The first traditional Czechoslovak manufacturer of plastic models, Kovozávody Prostějov, has just announced the hot news, which is also promising to restore all major types from the “original” Kovozávody.This is a new Fishbed scheduled for this spring, which returns to the offer under the KP brand. We will exclusively provide you with all the information you will release.

After versions of MF and R MiGu-21, which are already close to sell out, Kovozávody Prostějov comes with another version of Fishbed. This time, a pair of boxes are being prepared for release, affecting versions S (M) and M (A). The first one contains camouflage schematics of VVS USSR machines – one attractive in invasive painting from 1968, MA also offers two Czechoslovakian machines with attractive “pinupky” and East German and Romanian machine.
We remind you that the KP offers also a set of mask for the cab for this model. The Year of Migrations will continue in the following year, when MiG-21bis and PFM are waiting for us.

Migrations in areas of the so-called Third World fly in colorful camouflage. A new box from KP, which was first marketed for Modellbrno 2017, responds to this. KP’s offer also featured cabin masks as the first of the planned add-ons to the basic kit.


After the premiere in the Hungarian Mosonmagyarovar, KP works for another Migu-21 box, this time the MFN

The premiere of the first three covers of the new MiG-21 is coming, scheduled for the show in the Hungarian Mosonmagyarovar for the upcoming weekend. There should be two MF boxes and one R version.

The third pack in the introductory series will be Migy – 21MF in the colors of European users – in a box you will find one aircraft of the GDR, the Polish Air Force, the Slovak Air Force and the Hungarian machine.

The first Fishbed version of R is dedicated to European users who combine former membership in the wounded Warsaw Pact. In the possibilities of coloring you will find a machine of the Czechoslovak Air Force, the Czech Air Force and one machine Polish and Romanian.

Interesting users of reconnaissance migrations of version R belonged to the Romanian Air Force. This is why the Romanian machine will be part of the MiG-21R cover.


On the Nymburk forum, a mistaken coloring of the container of the Polish machine version R was pointed out. How is it with the containers of the Polish machines 21R?
From 1968 to 1972, between 1968 and 1972, a total of 36 aircraft and 18 D and R containers were delivered to Poland. They were not supplied with N-type containers for photoprojection at night. Let’s look at both containers.

Type D container

Container D was designed for daily photoprojection. This all-metal container with ribbed aluminum sheets to the inner construction was divided into individual sections designed to fit the equipment. The molded pendant was fitted with a rubber seal, thanks to which it was attached to the hull of the airplane. In the cover are mounting holes for manipulation with cameras. At the bottom there are windows for photography itself, covered by curtains. These apertures only opened during camera operation.

Container type R

Container for radio surveying. The construction is similar to the previous type. The difference is the four large holes in the sides designed to mount the SRS-6 antenna blocks on the front and the SRS-7M in the center. Antenna blocks are covered with dielectric covers, their green color is different at first glance from type D. In the front lower part there is a single window for the camera, again with a screen, opened only during the operation of the camera.

The 1101 is captured just like a D-container on most photos, and so is captured by our drawing.

In addition to the MF version, the MiG-21 version of the R is also planned. The reconnaissance container is part of the kit as well as other differential components. For Poland, the Polish market is important, so one of the schemes is devoted to the “eRka” of the Polish Air Force. The Polish model Model Maker collaborated to reconstruct the color.

An important factor for each model is certainly the price. The new KP, MiG-21MF has a recommended retail price set at CZK 298, which is certainly a favorable price.

Among the major users of the Mig-21MF were also the Polish Air Force. This is why KP will bring an attractive camouflage of Polish mime in one of the covers.

Information on the “stealing” camouflage from Eduard kits has appeared on the Nymburk forum. KP has expressed its opinion on Modelar’s – Each manufacturer chooses attractive color schemes in its construction kit. The KP works with the available publications, we also approached their authors. Several hundred photos of Mig-21 different users gathered in the company archive. According to these materials we process our camouflage. That we have chosen the same, it is quite logical, deciding the attractiveness of the original. The consensus will certainly be more. After all, KOPRO has released several MSs at the age of twenty-one before EDUARD’s Thursday, and these schemes are available in these quarters. Did EDUARD croak KOPRO? No, they only chose the colors that are “catchy”. The offer of “coats” is simply limited.

You can find out how to trick the bugs by using the Eduard tutorials in the accompanying illustration.

KP also changed the design of the back of the packaging. Instead of the coloring instructions, they only contain information about the camouflage and markings available, and the detailed instructions have been moved to the A4 building instructions.

The instructions in the new Fishbeds from KP will already be printed in A4 format, according to the manufacturer’s announcement at the request of you modellers. The color schemes will be listed directly in the manual to make it clearer than on the back of the packaging. New color schemes also include details of the details and individual parts of the airplane, indicating the appropriate color. Color palettes are already standard in the Humbrol and Agama ranges.