Wonder Festival 2019 (military version)

One festas successfully ended!  !

Thank you to everyone who came to the booth!

There was a new product announcement this time this timeupA lol


We will introduce military edition to everyone who could not come!

First of all, it is an exhibition related to military of the day.

LAV finished product, 99 HSP prototype finished product and prototype part,

In the back are 87 type self-propelled aircraft guns lining up.


There is a big sign in the hall, first of all we will guide you through the military model.

Do not despise as 1/72 scale

Modeling and surface reproduction not losing the upper scale!

I am aiming for a definitive version of the Ground Self Defense Force model through thorough research.

87-type self-propelled high-fire aircraft gun that has received popularity!

Everything started from here.

72 scale Ground Self Defense Force model of completely new super precision quality appeared.

It is 99HSP scheduled to be released in April.

Lineup of anticipation expected to appear next

Modeling for the first time in 1/72! FH-70!

Venue announcement of productization decision!

Development is progressing smoothly!

It is Type 89 FV.



Simultaneous with the heavy equipment of the SDF and another flow

First of all, it is the appearance of LAV.

International Activity Education Team Specification!

In-house specification car / machine gun mounted car!

Variations will continue.A lol

Air Self Defense Force Specification!

Reconnaissance type specification!

Lead player general car specification!


And 1/2 tracks will also appear.Nico Nico

And do not forget.Beat

High maneuverable car! It was also decided to commercialize.

We are considering planning to further aim for a decision version!

Military series that is going to appear next will be undergoing dedicated development!

Please wait for the next report.


(Planning Cooperation: Monthly Armor Modeling)