To mark the 130th anniversary of Härtle, this kit is being reissued exclusively for modellbau.härtle in a limited edition by Revell. Secure your copy of the limited space shuttle with take-off ramp

To mark the 130th anniversary of Härtle, this kit is being reissued exclusively for modellbau.härtle in a limited edition by Revell. Delivery from April / May 2019 – get your copy of the limited space shuttle with start ramp at modellbau.härtle!


The Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with launch complex 39, is the largest and most famous space center in the Western world. It lies in the middle of a nature reserve on Cape Canaveral and is more than just a starting device. A new era of space transportation began with the deployment of the Space Shuttle, which cost-effectively transported a large number of payloads to orbit. On the grounds of NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), at the northern end of Cape Canaveral, is the Lauch Complex 39 with two identical launch facilities, LC-39A and LC-39B. From here almost all manned spaceflight missions of NASA were launched with Saturn rockets.


After the Apollo program, the conversion of the facilities for the operated from 1981 to 2011 space shuttle program was carried out.

On both reinforced concrete launch pads were the 81 meter high steel utility towers with all the necessary supply lines, cranes, stairs, lift and a horizontally swiveling arm, the Rotating Service Structure (RSS). The RSS was turned into the shuttle as soon as the mobile launch platform (MLP) rested on the pillars of the launch pad with the outer tank fixed in start position, the two boosters and the orbiter. It served as weather protection of the shuttle, for energy supply, the loading of its transport bay and final refueling. The Orbiter entrance hatch was reachable from the FSS at a height of 45 m above the pad by means of a swiveling outrigger.


With the help of a caterpillar transporter, the mobile launch platform together with the space shuttle was moved from the assembly hall to the launch site. The tracked vehicle was powered by two 2,750hp (2,023kW) diesel engines and reached an average speed of 1.6km / h. After the end of the Space Shuttle program, these facilities are currently being converted for the launch of future rockets.



  • Kit Revell Space Shuttle & Booster Rockets
  • Kit rocket launching tower
  • Decals
  • detailed and illustrated instructions


Technical specifications:

  • Model in the scale 1: 144
  • very detailed plastic kit
  • undeveloped, unglued and unpainted
  • Components: 316
  • Height: 610 mm
  • Skill Level: 5 (professional)
  • Age recommendation: from 14 years


Features Launch Tower:

  • Detailed grid construction
  • Fixed supply unit with 12 working platforms
  • light mast
  • Mobile access arms for the supply systems
  • Moving steel wire walk with the white space for the astronaut boarding
  • Rotatable hammer head working crane
  • Swing-away movable supply unit
  • Payload receiving area with authentic decal markings.


Features Space Shuttle & Booster Rockets:

  • Structured surfaces
  • Detailed tailplane
  • Exterior fuel tank with two solid rockets
  • Mobile launch pad
  • Three detailed rocket engine power amplifiers


Authentic NASA decals:

  • Orbiter Atlantis, Enterprise, Discovery, Endeavor before 1988
  • Orbiter Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavor after 1988


For the assembly you also need glue, tools and the following colors:

  • Main colors: 85, 91, 99, 301, 79, 302, 374, 371, 17
  • Additional colors: 382, 05, 02, 57, 09, 78, 90, 77


Attention: Model – no toys!


The U.S.S. Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk and his First Officer Spock. On her 5-year mission, she penetrates areas that no human has ever seen before.

– Electronic components with convenient plug connections that are individually tailored to the kit and can be directly installed.
– LED for illumination of saucer section, secondary fuselage, Bussard collectors and position lights
– Sound module with realistic sounds
– Preprogrammed control unit
– Battery box (4x 1.5 V AA batteries, not included)
– Plastic model kit U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 with many details
– Extensive decal for Enterprise, Potemkin and Constellation

Mi-24 Hind Tiger Camo in 48th scale

Paint Mask set for Mil Mi-24 Tiger Camo scheme, Bort 0705

Suggested scale: 1/48

Suggested kit: Revell, Monogram, Mini Hobby Kits

SKU: 48/827-058

Mi-24 Hind

is one of the most distinctive attack helicopters in the World. In 48th scale the only kits available are Revell, Monogram and Mini Hobby Kits. Despite its popularity there is no contemporary tooling of Mi-24 Hind in quarter scale. However, even old, 48th scale kits available are a good addition to 72nd and 35th scale versions from Zvezda/Revell and Trumpeter. Tiger Camouflage for 72nd and 35th versions is available from DN Models and this adds to the line of Hind masks. The set is designed for quarter scale Hinds available currently on the market.

Tiger Camo

of the Mil Mi-24 Hind is one of the most attractive camouflage scheme applied on this attack helicopter. Alongside with Alien camouflage scheme, those are the two most famously painted rotor-craft of the the former Warsaw pact. Tiger camouflage scheme is used on the boxart on many Mil Mi-24 Hind scale models due to its stunning appearance and aggressive looks


NEW FROM revell 1/48 B-1B Lancer 04963

Model replica of the B-1B Lancer. It is still one of the largest, fastest long-range bombers of the USAF and forms the backbone of the Strategic Air Command. This swing-wing bomber is capable of transporting 34 t of weapon load internally as well as 26 t externally. The maximum speed is 1324 Km/h.

Features: Movable main wings | Movable elevators | Removable emergency exit panels | Detailed fuselage | Bomb bay doors optionally opened | Nose segment with radar | Detailed cockpit and operations center | mobile cockpit access ladder | 2 bomb bays with a total of 16 AGM-69 SRAM guided missiles | Additional fuel tank in 3rd bomb bay | Super decals for two USAF versions

Number of parts : 276 Length: 921 mm Height: 205 mm Wingspan: 867 mm