NEW KIT FROM trumpeter 1/700 Chinese Navy Type 071 Dock Landing Ship 06726

product description:
The Type 071 amphibious dock landing ship has a very good overall stealth capability. The exterior lines of the ship are simple and capable, and the lower part of the hull is outwardly inclined and the upper part is inclined inwardly. Other large surface battleships developed by China in recent years are very consistent in their focus on stealth considerations. The hull is a high freeboard flat deck type with relatively small length and width and a full hull. It uses a large flying shear bow and a wedge-shaped stern. Airworthiness is outstanding.

The main weapons of this class of ships are: the bow is equipped with a single-tube 76 mm new caliber naval gun. The center and rear of the ship's superstructure are equipped with four Russian-made AK630 short-range artillery systems. The fire control system can provide manned and unmanned modes. It is mainly used for air-to-sea defense, including interception. Fight sea-sweeping anti-ship missiles, enemy low-altitude assault helicopters, small maritime targets, light armored coastal targets, floating mines, and more. This class of ship is also equipped with short-range infrared and metal foil jamming devices common to Chinese surface ships on both sides of its superstructure, which can interfere with enemy incoming missiles from a certain distance in the sea and deviate from its preset trajectory.

The first ship, No. 998, started construction in Shanghai in June 2006 and was launched on December 21 of the same year. A sea trial was conducted in September 2007. Joined the South China Sea Fleet in December 2007.

Product ID 06726
product name Chinese Navy Type 071 Dock Landing Ship
Bar code 9580208067261
Product ratio 1: 700
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 300mm Beam: 40mm
Total number of parts 140+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts 1 piece
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 11 sprues and stand
Publication date 2019-12
More description -hull split into two parts
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered -Contains
display stand and engraved name plate
-Photo-Etched parts included


NEW KIT FROM trumpeter 1/144 British "Vulcan" strategic bomber 03931

product description:
Aphrodite's "Vulcan" jet-less delta-wing strategic bomber served in the British Royal from 1956 to 1984.

The "Vulcan" B.1 was first delivered to the Royal Air Force in 1956; in 1960, it was equipped with an improved "Vulcan" B.2. The improved "Vulcan" B.2 engine had greater thrust and wing area. Increased and improved electrical and electronic countermeasure systems; most were improved to carry and launch "Blue Steel" missiles. As part of the nuclear deterrent force, Vulcan was the mainstay of British air-launched nuclear counterattack forces during the Cold War. Although Vulcan is a typical nuclear weapon carrier, it can also perform traditional bombing missions.

Product ID 03931
product name British "Vulcan" strategic bomber
Bar code 9580208039312
Product ratio 1: 144
product type Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size Length: 225mm Wingspan: 235mm
Total number of parts 60+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts n / a
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 4 sprues
Publication date 2019-12
More description The kit consists of over 60 parts, 2 clear parts
-fuselage & wing with finely engraved panel lines


NEW KIT FROM trumpeter 1/350 USS New York Dock Landing Ship (LPD-21) 05616

product description:
The New York amphibious transport dock ship is an amphibious transport dock ship belonging to the U.S. Navy. It is the fifth ship of the San Antonio class. The warship in service. It was officially commissioned on December 7, 2009. The ship is most famous for its hull, which has about 7.5 tons of steel. It is a World Trade Center building that was recovered from the 9/11 crash. It was mainly used to make the bow.

The hull of the New York and other sister ships of the same class is very different from the streamlined appearance of traditional amphibious warships. Its functions are mainly as anchoring and landing platforms for two important combat equipment airborne landing crafts (LCAC) and MV-22B 垂直 vertical take-off and landing aircraft of the Marine Corps.

Product ID 05616
product name USS New York Dock Landing Ship (LPD-21)
Bar code 9580208056166
Product ratio 1: 350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Water painting USS New York (LPD-21)
Model size Length: 595.7mm Beam: 91mm
Total number of parts 760+
Metal parts chain
Etched parts 3 pcs
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 29 sprues, hull, deck and stand
Publication date 2019-12
More description -The Hull is a one piece part with exception of the bulbous nose
-Detailed Flight Deck, Hanger Deck and Well Deck:
-US Marine Assault Vehicles:
AAV-7 × 2
LCAC Hovercraft × 2 and LCU Landing Craft × 1
-Aircraft and Helicopters :

NEW KIT FROM trumpeter 1/100 Beijing Siheyuan-tube roof 09001

product description:
Product ID 09001
product name Beijing Siheyuan-tube tile
Bar code 9580208090016
Product ratio 1: 100
product type Plastic Building Model Kit
Model size Length: 336mm Width: 196mm
Total number of parts 200+
Metal parts n / a
Etched parts n / a
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 12 sprues and base
Publication date 2019-12
More description The kit consists of over 200 parts

NEW KIT FROM trumpeter 1/350 Royal Cruises "Titanic" (with light) 03719


product description:
The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Northern Ireland.March 31, 1909Built. In her maiden voyage, the Titanic was the largest ocean liner in the world. She was built with many safety features and claims to never sink.April 10, 1912in the afternoonThe Titanic departed from Southampton, England, Cherbourg, France, then Queenstown, Ireland, and then began to cross the North Atlantic to the intended destination, New York, USAApril 1411:40 p.m.On a clear, moonless night, the Titanic hit an iceberg and the bow began to sink. By 2am. Most of the lifeboats on the Titanic had left, but many remained on board. After nearly 2 hours and 40 minutes of collision with the iceberg, the Titanic hull broke into two pieces and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.September 1, 1985Only to be found again. The Titanic carried 2,208 passengers and crew on that fateful night, and when it sank, it claimed 1,496 lives. The Titanic became one of the worst disasters in history and one of the most famous shipwrecks.

Product ID 03719
product name Royal Cruises "Titanic"
Bar code 9580208037196
Product ratio 1: 200
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 1347mm Beam: 144.6mm
Total number of parts 1280+
Metal parts anchor chain
Etched parts 7 pcs
Film n / a
Resin parts n / a
Total offset 19 sprues, hull, decks and stand
Publication date 2019-12
More description
-One -piece hull made from two-directional slide molds -Deck pattern finely rendered.
-7 pieces of photo etched frets for handrais, ladders etc.
-stand included
-with USB LED lighting components