NEW MENG SPS-054 Jeep Wrangler Renovation Kit is MENG’s newest personalized resin appearance retrofit Jeep brand (including the title text) from the MENG-Model official microblogging , separated by the back of the personal point of view)


At present, only the trumpeter and MENG developed a 35-scale ultra-heavy military off-road chassis and its coat model products,
MENG not only in the MAZ543 series has made achievements, but also 1:24 non-combat off-road vehicle theme strides forward,
from the Ford pickup to GM Hummer and then JEEP ,
to know the players play comparable civilian military model more discerning players. The continuous launch of 1:24 non-combat off-road vehicles is enough to explain the MENG vehicle theme
in the market sales of good, quality, including the majority of military fans, including the vehicle model fans recognized,
MENG started from the pickup , Model plan setbacks, experienced the market experience, the pace of more robust,
there is reason to believe that, including MENG, including China’s toy industry in the future will bring us more surprises!

Today, it is information on the products we produced! !

Today, it is information on products we produced.

In manufacturing now

“Chibi Godzilla 1 Godzilla”

Is under production!  !

No adhesive required

Round redNo need for nippers

Color coding and separation marks by multicolor molding are less conspicuous

“Under touch gate” adopted! !

Each joint also with a poly cap and a ball joint

You can play with various poses taken.

Adhesive-free snap kit

Because we adopt luminescent resin for parts of fins and radiation heat rays,

It is light blue in bright places, light in pale green in dark placesGlitter

And ,,,

Sorry I made you wait!  !

Today we produce this item too!

“1/24 RS 105 Ferrari 288 GTO”

Although our stock was not available, we are producing it today.

Please take this opportunity to make it!

And then ,,,

We kept you waiting!  !

Although our stock was not available,

“Chiba Maru 4 Chibi Maru Fleet Akagi”

We are producing today!

Please make this opportunity by all means

1/72 kawanishi ACE FIGHTERS STORY-Scheduled for release November 2017.

ACE FIGHTERS STORY: Shiden 11b “Otsu” of 403rd Squadron “Kihei-tai”

The ACE FIGHTERS STORY series is based on the episodes of pilots and planes. In this series, the pilots who flew the Shiden 11b “Otsu” are featured. “Kihei-tai” was a nickname given to the 403 Squadron formed in May 1945 to defend the skies over Tokyo. With the U.S. forces being able to fly from Iwo Jima, the 403rd faced B-29 bombers and P-51 Mustangs, as well as carrier-based fighters such as F4U Corsairs and F6F Hellcats. The Shiden 11b “Otsu” is also known for its battle over the Bungo Channel, where 12 “Otsu” faced as many as 500 allied planes.

1/72 kawanishi ACE FIGHTERS STORY-Scheduled for release November 2017.

ACE FIGHTERS STORY: Shiden 11a “Kou” of 343rd Naval Air Group “Tsurugi”

The ACE FIGHTERS STORY series is based on the episodes of pilots and planes. The series includes episodes of Shiden from the 701 unit which fought alongside the famous 343rd Naval Air Group “Tsurugi”, the 401 unit formed under the 341st Naval Air Group “Shishi” which fought against Halsey’s forces over the skies of Taiwan, and the Yokosuka Air Corps which fought to defend Tokyo from B-29 bombers, P51 Mustangs and carrier-based aircrafts.

NEW FROM Dragon Models 1/35 IJN Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious Tank w/Floating Pontoon (Early Production)

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195869166
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 10/17/2017
EST ARRIVAL: December 2017







Model-makers around the world have been getting a lot more interested in Japanese armor after Dragon released its 1/35 scale kit of the Type 97 “Chi-Ha”. That kit received a chorus of approval and so Dragon is expanding its range of Japanese AFVs. The newest addition is a 1/35 scale Smart Kit of the Type 2 “Ka-Mi” amphibious tank that depicts a tank with early-production pontoon, a single-piece front pontoon whereas the later type’s was formed from two halves. Other components such as the conning tower, rudder and hydroscope are fully detailed too. There’s widespread use of slide molds to create crisp detail. It also features detailed and easy-to-assemble DS tracks. This Type 2 “Ka-Mi” Early-Production amphibious tank with pontoons is a unique vehicle platform emanating from the Pacific theater of war. As another Japanese AFV available to meet growing demand, it’s certainly a timely release for modelers.