Hauler and Brengun new products. May 2019

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List of new products:


HAULER   HO (1/87)-stavebnice-construction kits          

HLR87197           Fieseler Fi-103 / V-1

HAULER   TT (1/120)-stavebnice-construction kits         

HTT120077        Ruso Balt Type C

HAULER   N scale (1/160)-stavebnice-construction kits

HNN16007         GaZ-69

HAULER   1/72 -stavebnice-construction kits    

HLP72031           Morris Mk.II

HAULER   1/72 AFV -lepty-photoetched parts  

HLH72085           Umbrella (2pcs)

HLH72086           Fennek (Revell kit)

HLH72087           Leopard 1A5 (Revell kit)

HLH72088           Ural-375 Shelter (ZV models)

HAULER   1/48 AFV -doplňky-etchings and conversion sets       

HLX48390           Umbrella (2pcs)

HLX48391           SAFE

HAULER 1/35 AFV -universalni sety-universal sets         

HLU35113          Lamps and telegraph insulators

HLU35114          Wire mesh container (2pcs)



BRENGUN 1/72 -plastikové stavebnice-plastic kits        

BRP72036           Me P1103 rocket fighter

BRP72037           P-51/ Mustang Ia

BRENGUN 1/144 -plastikové stavebnice-plastic kits      

BRP144012        P-39Q Airacobra

BRENGUN 1/144 -doplnky-accessories

BRL144149         P-39 Airacobra (Brengun kit)

BRL144150         MiG-29 Vacu Canopy (F-Toys kit)

BRL144151         F-106A Vacu Canopy (F-Toys kit)

BRL144152         Su-27 Flanker B Vacu Canopy (Trumpeter kit)

BRENGUN 1/144 -stavebnice-construction kits

BRS144043         Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka model 22

BRS144044         BTR-60

BRS144045         Kaelble Z6R

BRENGUN 1/72 -resinové stavebnice-resin construction kits    

BRS72013           Aero A-18

BRENGUN 1/72 -doplnky-accessories  

BRL72168           An-26 (A-model kit)

BRL72169           An-26 loading ramp (A-model kit)

BRL72170           C-130J Engine set

BRL72171           DH.98 Mosquito two stage merlin

BRL72172           KC-130J Harvest Hawk

BRL72173           Mi-6 Hook

BRL72174           US bomb 250-lb AN-M57A1

BRL72175           US bomb 500-lb AN-M64A1

BRL72176           Me P1103 rocket fighter (Brengun kit)

BRL72177           Trolley for Ohka model 11

BRL72178           Trolley for Ohka model 22

BRL72179           Me P1103 rocket fighter canopy mask (Brengun kit)

BRL72180           Me P1103 rocket fighter Vacu canopy (Brengun kit)

BRL72181           P-51/ Mustang Ia (Brengun kit)

BRENGUN 1/48 -doplnky-accessories  

BRL48111           Gladiator Mk.I (Roden kit)

BRL48112           C-130 flaps (Italeri)

BRL48113           F4U Corsair Diamond Thread Wheels set

BRL48114           F4U Corsair Block Thread Wheels set

BRL48115           F4U Corsair Ribbed Thread Wheels set

BRL48116           F4U Corsair Ribbed/Diamond Thread Wheels set

BRL48117           F4U Corsair Cross Thread Wheels set

BRL48118           F4U Corsair Late Ribbed Thread (late '50s) Wheels set

BRL48119           Me P1103 rocket fighter (Brengun kit)

BRL48120           Me P1103 rocket fighter canopy mask (Brengun kit)

BRL48121           Me P1103 rocket fighter Vacu canopy (Brengun kit)

BRENGUN 1/32 -doplnky-accessories  

BRL32035           US bomb 250-lb AN-M57A1

BRL32036           US bomb 500-lb AN-M64A1



Hauler and Brengun new items, January 2019

List of new products:


HAULER   TT (1/120)     

HTT120074        BTR-60 PU

HTT120075        U.S. JEEP (2 in set)

HTT120076        German staff car- hardtop (2 in set)

HAULER   1/72 -stavebnice-construction kits    

HLP72030           FREYA-LZ A (FuMG-401) German radar

HAULER   1/72 AFV -photoetched parts  

HLH72082           Leopard 2A4 (Dragon kit)

HLH72083           Sd.Kfz.232 (8-RAD) (Roden kit)

HLH72084           PZH 2000 (Revell kit)

HAULER   1/48 AFV etchings and conversion sets       

HLX48389           M4A3E8 „Easy Eight“

HAULER 1/35 AFV -universalni sety-universal sets         

HLU35111          SAFE

HLU35112          Umbrella (2pcs)



BRENGUN 1/72 plastic kits        

BRP72034           Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka model 22

BRP72035           Chelomey 16KhA

BRENGUN 1/48 plastic kits        

BRP48004           Me P1103 rocket fighter

BRENGUN 1/144 accessories

BRL144145         AV-8B Wheels

BRL144146         P-38 Wheels+proppelers (Fujimi kit)

BRL144147         WWII USN Wheel chocks

BRL144148         F-18C/D Wheels

BRENGUN 1/144 construction kits

BRS144040         T-72M

BRS144041         Renault FT-17

BRS144042         Ruso Balt Type C

BRENGUN 1/72 resin construction kits    

BRS72010           Japanese airfield fire-extinguisher

BRS72011           RQ-7B Shadow UAV

BRS72012           Japanese refueling cart

BRENGUN 1/72 accessories  

BRL72160           L-749 Constellation (Heller kit)

BRL72161           US 300gal Fuel tank

BRL72162           WWII U.S. Navy Wheel chocks

BRL72163           British reflector gunsight WWII

BRL72164           Depth Charge Mk54

BRL72165           MXY-7 Ohka model 22 Canopy mask (Brengun kit)

BRL72166           MXY-7 Ohka model 22 (Brengun kit)

BRL72167           MXY-7 Ohka model 22 vacu canopy (Brengun kit)

BRENGUN 1/48 accessories  

BRL48105           US 300gal Fuel tank

BRL48106           C-130 Wheels

BRL48107           Mk24 Mine „Fido“ torpedo

BRL48108           WWII U.S. Navy Wheel chocks

BRL48109           F-16 C/D Wheels

BRL48110           British reflector gunsight WWII

BRENGUN 1/48 kits             

BRS48008           Messerschmitt B.f.W. M-23 b

BRENGUN 1/32 accessories  

BRL32032           Fw190D exterier (Hasegawa kit)

BRL32033           British reflector gunsight WWII

BRL32034           WWII U.S. Navy Wheel chocks