reason law Tenku ", chimney.



Package illustrations are completed in a little more!

elephantIt will be shipped on June 27.

looking forward to~!

Notice of Reproduction ☆

We will introduce the remanufactured products as they are well receivedLOL



1/24 Gulf Series No. 1 Devil's Z

It is the first Fairlady S30Z called "Devil's Z" to appear in the Gulf Midnight.


Front mask with intercooler, front and rear over fenders etc.

Faithfully reproduce the car in the comic.


With RS Watanabe wheel.


The license plate faithful to comics was also reproduced with decals.




Building model series No. 16

1/100 Kakanji Kinkakuji roof brown paint specification

A kit with a total height of 158 mm designed and reproduced based on the architectural drawings at the time of reconstruction in 1955.


The scale is 1/100, and the design is based on the figure of the building at the time of reconstruction after burning,

The doors and doors are movable.




1/24 inch up series No. 114

Daihatsu Midget R Type / D Type

Midget R-type / D-type compatible kit. 
A deck is selectable kit.




1/72 special effects series No. 2

Ultra Guard TDF UH-3 Ultra Hawk No. 3

"Ultra Hawk No. 3" of Ultra Guard, active in "Ultra Seven",

 The model name is "TDF UH-3".


It is impressive that the hero who starts from the gate behind the waterfall is

It is a versatile fighter-attack aircraft that is also used to support reconnaissance and Hawk 1.

The magma riser was stored in the plane and transported by air.





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New product ☆ Japanese navy sun flame destroyer sun flame

It's getting warm and it's spring, I think it's getting cold againsnowCrystal of snow

The colder ones seem to have a slower rate of falling cherry, so

I can enjoy cherry blossoms longer than usual this year!Cosmos



Well, today is the introduction of new products!


1/350 350-004 ship NEXT series NO. 4 


Japanese Navy Phenolic Destroyer 


Ships April 11, 2019Glitter

Update the specifications The !  !display pedestal is cool and renewedGlitter
The Japan-US Open War is imminent, and in 1949, the outer electric circuit was equipped, and it is based on the figure at the time of the open war that supported the subsequent attack of the broken bamboo. 
It is possible to reproduce the smart figure of the Showa era around 1955 after the opening of the war from before December 1954 before the war training modification at the beginning of the war is given. 

It is designed with a snap fit type that does not require adhesive, and it is a series with a specification that sets it apart from conventional kits. 
You can easily enjoy the realistic result by lowering the ship model hurdles.WinkRunrun





ChickRenewed the display pedestalChick

ChickReview the shape and improve stability with the new design! Low center of gravity, contact area is also increased and stable.

ChickThe molding color is black and consists of all four parts.

ChickThe horizontal plane is a smooth surface specification and a rough sculpture, and if painted in blue, it is a reversible parts specification that can image the waves.





The ship NEXT series is a plastic kit that makes it easier to make a ship model and realizes realistic results!

StarThe parts are color-coded and no painting is required. 
StarWe adopt division method that combination of parts is inconspicuous. 
StarIt is a snap kit that does not require an adhesive. 
StarComes with a seal that reproduces the color coding of the details. 
StarYou can reproduce the offshore model by removing the waterline.




Please try to assemble by all meansLOLnote