Tiger Progress Report

Xiaobian has been working with the drawing worker
I finally got the picture
At present, the water paste has been sent to the card for printing.
Tiger stripes are covered with tape
At present, the tiger tape has completed the part of "F-5F 5395"
The part of "F-5E 5291" is still being drawn
(Don't remind the drawing worker… he has a lot of pictures to draw… the manuscript will be swearing)
The water sticker part should be sent back in December.
The part covering the tape should be completed before the end of the year.
Just fight to see the listing before the new year
By the way, the advertisement has a top-level article with a 1/32 F-5 airspeed tube starting offer.
Please support me a lot.
Send a small series to shoot ghosts
Thanksgiving thanksgiving

Not praising
After the draftsman, there is an excuse for not providing a progress chart to the small editor.