The US military was very satisfied with the performance of the MB military vehicle

The simple and reliable structure of MB military vehicles could meet the various needs of the military, from reconnaissance, communication, rescue to airborne operations. Allied soldiers used their skills to made various interesting battlefield modifications to this vehicle. The modified vehicles included the ones running on railway and special operation vehicles equipped with flamethrowers. From the start of the project in 1940 to the end of production in 1945, a total of more than 640,000 vehicles were produced. Almost every Allied unit was equipped with this reliable light vehicle. The classic shape of two round lights and vertical radiator grille of the MB military vehicle gained popularity with the victory of the Allied forces. This directly created Jeep, the most famous civilian off-road vehicle brand.
This latest MENG VS-011 MB Military Vehicle model is 95.6mm long and 55.2mm wide. This kit includes the M2 and the M1919A4 machine guns and the Go-Devil 441 engine. This brand-new release of the classic MB military vehicle deserves a place in your collection.

On Dec. 17, 2019, China’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier

the Shandong (pennant number 17) was delivered and commissioned in to the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Having a displacement up to 60,000 tons, this aircraft carrier has started the PLAN’s era of dual aircraft carriers. On Dec. 17, 1888, the Beiyang Fleet was officially founded, marking the start of the Chinese Navy. In the past 131 years, the Chinese navy’s largest warship by tonnage were built by other countries. In 2019, this has changed. The Shandong and other advanced warships to be commissioned in future will guard the process of China’s self-reliance and development.
MENG now works with CSSC Culture Technology Co., Ltd. and XL% Design to release models of the PLAN Shangdong aircraft carrier. All parties will do the best to present the Chinese military and warship culture in the form of models to modellers. The planned products including models of all scales and also cartoonized models.

PLAN Shangdong aircraft carrier


The latest MENG cartoon modern aircraft model is now unveiled! We have chosen the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III heavy transport aircraft this time. This aircraft has outstanding performance and can even land on and take off from a short and unimproved runway with an M1 Abrams main battle tank onboard. The cartoonized mPLANE-007 U.S. C-17 Globemaster III heavy transport aircraft has kept the stocky shape of the aircraft. What’s more interesting is that this aircraft’s rear cargo ramp is openable. That makes it perfect to be displayed with the cartoonized M1 Abrams tank included in this kit. Like other MENG cartoon products, models of this series also feature snap-fit design.